NCIS Recap 01/14/20: Season 17 Episode 12 “Flight Plan”

NCIS Recap 01/14/20: Season 17 Episode 12 "Flight Plan"

Tonight on CBS NCIS returns with an all-new Tuesday, January 14, 2019, season 17 episode 12 called, “Flight Plan,” and we have your weekly NCIS recap below. On tonight’s NCIS season 17 episode 12, “Flight Plan” as per the CBS synopsis, “The NCIS team investigates an F-18 crash and the subsequent disappearance of the pilot who operated the aircraft. Also, McGee reluctantly discusses a very personal decision with his teammates.”

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McGee is getting a vasectomy. He and Delilah decided they were done with having children and after having a scare last month they both realized that it was going to be up to him to fix things. Hence the vasectomy. McGee was going to have the procedure done and Torres felt bad about it. They were discussing when the call came in. Gibbs and Bishop were called out to a Navy vessel because one of their pilots went missing and its possible she committed suicide. The pilot was Naval Lieutenant Rebecca Weeks.

Weeks was on a routine mission when she pulled away from the others. She then refused to answer all calls sent her way and both rescue and assistance teams were too far away to get to her. The next thing everyone knew Weeks was calling in to say she was sorry before she started her descent over the water. She didn’t eject or anything and so everyone believed she killed herself. Her XO tried to claim that maybe she began losing oxygen and wasn’t herself, but that doesn’t explain her apology. She was clear-headed when she said she was sorry.

Gibbs and Bishop went out to the ship. They were going to check Weeks’ bunk to check for a suicide note and they ended up coming across a body. The body was that of Petty Officer First Class Fisher Patrick. He seemingly died of an overdose. He overdosed and yet he didn’t have a prescription for it while Weeks did. Weeks had an accident a month ago in which she was prescribed oxycodone. She still had some leftover pills in her bunk. There was also of her crushing some of those pills up and so the team suspected she might have drugged Patrick as a means of killing him.

Patrick and Weeks dated for a while. Then he dumped her because he said she was too old for him and so Weeks told her bunkmate that she was going to get him back for it. Her exact words were that she was going to make him pay. Weeks could have killed her ex-boyfriend and then killed herself in a murder/suicide. But later the team began suspecting she wasn’t dead. She turned off the transmitter that would have been on her ejection seat and so odds are she did eject in time to avoid the crash.

The ejection seat also came with a water raft for one. She used that to row her way to the mainland and the team soon found evidence of just this. They also ran into someone who saw her alive and well. Weeks bought a couple of things from the store and she went on to steal a motorcycle. The team knew she was trapped on an island and so they didn’t think she’d been able to escape, but then they learned that her godfather lived on the island. Retired Naval Commander Jack Briggs had lived nearby.

The team went to his house. They questioned him about Weeks and he told them she was long gone, but they found the motorcycle she ditched. She couldn’t possibly make it far without the motorcycle. The team thought she was still at the house and they were in the middle of searching it when they heard the airplane. Weeks borrowed her godfather’s airplane and she fled. The team traced her plane. They found it abandoned thirty miles away and they had no idea why she did that. She could have gone anywhere with that plan. Why stay in the United States?

Another weird thing is that Weeks later called Gibbs. She called to tell him that she hadn’t killed her ex-boyfriend and not that surprisingly no one believed her. They were too intent on finding her. She landed the plane and then she stole a car from a junkyard. She also raided another car for parts. The last part didn’t make sense because she was on the run and so why would take time away from that to steal parts. The team did some research on the car and they found out it belonged to Navy Commander Marshall May.

May was her Commanding Officer. He was deployed when his wife Jill used the car and got into a fatal car accident. Jill hadn’t tried to use the brakes before she died, but for some reason, Jill started looking into this car accident for herself and it seems like she believed someone might have hacked the car. Jill also went back to the ship. She snuck aboard using someone’s else ID and then she took May, a prisoner. She was later found with her gun on the Commander and she said she needed May’s password to prove he killed his wife.

The team finally arrested Weeks, but she made them investigate May as well and they found evidence that he did hack his wife. He murdered his wife because they were having marital problems. His wife had even told Weeks days before that if she ever died that it would have been May that caused it. Weeks had been a family friend and at first, she hadn’t wanted to believe that May killed his wife. She then told her boyfriend what she thought and he said he was going to tell NCIS.

Then Patrick died. It was made to look like Weeks did it and so Weeks believed it was May, but Weeks said Patrick was her boyfriend, not her ex-boyfriend. The team first heard that from Weeks’s bunkmate. The same bunkmate that had been having an affair with May and who used his computer to murder his wife. So the team later arrested the real murderer and they cleared both May and Weeks’s name.

But when the time came for McGee to go to his appointment, he was a little to freak to do it and so he talked it over with Gibbs.

And Gibbs to go through with it even if he then said “hell, no” when asked if he was a member of the “cut club”.