Prodigal Son Winter Premiere Recap 01/20/20: Season 1 Episode 11 “Alone Time”

Prodigal Son Winter Premiere Recap 01/20/20: Season 1 Episode 11 "Alone Time"

Tonight on FOX their new crime franchise Prodigal Son airs with an all-new Monday, January 20, 2020, episode and we have your Prodigal Son recap below.  On tonight’s Prodigal Son season 1 episode 11 called, “Alone Time,” as per the FOX synopsis, “The FBI and NYPD band together to save Malcolm from the “Junkyard Killer,” aka John Watkins, who Watkins reveals shocking details about his involvement in the camping trip memories that have been plaguing his psyche.

Meanwhile, as Gil looks for answers from The Surgeon, Ainsley and Jessica search through their memories of the past, hoping to find some sort of clue as to where Malcolm could be hidden.

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Prodigal Son begins tonight with Malcolm Bright (Tom Payne) laying on the ground with his mother, Jessica Whitly (Bellamy Young) reminding him that he is a survivor. He rises up, realizing he is chained to the floor; now screaming for help. A big door opens and in walks in man with a camera, saying he shouldn’t be scared as no one can hear him screaming. They finally get some alone time together.

Meanwhile, at the precinct, Gil Arroyo (Lou Diamond Phillips) walks in as there is an update for everyone, announcing that NYPD Dt Owen Shannon was murdered and Malcolm was kidnapped; their prime suspect is John Walkins aka Paul Lazar (Michael Raymond James). He changed his MO with the last 3 murders, so time is of the essence. Dani and JT Tarmel (Frank Harts) are told to process evidence, something that doesn’t sit well with JT; Dani reminds him working with the FBI will be easier than working against them.

Gil wants to speak to the FBI Agent, about updating Jessica, but she feels she would just give an exclusive to TMZ. She feels he shouldn’t trust Jessica Whitly and he agrees to work with her instead to interrogate Matilda Watkins (Marylouise Burke). He gives her one last chance to reveal where her grandson is, but she continues to hum a song; chanting that their little friend is dead and nothing but a stain. He feels he has someone who can help them, but he is going to need a favor from her.

Shortly thereafter, Gil informs Jessica that Malcolm has been taken from Watkins but says he is going to get him back. He says she can help them as Dr. Martin Whitly (Martin Sheen) has known him years ago and the photos she pulled from his home years ago; there must be something she recognizes. He warns her about any of this getting leaked, also informing her that he is going to see her husband, “The Surgeon.” Something Martin says, “Happy Day” to when he gets his visitor.

Watkins intrigues Malcolm, who finds it fascinating that John is evolving right before him. Malcolm reviews the recent murders, saying for a serial killer to change their technique is rare and there is a reason he took Malcolm. He knows they are connected through his father Martin as Watkins feels he will like working with Malcolm, but he refuses, saying he is not a killer and likes to work alone. Watkins says he just needs to go through the trials he did and IF he only survives.

Dani sits at her desk recalling her moments with Malcolm, frustrated about what they are sifting through. JT agrees but shows her a picture that could be a clue about a camping trip Bright took with his father as a child.

In prison, Gil and Martin finally face to face. The two exchange jabs, but quickly says he is there to talk about John Watkins. He wants to know about Malcolm but Gil diverts the conversation. He confirms that Watkins has killed 19 people, which isn’t as many as Martin. Martin realizes he needs help with a profile, mocking at the name “Junkyard Killer”. He wants to know if Malcolm is listening to them right now, promising to help him and his sister still. He demands to know where his boy is and Gil informs him that John Watkins has him and the police need his help. Martin says if John has his boy than he is dead and there is no time. He falls to the floor, having a heart attack and they order for medical.

John Watkins continues to talk about the past, confronting him about killing his own grandfather. Malcolm realizes that was his first murder and he was not born this way, he was a product of that home and this is a sickness. Malcolm says he kills addicts and prostitutes because that is what his mother was. He loved her but she left and he grew up with grandparents who drilled hatred into him. John taunts Malcolm about not being able to remember what made him; informing him that it all started right there. John says his father took care of the girl on the camping trip, but that doesn’t matter, this is about the two of them and this. John shows him a scar that Malcolm gave him after stabbing him and leaving him for dead.

John stabs an adult Malcolm, causing him to drop to the ground, gasping for air.

Ainsley Whitly (Halston Sage) is walking with an associate, discussing her ratings and how much they went up after she went on the hunt for serial killers; which repulses them both. Leslie was trying to convince her to do a follow up interview with her father back in prison but Ainsley wants to do one about the effects it had on her family. They are interrupted when her mother keeps messaging her to come home immediately, even using please. She leaves.

