Outdaughtered Recap 06/23/20: Season 7 Episode 3 “Coronavirus Changes Everything”

Outdaughtered Recap 06/23/20: Season 7 Episode 3 "Coronavirus Changes Everything"

Tonight on TLC Outdaughtered the reality show starring the Busby family returns with an all-new Tuesday, June 23, 2020, episode, and we have your Outdaughtered recap below. On tonight’s Outdaughtered Season 7 Episode 3 “Coronavirus Changes Everything,” as per the TLC synopsis, “As the threat of coronavirus rises, the Busbys must deal with homeschooling their six daughters and juggling birthday plans amidst the crisis. Hazel’s appointment is coming up, but the Busbys aren’t sure if it will happen and what the outcome will be.

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Adam is playing with two of the quints, they just got back to Wyoming and find that it is a completely different world. Danielle’s sister, Crystal, is visiting with her husband, Dale. Adam says that Coronavirus spread fast when they were on holiday. Schools are shut down, and the government has recommended that everyone stay home. Adam thinks it is getting really weird out there, they say there is going to be a limit on milk and they go through a lot. Danielle asks Blayke if she wants a birthday party, she says yes, she wants a sleepover. Blayke is turning nine and her sisters, three days later are turning five.

The next day, Danielle and Dale go grocery shopping, Crystal and Adam are watching all the children. They are both worried about shortages, they hope it doesn’t affect them. They arrive at the grocery store and there doesn’t seem to be a lot of people there.

Back at the house, Adam and Crystal are playing with the children. Adam is worried about Hazel’s appointment in a few days, they are potentially looking at another surgery real soon. Danielle sends Adam a picture, the shelves are empty at the grocery store, with no toilet paper, and no wipes. They are heading to another grocery store to see if they can find toilet paper.

The kids are in the pool, then it is time to eat. Adam and Danielle sit down to talk to the children about Coronavirus, germs, and washing their hands. Danielle tells them that they have to be careful, they can’t go out, they have to stay home. Blayke is worried about her party, Danielle tells her its ok, they will still have her party, but at home.

The girls are sitting at the kitchen table, Danielle is trying to do school work with them. The children have no interest in homeschooling. Danielle goes off with Blayke in another part of the house to help her, Adam stays with the quints and tries to work with them, they are cooperating and he is really impressed. Meanwhile, Danielle is frustrated with teaching Blayke math because she doesn’t understand it. Adam asks Blayke how was school with mom, she says she didn’t love it.

Danielle facetime her mother, they talk about Blayke’s party, Danielle is trying to stay optimistic.

They have only been home for three days, but with six sassy girls, Danielle says it feels like a year, Adam says it is overwhelming. Danielle gets a message, because of the Coronavirus, they are canceling Hazel’s appointment. They really needed this appointment to find out what is going on with Hazel’s eyes. Danielle feels overwhelmed over the virus, Adam thinks it is more serious than what people first thought.

Dale is sent home, they shut down part of the refineries, if you are not essential personnel, you cannot go in. Crystal is trying to childproof the house before they watch the quints. Dale facetime Danielle and Adam, shows them what Crystal was doing, Danielle says that she didn’t mean she had to install gadgets, she just needs to put away things she doesn’t want the quints to touch. They talk about the Coronavirus, it’s getting so bad. Danielle is having second thoughts regarding Blayke’s birthday.

Later, Danielle tells Adam they should really talk about Blayke’s sleepover party. If her friends come over, she wouldn’t want anyone to infect them, they should just postpone. Danielle knows that it is going to make Blayke upset, but she feels they have no choice. They go to see Blayke in her room. Danielle tells her that they are not going to be able to have her party on the date that they wanted to have it. Adam tells her that her birthday is not canceled, just moved forward. Blayke was fine with it.

The next day, the quints are learning about solids, liquids, and gas; Danielle is teaching them today. Adam heads upstairs to work with Blayke. Danielle is not having it easy, the girls are all over the place, and Hazel was trying to cut her hair with the scissors. Danielle is just ready to be done with this, there is no way they can do this indefinitely.

Danielle and Adam have a video appointment with Hazel’s eye doctor. Hazel will not communicate with the doctor, Danielle and Adam have to continue to be her voice. Danielle says it is alarming that Hazel keeps her head to the left to look straight ahead. The doctor doesn’t really like that Hazel also walks with her head turned. Danielle asks her what is the next step. The doctor says in the near future, they should do surgery. It gives Danielle chills to have to go through that again. Adam says it is a gut punch that they are not ready for.

The next day, the children are all out in the pool, Danielle and Adam are with Crystal and Dale’s family talking about Coronavirus. They think It is alarming and the crew interrupts them and tells them that they are shutting down because of the virus.