Survivor Recap 05/06/20: Season 40 Episode 13 “The Penultimate Step of War”

Survivor Recap 05/06/20: Season 40 Episode 13 "The Penultimate Step of War"

Tonight on CBS Survivor airs with an all-new Wednesday, May 6, 2020, Season 40 Episode 13 and we have your Survivor recap below. On tonight’s Survivor season, 40 episodes 13 called “The Penultimate Step of War” as per the CBS synopsis, “In a crucial immunity challenge, the remaining seven castaways make their final push towards the $2 million prize.”

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Koru night 29, the tribal council was a disaster as usual. This was actually groundhog day for Jeremy, three tribal councils in a row with everyone coming after him, he wishes he knew why he was so popular. Jeremy gives Michelle back her 50/50 coin, he didn’t use it.

The next day, everyone is sitting around the campfire. Denise said last night that she was done, and she is done with getting upset with the process of Survivor. She wants two tattoos now, endure, and let go because it is important to do both.

Jeremy and Tony start arguing whether a week has five days or seven days. This doesn’t make sense! Jeremy laughs it off. Tony’s plan is to keep Jeremy around otherwise the hyenas will come after them. Tony is also trying to get to know Sarah, he wants to take cops r us all the way to the end. The problem is, Ben, Tony, and Sarah are in a final three but Ben wants to get rid of Jeremy. Tony and Sarah think if Jeremy goes, they will pick off him and Sarah next. Sarah goes to Ben and tries to convince him to take out people who are not their numbers. Sarah wants Ben to think this is his decision, she wants Nick out. In the end, Ben tells Tony they should get rid of Nick, he does think it is his idea and Sarah did a good job.

Time for the Immunity Challenge. For today’s challenge, they are going to race out with a ball, toss into an overhead trap then grab it on the other side. Once they have both balls through, they will race under a bar, to the finish where they must solve a slide puzzle. First to finish wins immunity and two fire tokens.

Jeremy is through first and on to his puzzle, Ben is a close second with Tony following. The women are all behind, the only one that may have a chance is Denise. Tony has done this puzzle before and got nowhere. Sarah is sliding her puzzle pieces, who knows who will win this one. Nick has it, he is not getting voted out at tribal council. On to plan B for Tony, Ben, and Sarah. This is Nick’s first immunity win this season.

Sarah is throwing out Denise’s name, but Ben is not comfortable because she is his friend right now. Ben is trying to create a little distrust between Jeremy and Michelle. He plants seeds in Jeremy’s head. Jeremy tells Nick that he doesn’t believe that Ben would vote out Denise because they are tight.

Michelle and Jeremy know that Ben is setting them up, playing both sides. Now the two are down on getting rid of Ben. Jeremy takes his plan to Nick and Tony. The plan is to get rid of Jeremy, Tony goes to Ben and tells him everything. Sarah doesn’t fully trust Nick, she thinks he wants to build a resume for himself. Nick does feel like he is in a power position, he has both Jeremy and Ben’s fate in his hands, he is making his decision based on day 39, how can he get there and who can he beat; he is trying to just win this game period.

Time for Tribal Council, Jeff calls out Michelle for struggling, she says she was just trying to focus on herself. He then asks Ben if it is hard to remember which persona to use with which person, he says yes, they are at times physically and emotionally broken. Nick says that this season people are more truthful, it’s tough. Jeremy says the game is personal, but they have to find a middle ground and not play with their hearts all the time. Michelle says that when the game is over, it will be hard to trust people, you end up having your guard up.

Ben says when he went back home after his season he had a problem trusting his wife. He says regardless of what happens this season, he is going home a better man. Jeremy says he is trying to have fun in the game and not let it get into his head this time. Nick says this season there is more focus on social relationships. Jeff asks Michelle if she was popular with her 50/50 coin, she says tonight is the last time she can play it. Denise says she hopes she is not at the end of the game plank. Jeff is surprised there is no chaos tonight. Time to vote.

Michelle plays her 50/50, she gives it to Jeff. She flips it and any votes for her do not count.

The first vote is for Michelle, then Michelle, Ben, Jeremy, Ben, Jeremy, Jeremy.

Jeremy is voted out and Tony admits he voted for him, Jeremy tells him it is a bad move. Jeremy bequeaths his tokens to Michelle.

Koru night 31, tribal was intense. Ben thinks it was like an old western, the draw happened, and he finally won. Tony says thank God Michelle didn’t give Jeremy his advantage. Tony feels he is on the right side of this entire game. Nick and Michelle feel like they are on the bottom, Michelle feels like she has to find an avenue unless she wins immunity, she thinks she is going home. It is time for Michelle to kick it into high gear, she will go out fighting. Michelle has been mad more times in this game than she has in the past year of her life. Everyone is playing scared and she is willing to do whatever it takes to stay because she has absolutely nothing to say at this point.

Sarah goes to talk to everyone and tells them that Michelle is trying to put her against them. Sarah thinks Michelle can’t keep her mouth shut, is completely unpredictable, and has to go.

