NCIS Winter Premiere Recap 01/07/20: Season 17 Episode 11 “In The Wind”

NCIS Winter Premiere Recap 01/07/20: Season 17 Episode 11 "In The Wind"

Tonight on CBS NCIS returns with an all-new Tuesday, January 07, 2019, season 17 episode 11 called, “In The Wind,” and we have your weekly NCIS recap below. On tonight’s NCIS season 17 episode 11, “In The Wind” as per the CBS synopsis, “Gibbs must face the reality of his actions after he assists Ziva with “the one thing” she said she would need to take care of before returning to her family.”

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Phineas was the most important thing. Phineas was left orphaned by Gibbs and Ziva’s actions. His mother had technically been a bad guy, but with her death and his father gone, it was just Phineas that was left. He was alone in the world. There must have been a part of him that blamed Gibbs for it because he chose to later run away. He left behind a card that said “don’t look for me” and he left. Gibbs didn’t know about it until Sloane came over to check on Phineas. She wanted to see if she could help the little boy through his grief and she and Gibbs ended up finding Phineas’s bed empty.

Both agents searched the room. They then found the note and went into panic mode. They called the local police and they called in everyone on the team. They wanted all hands on deck to look for Phineas. They figured he couldn’t have gotten far if he was on foot and that had been their first mistake. They thought he was on foot when he wasn’t. Phineas woke up a friend of his and bought the friend’s bike. He had told Hurley that his mom was dead and that he needed to leave. He didn’t tell his friend anything else.

Gibbs thanked Hurley when they finally got around to asking him about Phineas. He also became irrational as the day went on. Gibbs blames himself for Phineas running away because he was the one that left the kid motherless and so if anything happened to Phineas it was going to be Gibbs blaming himself for it. He needed to find this kid. He was desperate and the only one that seems to understand how bad it is was Torres. Torres was willing to do anything to find Phineas. He joined Gibbs in nearly torturing a guy for information and even then they didn’t find out much.

The team believes Phineas might have gone looking for his father. He ha never met the man because he was raised by his aunt and uncle for a while and then his mom had collected him, but when Gibbs told Phineas that his mom was dead, the first thing he asked was if he father had done it. Which was a weird question for a boy to ask? Gibbs did try to get some answers from Phineas and Phineas quickly clammed up. He didn’t want to talk so Gibbs left the room. That was the last time they spoke and so Gibbs had questions about this father.

He had his team dig into it. They had found Sahar’s prison records that stated she gave birth in prison and that the little boy was given to a family in Aleppo. There was nothing about a father in the records. He wasn’t listed on the birth certificate and he never tried to claim the child. Only the team tracked Phineas’s movements. He sold the bike for cash and he bought a bus ticket to Philadelphia. He got off on one of the stops and then he got into a vehicle with an unidentified man that witnesses thought were Phineas’s father.

The team didn’t know who this man was. Ziva didn’t even know. Ziva came back to help with the search and she was just as worried as everyone else. They weren’t sure if this mystery man was the father or if he was a predator and so the team tried to give Gibbs some good news. They said that Sahar was wearing a tracker necklace. The necklace was one half of a heart and the other could have been given to Phineas. It could even explain how this mystery man had found him. The team, therefore, couldn’t give up hope. They had a lead and they had Kasie. Kasie found footage of the mystery man from the bus stop.

It turns out it was the Victor. The guy they had tortured earlier and who swore he didn’t know anything about Phineas. He of course lied. The truth is he probably knows the kid best and that’s only because he used to suck up to Sahar all the time. He would buy her gifts as well as get something for Phineas. Phineas must have met him several times and that’s why he was willing to leave with him, but Victor wasn’t the sort to do a favor for nothing and so the team tried to figure out his angle. Why did he take Phineas?

It could have to do with Phineas’s uncle. Phineas’s father was a guard at the prison and Sahar slept with Ahmet with favors until she got pregnant. She thought Ahmet would be more inclined to her seeing as she was having his baby and instead he ended their relationship. Both romantically and the business one. Ahmet basically forced Sahar to give up her baby and she got revenge when she was released. She later hunted down Ahmet and stabbed him several times. She killed him so brutally that his gangster brother had put a price on her head.

This same brother also had an additional fee put out for whoever would return his nephew to him. The brother’s name is Hassan Sayegh and he was dangerous. No one wanted to cross him. Victor probably wanted the payday and he tried taking Phineas out of the country, but Phineas was smart. He followed Rule #9. He always carries a knife and he accused the man pretending to be his father of planting it on him. And so Victor was arrested, while Phineas was detained until NCIS came and he was reunited with Gibbs.

Phineas was sorry for running away. He was just so scared of being given away that he didn’t want that to happen again and so the team found his aunt and uncle for. They were the family that took him in from the orphanage. They also still missed him and wanted him back. So Phineas got to go home again and this time it’s a stable environment.

He also wasn’t the only one going home. Ziva finally got to tell the team her goodbyes and afterward she finally went home to DiNozzo and their daughter Tali.