Prodigal Son Recap 03/30/20: Season 1 Episode 18 “Scheherazade”

Prodigal Son Recap 03/30/20: Season 1 Episode 18 "Scheherazade"

Tonight on FOX their new crime franchise Prodigal Son airs with an all-new Monday, March 30, 2020, episode and we have your Prodigal Son recap below.  On tonight’s Prodigal Son season 1 episode 18 called, “Scheherazade,” as per the FOX synopsis, “An up-and-coming ballet dancer is mysteriously poisoned, and the NYPD dives deep into the rigorous world of dance.

Meanwhile, Jessica reunites with an old friend, socialite Nicholas Endicott, and Bright and Eve turn to Martin for answers regarding the girl in the box.

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The Prodigal Son begins tonight with Malcolm Bright (Tom Payne) insisting his father had a method to his killings, even when he disposed of his victims he kept his work because of his ego. He feels whatever he did to the girl in the box (Anna Eilinsfeld), he would have preserved it. He thinks the location is there but somehow he is missing it. He is talking to her ghost, who tells him to stop running from the one man who knows where she is and he knows what to do. Malcolm suddenly wakes up, walking up to her sister, waking her up saying he knows what they have to do; asking how she would like to meet his father Dr. Martin Whitly (Michael Sheen).

Jessica Whitly (Bellamy Young) calls Malcolm while she is at a fancy gala, wondering why she is alone and promises to be donating all his money to the ballet since she knows how much he loves the ballet. She is obviously sarcastic. She is interrupted when a woman commends her on being so brave by showing up there. She apologizes for Conner’s admissions scandal, but Cricket insists that at least no one died. They are disrupted when Nicholas comes to Jessica’s defense. He doesn’t believe in guilt by association and invites her out to dinner. He excuses himself just after they take a picture together, asking her to find him after he does his speech.

Nicholas presents his crowd with the ballet’s newest stars, Javier and Fiona and their American debut. They are given the floor and present a piece that is for the upcoming production. Javier suddenly drops Fiona, spitting blood on several guests before he falls to the floor dead.

Malcolm walks in with JT Tarmel (Franks Harts) and Dani Powell (Aurora Perrineau), who informs him it was his mother then contacted them. Malcolm says he was supposed to be his mother’s plus one and if she catches him there, he might be their next victim. They arrive to watch Dr. Edrisa Tanaka (Keiko Agena) ordering someone to not touch the stage as it is a crime scene with a body on it. They review the body, which indicates it was death by poisoning and based on the severity, he should have fallen much earlier than he did. Malcolm knows dancers were forced to cope with pain like that and they figure out it was a targeted killing as no one else was poisoned. JT informs them Javier defected from Cuba 8 weeks earlier and it could have been a hit job. Malcolm feels they cannot rule anything out.

Gil Arroyo (Lou Diamond Phillips) finds Nicholas with Jessica, causing him to question what is going on. He interrupts Jessica introducing the men. Nicholas is more than willing to help, saying this is devastating. He admits he is one of Javier’s patrons who helped him settle there, making Gil question his personal connection to Javier. Jessica comes to Gil’s defense saying he is there simply doing his job.

Jessica appears on the crime scene demanding to see Malcolm, as Edrisa tries to introduce herself. Malcolm pulls her away, apologizing for not being there but she wonders if he is sorry for standing her up or missing his chance to witness a murder? She guesses he was with Eve Blanchard (Molly Griggs), which he admits, saying he is trying to help her, the least their family can do. Jessica doesn’t want him to do anything too extreme; making him promise that whatever he is planning doesn’t involve his father, but he can’t promise.

Mr. David (Esau Pritchett) tells Eve the rules about visiting Martin, informing her that Dr. Whitly is aggressive and highly dangerous. He reminds her to never step across the red line as they open the door for her. Malcolm introduces Dr. Whitly to Eve, thrilled that he finally gets to meet the special lady in Malcolm’s life, saying she is prettier than he imagined. He says he is a pussycat compared to Jessica asking what he can do for her. Eve approaches Martin and slaps him.

He jokes that is one way to make a first impression. She reveals that the girl in the box was Sophie Sanders and was hr sister. She demands to know where she is. Martin smiles, saying he doesn’t know. Eve feels she knew better than Malcolm as he felt Martin would tell her the truth but she knew better. She mocks Martin, saying he is fake and pretends; saying he isn’t a surgeon, father nor even a man. Malcolm tries to stop her as she calls him a void, who doesn’t deserve the people who meet him. Martin says he has done all he can. Malcolm begins to walk out with Eve when Martin pleads with him to leave this alone, but Malcolm says he is done and when he is ready, to tell the truth, he will be back.

