Teen Mom 2 Recap 10/20/20: Season 10 Episode 8 “Impossible Choice”

Teen Mom 2 Recap 10/20/20: Season 10 Episode 8 "Impossible Choice"

Tonight on MTV Teen Mom 2 returns with an all-new Tuesday, October 20, 2020, episode and we have your Teen Mom 2 recap below. On tonight’s Teen Mom 2 Season 10 episode 8, “Impossible Choice,” as per the MTV synopsis, “Jade tells her parents to move out of the house and sparks tension among them; Leah learns that Ali’s condition is advancing and tries to deal with it; Briana and her family move into the new place.”

Teen Mom 2 should be another episode filled with crazy drama. So make sure to bookmark this spot and come back for our Teen Mom 2 recap tonight from 8 PM – 9 PM ET! While you wait, don’t forget to check out all our Teen Mom 2 recaps, spoilers, news & More, right here.

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Leah is worried about her daughter who fell a few days prior. She is afraid it has to do with her Muscular Dystrophy. She talks to her daughter about whether or not she is in pain. She tells her how much she loves and admires her.

Kailyn hangs out with her friends and her kids. She talks about moving to Dover. She thought by living where she is would be good for her kids to see their dads. Living in Dover would be better for their lifestyle all around.

Briana gets an email that the house she has been building is ready. A few days later, she starts the move-in process. Her mother and sister help her move in. They talk about spending Thanksgiving at her new house. Briana’s mother shares that she invited Devoin and his family. Briana and her sister are not happy.

Chelsea is proud of how well her daughter has done with her new cell phone. They celebrate Watson’s birthday all together as a family. Meanwhile, at Jade’s, she is talking to Sean and her friend. She vents about her parents driving her crazy. Sean has been staying at a friend’s house. Jade wants to make her parents move, especially after she asked them to take a drug test and they said no. They are giving her anxiety.

Briana decides to deal with Devoin’s family for her daughter’s sake since they are family. Leah visits her sister who just had a baby. They spend time together and talk about Ali and her muscular dystrophy. Leah cries, she is so upset.

Kailyn is headed to look at a house in Dover. That night she tells the kids she put an offer in for a house with a fenced-in yard and a slide. They are excited and take moving well.

Jade texts her parents and tells them they need to move out tomorrow. Across town, her parents sit and eat at a bar talking about the text and how they have nowhere to go.

Chelsea learns that Aubree’s father’s family put his number in her new phone. She and Cole feel like they have overstepped their boundaries. Chelsea decides she needs to go to see her lawyer. She wants to look into changing the custody arrangement.

Briana welcomes Devoin and some of his family into her new home. Devoin’s mother stays in the car and will not come inside. Briana has no idea why. No-one else says anything about it.

Leah sits down and talks with her daughter Ali about the X-rays she had and her progressing muscular dystrophy. Jade texts her parents to see when they plan to move. They are trying to put it off. Jade gets so worked up she feels like she is going to snap.

Kailyn calls the father of her children to make sure they can all make their schedules work. Devoin and his family leave after spending an hour. After they go, Briana and her mom talk about why Nova’s grandmother never came in. They just don’t get it.