At Edge of Extinction, the rise is made for lunch, Jeremy can’t believe that all they get is one scoop of rice, it sucks and he sees that morale is down. Mail arrives, “every day on extinction requires tremendous drive – you’re drawing on reserves to keep the dream alive – so an image for inspiration – it’s a view of sporting the crown of Sole Survivor sitting proudly on the throne of stone.” Everyone takes off running. People are going into different directions, they all have a theory. Natalie finds the advantage, and it feels so good. Natalie reads her advantage, “this holds the power to put a disadvantage on one player in the next immunity challenge – sell it to any player in the game giving them the power to use it against any player they want – you may charge as many fire tokens that you think you can get but if they don’t pay for it by sundown it will have no power and you will receive no tokens.”

Koru day 32, Nick is a little discouraged, he has six fire tokens and today is the day that he sees something in there where he can spend his fire tokens. His advantage reads, “this allows you to place a disadvantage on one player in the next immunity challenge – write down the name of the player you wish to play this against – they will learn of the disadvantage at the challenge and they will not know it came from you – this will cost him eight fire tokens and he has only until sundown.” Nick thought he was rich, but he is not and now he must pull in someone. Tony has no fire tokens, he can’t go to him, so he is going to go to Michelle and see if he can partner up with her.

All Michelle can do is work with what she has, and this is all she got now. Michelle is excited, she wants to cause a little chaos. He knows they have to use it so that it causes as much chaos as possible.

Time for the Immunity Challenge. For today’s challenge, they are going to stock blocks on a beam while attempting to avoid trip obstacles, the first person to stack their blocks so they drop like dominos and hit the gong, wins immunity. In addition, two fire tokens and today is the last day you can spend fire tokens. In addition, one thing to deal with today, there is an advantage being played, this advantage comes in the form of a disadvantage and it is being played against one person, they will have 30% more beam, 30% more blocks to stack.

The player receiving the disadvantage is Ben. Nick is hoping that this will get people to think and maybe get Ben voted out. Michelle is thrilled, she wins immunity and is safe – she tells Jeff she needed this. She tells him today in particular, the talk at camp was that anyone can win, just not her. Ben asks if he can know where the disadvantage came from, Jeff says no.

At camp, Danielle says she wants to go to Extinction with a full belly of rice. In order to do that, she gives up her tokens. But, it looks like everyone is getting rid of Nick, he is good at puzzles and he is annoying around camp. In the meantime, everyone is telling Michelle and Nick they are letting go, Denise. Ben has his immunity idol, but he doesn’t think he is going to play it because he feels safe. Tony is burning the candle at both ends, he then goes to speak to Nick and Michelle, Nick reminds Tony that he made a fire on his season and won.

Tony has to rethink this, he doesn’t want to lose this to fire. And, he knows that Ben has an immunity idol and he wants to flush that. Tony opens up his spy business again, to get intel. Denise proposes to Ben and Sarah to take her to the final three. Now Tony knows Denise has to go. Tony was tossing the idea of blindsiding Ben, but now he is thinking to take Denise.

Time for Tribal Council, the members of the jury walk in. Jeff starts with the immunity challenge. Michelle says it was no secret to her that she was on the chopping block and she needed this idol. Sarah says that when you think you are safe in this game you take your foot off the gas a bit. Ben says he didn’t win immunity because of the disadvantage that was played against him. Ben wonders who put that disadvantage on him, he has no idea which ends it came from. Nick says he is thinking about who he wants to take to the end with him. Sarah says they have had to manage not just their coins, but other people’s coins.

Michelle says that she has gotten emotional over the fire tokens that she has gotten, it has been the hope that has kept her going and they were priceless in this game. Tony says the people that are together are thinking about everything right now, the bonds they have, and how much they can trust each other. Denise admits that she wanted a full belly of rice in case she is sent to the Island of Extinction. She says she doesn’t want to go, but she can only do so much, it is just that gut intuition that she might be going and she doesn’t want to play cat and mouse anymore. Time to vote, Denise is up first.

The first vote is for Nick, then Denise, Denise, Nick, Nick, Nick.

Nick is eliminated and set to the Island of Extinction. They have made it to the final five. Now, one person from the Island of Extinction is going to battle their way back and fight with the five to win that 2 million dollar prize.

Amber can’t believe that she has been there for a month, as much as she hates it, she is going to sort of miss it. It has forced her to sit down and take a break, think about life, what matters most. Tree mail, “the moment is here, grab your belongings and say farewell to the Edge of Extinction. It’s time to battle.” Everyone gets a scroll, telling them what they can use their fire tokens for, most, of course, will probably take advantage of the advantage to get back in the game. Some people have tokens, and some don’t.

Natalie was voted out first, but all this hard work, she thinks is worth it because she has a hand full of tokens. She bought peanut butter and three advantages for the challenge, and she has an idol that she can put to use. She has a second idol, she gives it to Tyson, she also shares her peanut butter with him. Tyson is overwhelmed by Natalie’s generosity.