Prince William In No Rush To Be King – Queen Elizabeth Won’t Bypass Charles As The Next Monarch

Prince William In No Rush To Be King - Queen Elizabeth Won’t Bypass Charles As The Next Monarch

Prince William has plenty of reasons to take his time in becoming the next King. As royal watchers know, there’s periodically talk about whether Prince Charles will be bypassed, and whether Prince William will be the next King. But there’s ample reason to believe that Prince William is in no rush to be the next King.

In fact, a new documentary on True Royalty TV currently explores Prince William’s situation as second in line to the British crown. As a basis for the documentary, royal correspondent Royah Nikkhah interviewed sources close to William, and this took place long before Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced their intention to split from the royal family and step down as senior working royals.

It seems that even prior to “Megxit,” the word was that Prince William was “very much stepping up with his role as a more senior member of the royal family in many ways, in terms of his public profile and what he was doing,” said Nick Bullen, co-founder and editor-in-chief of True Royalty TV.

And since many royal watchers and fans are very positive toward Prince William, there’s frequently pronouncements on social media that William should bypass Prince Charles, who is currently 71 years old.

But according to Bullen, this simply will not happen. It just doesn’t appear that Queen Elizabeth has any intention of allowing any such bypass to take place, nor that Prince Charles or Prince William even want it to take place. Even if Queen Elizabeth did want to bypass Charles she would need the approval of parliament to bring this about.

In fact, Bullen says that neither Prince Charles nor Prince William is in a rush to become king. And this makes complete sense when you think about it from their perspectives. In order to become King, Prince Charles will have to lose his mother.

And for William to become King, he’ll have to lose his father. It simply isn’t a situation that either of them want to see happen anytime soon.

But Bullen says that although Prince William is in no hurry to become King, he does have the future on his mind in a big way, and he seems determined to make his own mark, which is something that he got from his mother, Princess Diana. “His mother had a very clear view of the sort of King she wanted William to be,” Bullen said.

And you can see Princess Diana’s influence in Prince William in that he seems very forward-thinking, but also with a serious sense of tradition and a great sense of duty that goes with becoming King.

Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton have done a lot of work with respect to mental health, and William has worked quite a bit with the professional football association in the UK to help young men in particular take care of their mental health.

At any rate, it seems that while Prince William is in no hurry to become King, he’s certainly cultivating his future carefully and working daily on bringing something unique to the role for when his time eventually comes. Make sure you keep CDL bookmarked so you don’t miss any of our British royals news and updates.