NCIS Recap 01/28/20: Season 17 Episode 14 “On Fire”

NCIS Recap 01/28/20: Season 17 Episode 14 "On Fire"

Tonight on CBS NCIS returns with an all-new Tuesday, January 21, 2019, season 17 episode 14 called, “On Fire” and we have your weekly NCIS recap below. On tonight’s NCIS season 17 episode 14, “On Fire” as per the CBS synopsis, “After Torres and Bishop are victims of a hit-and-run, Torres fights for his life in the ICU.”

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Bishop and Torres were out on their morning run when a car came out of nowhere. Torres saw it coming and he had enough of his wits to push Bishop out of the way, but he was hit by the car. He was hit and worse he hit his head. It was the head injury that was serious. Torres had minor cuts everywhere else and so it was the head injury for his unconsciousness. He wasn’t waking up. He was even flatlining at one point and so the doctors did everything they could for him while they waited for the neurosurgeon.

The neurosurgeon was the best in the country. She was being flown in to especially handle the situation with Torres and so the team could wait for her or they could make themselves useful. They eventually chose a useful road. Bishop was an eyewitness and she could describe the car as well as give a partial plate. She could have been more helpful if she left the hospital, but she wasn’t ready to leave the hospital just yet and so McGee and Gibs handled the case. They got other eyewitnesses and they used their statements to form an opinion.

The team found out this sports car was a menace. He’s been a menace for the past week and so he’s a new arrival. Combined that with the partial plate also gave Kasie a name. The name is Xavier Zolotov. He was a spoiled trust fund baby and he gets away with everything. He’s been in trouble before, but it never sticks and so Bishop tried to get him for this. She left the hospital in order to arrest and question Xavier. She barely leaned on him when he later confessed to everything. He admitted to being the driver and then he asked when he was going to be released because he said he had a flight to catch.

Bishop and McGee had thought he was delusional. They got his confession and they thought that’s all they needed to send him to jail, but again, Xavier was able to walk away from the damage he caused. He pulled some strings and he was released from NCIS custody. It turns out Xavier has friends in high places within the Russian government. He got his friends to lean on the US government and they in turned leaned on Director Vance. Vance was told to drop it and he was asked to retire when he didn’t.

But Vance still wasn’t giving up. Vance has important friends too and he asked Gibbs to buy him time. Gibbs tried to do just that. He went back to Xavier’s place and he arrested the man’s wife Layla Zolotov. He technically had on animal cruelty because she has a pet baby tiger. They also said she was a flight risk and so that meant she wouldn’t get bail. The team thought this would be enough to derail Xavier’s plans, but it wasn’t. He didn’t care that his wife was under arrest. He was willing to abandon her and still catch his flight. And so Bishop snapped.

Bishop told McGee that she was going to kill Xavier. She meant what she said and the look in her eye scared McGee. He wasn’t going to let his friend commit an assassination. She’d get caught for one and he might go to jail as well. So, McGee tried to stop Bishop. He told her not to do anything stupid and she promised she would calm down. She said she’d go back to the office to work on the case. Bishop swore she’d go to the office and yet she never went there and McGee found out about it the next morning.

McGee even spoke to Sloane because he was that worried about Bishop. He told the psychologist that Bishop was coming off at the rails and so Sloane later talked to Gibbs. She asked Gibbs to bench Bishop. She thought that’s what was best for the agent and Gibbs shot it down. Gibbs wasn’t going to bench anyone. Not even if he believed Bishop was dangerous. He thought he could talk to Bishop and stop her from anything stupid, but he wasn’t in the best place to judge anyone else and so Bishop ended up ignoring everything he said.

The team was also stuck with the whole stopping Xavier from leaving the country. They turned to Sloane for help and she said the best way to get to him was to get to his side-chick. He was down a wife already, he couldn’t afford to lose his girlfriend as well. The team went looking for the girlfriend and they later identified her as Colleen Kennedy. They then went to her apartment where they found a dead Xavier. His girlfriend wasn’t there though and so that led to a few questions. Like, who killed Xavier?

The team’s best bet, if they didn’t want to believe it was Bishop, meant they had to believe it was Colleen. Colleen at first glance didn’t seem like the type to kill someone, but they looked into her background. She was another trust fund kid. She and her sister inherited a boatload of money from their parents and then the sister died of a suspected heroin overdose. The sister was in the navy and they had questions. They sent in an undercover NCIS agent who happened to be Torres. He “dated” Colleen and he collected evidence on her.

The evidence at the time hadn’t been enough to arrest Colleen for the murder of her sister, but new evidence has since been found and a new case was being put together. This case was going to rely on Torres’s testimony and so that’s when he had his “accident”. Colleen arranged for her boyfriend to get rid of Torres for her. She then took care of the boyfriend and she also tried sneaking into the hospital to make sure Torres dies. Only the team found her first and so they arrested her for the attempted murder on Torres.

They couldn’t get her for the murder of Xavier because there was no evidence proving she did it. She also denied killing her boyfriend and so there was a chance she didn’t kill him. But then who did?