sMothered Recap 07/05/20: Season 2 Episode 7 “The Secret Is Out”

sMothered Recap 07/05/20: Season 2 Episode 7 "The Secret Is Out"

Tonight the TLC  series a fresh twist on family sMothered airs with an all-new Sunday, July 5, 2020, season 2 episode 7 and we have your sMothered recap below. In tonight’s sMothered season 2 episode 7 titled, “The Secret Is Out” as per the TLC synopsis, “Kathy wants Cristina’s new kitchen to match hers.

Sarah and Laurie have a scare at Wienerfest. Cher and Jared worry Dawn is overstaying her welcome. After going on a date, Brittani reveals a secret to Mary.

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Brittani wakes up and sits down with Mary. Brittani is really trying not to fight with Frank to give them peace at home. Ever since Brittani’s graduation party, she and Louis have been texting a lot lately. Mary hopes it leads to a real relationship, and she loves Louis’ dimples. Louis and Brittani are going out for coffee, Mary asks her to take a selfie of the two of them and send it to her.

Laurie and Sarah are in the car with the dogs and they are heading to wiener fest, it’s a Datsun festival. They have two Datsuns and are obsessed with them. Laurie says she treats them like babies, Sarah says they are the only siblings that she would consider. Miguel doesn’t like their pooches, so he didn’t join them. The two dogs are dressed up, and so are the other dogs at the festival. They get ready for the peanut butter competition, Laurie says it is going to be the highlight of their day. Sarah is convinced that Ollie is going to win the trophy. But it is Freeda that takes third place. Laurie loves spending this time with her mother, she says it is such a blessing. In the race, Ollie took the last place. Laurie starts getting dizzy in the sun.

Brittani is out with Louis, she tells him that her mom said they should get married and start having babies, the two laugh. They arrive on the boardwalk, they get a drink and sit down to relax. She tells him that she is getting ready for surgery. Louis was really surprised that Mary made the announcement at Brittani’s birthday party. Brittani tells him that her muffin top is going to be removed, she has always had insecurity and needs this to help her. Brittani says that most people she knows through her mom gets plastic surgery.

Louis tells her that she is a beautiful woman and doesn’t need to change. He asks her how long it will take her to drive after, she says she doesn’t know. Then, Brittani asks him if they can take a selfie and send it to her mom. Mary gets it and says they are too cute. Louis thinks that Mary is sometimes a little too close to Brittani. Then, Mary calls, she talks to the two of them. Brittani has a secret, and she is afraid to tell her mother.

The baby is crying, Dawn goes right into Jared and Cher’s bedroom and gets the baby. Jared is worried that Dawn is settling in for the long run. Jared tells Cher that her mother is driving her crazy, it is so much. Cher tells him that she is just there to support them. Jared took paternity leave to bond with the baby, and he feels that Dawn is stopping him from doing that. Cher is just worried, she doesn’t want to upset her mother, and it is an awkward situation. Jared knows she is going to be upset, but he asks Cher to do it right away.

Christina got samples of the kitchen tiles, Kathy walks in. Christine is so happy now that Carlos agreed to move in, she can start the remodel. Christina says she naturally goes towards her mom’s tastes because she loves it. Carlos walks in, he sees the tile samples. Kathy says they should go with white floors, black cabinets, and no stainless steel.

Christina doesn’t want Carlos to think he has no say, he wants Kathy to do it. Carlos thinks that Christina is in between the two, but Carlos says he is the puppet master. Christina says the last time they did the kitchen, Carlos decided on what design they got, now it is her turn. Kathy says a man should never design a kitchen. Carlos doesn’t care what Kathy says, it is his house. Christina doesn’t know why Carlos thinks he has a say in the design in the kitchen, just because he is paying for it.

Sarah urges Laurie to go in the shade. Sarah worries about her and offers to leave, but Laurie wants to stay. The fear of losing her mom is in every second of Sarah’s day. Even poor Ollie looks worried. They sit down, Laurie asks Sarah if there has been a proposal from Miguel. Sarah says no, and he just wants her to trust him.

Brittani is home from her date, Mary is sitting on her bed, she joins her. Brittani says Louis was smiling and looking at her a lot. And, she enjoyed the talk that they had. Brittani tells her mom that she has a secret, Mary looks shocked, Brittani tells her that she is by-sexual. Mary asks her to explain that to her. Brittani says that she loves both female and male, emotionally and sexually.

Mary says she can’t know if she is bi-sexual if she is a virgin. Brittani tells her that she was afraid to tell her, of the negative judgment that she would get. Mary says her concern is her daughter, and if that makes her happy, it is ok. She is always going to love her regardless of anything if she is with a man or a woman. Mary cuddles Brittani, she tells her that she loves her and will always be there for her.