Outside the room, Malcolm calls Eve “brilliant” as she truly rattled his father. They just cut him off and when Martin becomes desperate enough, he will give them what they want. She doesn’t know if she can do that again, hoping Malcolm is right.

In the morgue, Edrisa reviews Javier’s autopsy with the team, feeling someone laces his cortisone shot. Malcolm discusses how this killer killed for utility. Gil asks who they are looking for, Malcolm feels it is someone who killed for financial reward or someone who wanted to maintain a comfortable lifestyle. The killer will have a history of thief, larceny or fraud and could wait years before killing again. They begin to feel it could be Joseph, the one who lost his role to Javier on the stage, as Gil tells them they need to get some culture.

They arrive at the theater when Malcolm deflects a call from his father. They split up, trying to find out who all wanted Javier out of the company. Martin leaves a message for Malcolm, saying their last visit could have gone better and wants him to call, saying he could have theories for the ballet dancer’s death.

Meanwhile, Malcolm and Dani find Joseph Creed, who explains the injury to his shoulder was from Fiona who popped his shoulder and it was Javier who took his job. He admits they got into it but doesn’t feel that makes him a killer. Gil and JT question Susie about whether she was romantically involved with Javier. She scoffs, saying the dancers live by a code of no regrets, something causing them to wonder why no one is mourning his death. Joseph says if he wanted to kill the guy, he would have waited until his rehab was up and if they find the killer to tell him their timing sucks.

He suggests they question have the women in the company who have slept with him as those Divas are unstable. Gil is just telling Susie and another female to get their alibis together when Susie begins to scream about her eye; shouting it is on fire. They attempt to stable her as Malcolm realizes it is pepper spray and demands some milk.

Gil presents the team with tights that are lined with straight pins, toe shoes stuffed with shards of glass, spiked oat milk; informing the theater that he tossed drug houses that have come up with less incriminating evidence. He wants to know if anyone has anything to say, turning them to Malcolm, the profiler. He says most killers will reveal themselves when he pushes the right button but he knows they are trained to conceal everything but luckily for him, one4 of them just handled the drug that harmed Susie. The pain should be kicking in right now to whoever has touched it, the pain just getting worse.

Gina insists it wasn’t her idea what happened to Susie, only meaning to just… He realizes she did it for someone else, possibly the same person who did that to Javier. He demands to know who they are but Joseph interrupts saying she cannot tell him or her career will be over. He wants to know who has that kind of power; everyone realizing it is Fiona who has that power.

Jessica picks up the phone, thinking it was Mr. David and Martin is dead; but is disappointed to learn it is Martin and decides to hang up but before she can he tells her to listen as this is about Malcolm and his girlfriend. He tells Jessica that Eve struck him and she says that she likes her even better now. She tells him she is distracted by her photo on page six with Nicholas. She hangs up saying she doesn’t want to be contacted again and to tell Mr David she only wants to be contacted if it is to pick up his remains. Martin sees the photo of Jessica and Nicholas and is furious. He flashes back to the women screaming in the basement as he cranks up the music watching her. Mr. David holds his head as Martin continues to laugh hysterically.

Back at the theater, Fiona is rehearsing when Gil interrupts her for a word. He informs her that Susie is lucky and will make a full recovery. She feels Susie has quite a future with the company. Fiona tells them Gina is an idiot, she simply wanted Susie to stop sleeping around with the new boys and was only supposed to scare her, not blind her. Fiona wants to know if Susie is going to press charges, as Malcolm knows the rules of the jungle as no one will upset the lioness as she admits nothing happens in the company without her knowledge. She insists she would never hurt Javier as she would have done anything to keep him after being manhandled by Joseph for years. She reveals Javier wanted out of his contract and powerful people helped him escape Cuba, admitting it was Nicholas that made it happen.

Malcolm and Gil go to see Nicholas, confronting him on helping Javier escape. He says he will make a statement with his lawyer present and at another time. Jessica inadvertently interrupts their interrogation. Nicholas is shocked to learn he is Jessica’s son, something she didn’t mention. Jessica is mocking them as she said he wouldn’t help Javier escape simply to kill him there. Javier escaped trauma, recruited when he was 9 to the ballet company; the company was riddled with embezzlement charges and 6 of the boys were killed before his career would ever begin. Jessica feels sympathy, realizing Nicholas helped him escape to save him.

The unit reviews what they have learned at the precinct when Malcolm again asks JT if the J stands for Juan; he tells him a nice try but no! Gil keeps staring at Nicholas’ photo, as everyone thinks the principal of the company did kill the other dancers and Javier’s death could have been revenge from whatever happened in Cuba. Malcolm knows they need to ask Fiona as she admitted nothing happens without her knowing.

