Prince William Visits Local Bakery – Reveals His Children’s Kitchen Mishaps At Home

Prince William Visits Local Bakery - Reveals His Children’s Kitchen Mishaps At Home

British royals news reveals that Prince William got out and about again this past week. As you might know, William ventured out for his first public appearance as he visited an ambulance station and chatted up the frontline workers, thanking them for their service during the pandemic. Then, to round out the week, Prince William made a second appearance, this time at a family-owned bakery.

The bakery, called Smiths The Bakers, is in King’s Lynn. Prince William talked with the owner/operators about a variety of things related to baking, and while there he shared some personal stories about his own kids’ enjoyment of baking and spending time in the kitchen during lockdown.

Prince William and Kate Middleton have been self-isolating with their three children: Prince George (6), Princess Charlotte (5), and Prince Louis (2) and until this week they had been fulfilling their royal duties via video calls.

William was careful to apply hand sanitizer when he arrived at the bakery, and it appears that all appropriate social distancing measures were in place.

During the visit, William told the shop owners Paul and Teresa Brandon that “the children have been attacking the kitchen and it’s just been an explosion of flour and chocolate everywhere.” William also admitted to doing some baking himself, although Kate Middleton has been doing “quite a bit of baking.”

Prince William also joked about the amount of sweets that he and the nation have been consuming during the lockdown period, William dealt with serious topics while there, too.

As it turns out, this particular bakery had to shut down for 11 weeks during the coronavirus pandemic and just reopened on June 15th. Prince William wanted to know how the shutdown had affected the family’s business.

The Belfast Telegraph reported that Prince William learned all about how the bakery had to let several employees go, but also about how the owners adapted their business model by adding a delivery service to residents in the area and by adding new products to meet the local demand for things such as sugar and flour.

And before Prince William left the establishment, he hoped that the bakery would start getting back to normal, and of course he took Kate Middleton and the children home some delightful treats from the bakery, along with a specially made vanilla sponge cake for his upcoming birthday.

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