Malcolm lays on the ground, eyes slowly opening when he reads a card in his hand that say, “I can create a place of peace and safety no matter where I am.” He looks up to see his therapist who reminds him to do his daily affirmations just like she told him. He acknowledges that she isn’t there and she reminds him that he really isn’t in a place of peace and safety. She reminds him to collect his thoughts, the more he breathes, the more order those thoughts will be. He knows he is losing a lot of blood and she tells him everything he needs is right there and the first thing is to stop the bleeding.

She reminds him that Watkins is not going to shed a light on the girl in the box and he needs to let her go; to stop tying all his traumas into her as she is not the reason he is like this. He feels Watkins can help him but she tells him to stop profiling and for once protect himself. She makes him visualize, where it all started. Making him remember that they are back at the camping trip where he tried to kill her. He needs to focus on his own survival, not on the memories. He feels he cannot do this alone but she vanishes again.

FBI is frustrated with Dani and JT, who explain that they want to go camping; but she doesn’t follow how this camping trip and cabin is important; once understood she goes with them. They contact Gil who helps Martin, who is very groggy from his medical incident. Martin feels it is over and Malcolm is dead. He makes fun of Gil, saying he yearned to be Malcolm’s father and if it wasn’t for him, Malcolm would still be alive. Gil screams that Malcolm is not dead. Martin says if he knew Watkins as he did, he’d know better.

Gil gets him to focus that Watkins took him to the cabin and there has to be a reason. He wants to know where John would hold him and Martin says there was a deep cellar on the property, asking for a pen to draw a map.

John tells Malcolm how he fixed himself up later, down the river. Watkins begins to explain the fight that his father and John were about to kill someone and Malcolm tries to stop it. He says it was in self-defense. They brought Malcolm on the camping trip because Martin intended on killing his own son that night, surprising Malcolm.

Ainsley arrives home when Jessica walks in. She explains that Malcolm has been taken by the Junkyard Killer. Jessica says this is all Ainsley and Malcolm’s fault because they are obsessed with their father’s past. She demands a hug from Ainsley who attempts to reassure her. She shows Ainsley all the pictures from the killer’s house but says she can’t help because she promised no press. Ainsley sits down looking through the photos while Jessica went to get drinks but she rushes off when she sees a painting.

Malcolm is in denial, as John tells him Martin lost his nerve when they got up there and John was going to kill Malcolm until Malcolm became his father’s own son and came at him. Malcolm insists he brings criminals to justice and protects his community and family. John says he is just like his father when it comes to his family.

In the basement, Ainsley produces an angel that she got from Mr. Boots. Something her mother kept trying to deny to her until she shows her.

John picks up an ax, saying sacrifice will be his final trial and its something he has to endure, not do. FBI and NYPD are searching the forest, no movement in the house but they know about the cellar. Malcolm continues to try to talk John out of doing anything and from listening to that voice inside his head. He knows it started from his grandfather telling him he was useless. He will never be satisfied but neither will Watkins.

The cabin is breached and cleared and they approach the cellar. Bright admits he hears the same voice but he doesn’t have to listen to him either. John sits in front of him, saying he likes the voice as it is a part of him and he proceeds to the door. Meanwhile, the police find nothing. Malcolm shouts for Watkins to stop but then realizes none of this is real, that this is the subway. John tells him, There’s no place like home!”

Ainsley confronts her mother about John Watkins being Mr. Boots. She used to think he was a ghost because he would just disappear in the basement. Gil attempts to get Martin to focus, saying he knows where Watkins took his boy and says he is going to “kill them all!”

Ainsley and her mother see someone break through the wall with an ax. Jessica orders Ainsley to run!! The power is cut, they run through the house but are not fast enough, he smashes them through the french doors but Jessica whacks him over the head, but not knocking him out.

Malcolm tells his therapist that he doesn’t need psychotherapy right now, but what he needs is… before he can finish his father says he needs him and their family is about to be a slaughter, and Malcolm is looking completely helpless. Malcolm blames his father for bringing John Watkins into their lives. He confronts his father about wanting to kill him as Martin wants him to focus on the here and now. Talking about one procedure, making his hand 3 inches to get it out of the chains; there is a sledgehammer on the ground.

Jessica and Ainsley hide in the bathroom but are terrified when they realize the alarm system is off. She is able to block the door for now as Malcolm prepares to smash his own hand, screaming as he smashes his thumbs to get the chains off. He wraps his hands up as his mother and sister prepare to fight with whatever they have.

Malcolm walks into his house, hearing the screams from upstairs. He shouts for Watkins that this is his house and his family. Jessica taunts him, saying that it is her son and he is coming for him! There is a box in the middle of the living room, making John think of when he was a child, remembering all the childhood trauma. Malcolm whacks him in the back and tells him, “This is MY house!” Ainsley is okay but Malcolm is crying and broken in the living room for a moment.

Jessica finds Malcolm, who says he is alive. He says he did not kill Watkins but he will never be able to hurt them again; Ainsley runs into her brother’s arms as it seems Malcolm finally finds some distorted sense of peace.