Martin puts on some music and lays down on his bed, having vivid flashbacks to the night of the girl in the box. He feels it didn’t go as he planned it and no one would believe him if he told them. He feels he needs to show her the care she deserves. He remembers injecting her, suddenly tossing off his headphones, feeling a new approach is in order. He calls Eve’s phone.

Back at the theater, Gil and Malcolm watch the rehearsal only to question Fiona, who feels rumors could hurt a dancer more than a broken bone. She feels being in charge is a burden, saying Javier had too much heart and had feelings for him; so when he said he was leaving it was a surprise. There was a change, his sexual performance was off for the last two weeks, once they moved to the theater. She wants to go, feeling she shared enough embarrassing details about their sex life. Gil tells her to be good, but she feels that is difficult when she is so much better than everyone else.

Gil and Malcolm talk about Javier, as Malcolm questions what scared him enough to want to leave New York City. Malcolm reminds Gil that the company in Cuba was his family until Castillo poisoned 6 of their own. Imagine someone you love and respected killing kids you cared about, a trauma that sticks with you; wondering if the trauma was triggered by someone in New York. Both wonder if it is Castillo. Javier spent every moment in NY trying to make this company his new home, both realizing he changed when he got to the theater because Castillo was there.

Gil tells Dani that they believe Castillo is alive and escaped justice; they need to get everyone out of the building who isn’t a Cuban male over 50, without causing a scene. They quickly evacuate the dancers, but Malcolm realizes the floor microphones are on and Gill shoves Malcolm out of the way to avoid being crushed by the stage lights falling. Gil pulls out his gun, shouting at Castillo, saying he is under arrest and is forced to give chase through the theater. Gina is walking in the building, causing JT and Dani to learn that Fiona left, but unfortunately, she is wearing her headphones and captured by Castillo who holds a knife to her throat.

Malcolm says if he runs it won’t just be NYPD chasing him as they spoke to Cuban authorities that morning, who aren’t very big on fair trials and if he walks outside he is all theirs. Malcolm encourages him to look out to see a delivery truck and that is them; Gil is worried but Malcolm hopes this will work. He shouts a dance move to Fiona who is able to twirl away from him and Gil shoots him. Malcolm reluctantly admits he took ballet classes for 5 years and Gill gives him a “bravo!”

Malcolm and Eve return to see Martin, her promising to not cross the red line. She is straight forward, demanding him to say what he needs to say about Sophie as she doubts he can do any more damage than he has already done. He warns her that he can always do more damage. She stops him, saying he cannot hurt her and she again demands to know what happened to her sister. He admits to bringing Sophie to the cabin but the weekend hadn’t gone as planned when they got attacked but he still had to take care of Sophie.

Martin said he had his hands full and when Malcolm fell asleep he found time to be with Sophie. She was in the cellar tied up, he enjoyed a little chitchat with her. She is certain she knows why she is there, feeling he was hired to kill her causing Martin to shake his head, revealing to her that he is the serial killer “The Surgeon”. She says he must be smart and she could be of value to him if he keeps her alive. She has a story about money and power, asking for one hour. He is amused that she would want to cut a deal with him, but she tells him she knows worse than him a serial killer. He sits down, giving her one hour to tell him everything.

He reveals it was quite a story. Eve doesn’t care, she just wants to find her body. Malcolm asks him to tell them what he did with Sophie. He said she convinced him to let him go. He cut her loose and tells Sophie he is saving her life, giving her a hand to stand up. Eve feels if Sophie was alive she would find her. He feels it wasn’t his fault as Eve is obviously chasing someone who doesn’t want to be found. It is cruel, something he knows but the truth often is. He hopes this isn’t going to put a damper on Malcolm and Eve. She knocks on the door to excusing herself as Malcolm asks why Martin is denying Sophie’s existence. Martin says he is protecting him, by stopping him and if Malcolm loves Eve he will do the same for her.

Eve takes her things from Malcolm’s place, insisting that she needs his help to find Sophie. Malcolm feels this is what his father does, driving a wedge between people. She demands to know if Malcolm feels his dad is telling him the truth; he believes so. She kisses him, saying that is why she needs to go as this is no longer his search. She is sorry and kisses him goodbye.

Jessica looks through her clothes as Martin keeps envisioning the picture in the paper. He flashes back to Sophie who insists she has documents and proof. He suddenly hears a young Malcolm up, saying imagine what it would do to the young boy if he spots her. She pleads with Malcolm as she reveals that Nicholas is a monster.

In the present day, Nicholas opens the door, happy to see Jessica, saying, “Shall we?”