The Bachelor Peter Weber Recap 01/27/20: Season 24 Episode 4

The Bachelor Peter Weber Recap 01/27/20: Season 24 Episode 4

The Bachelor 2019 airs on ABC this evening with an all-new Monday, January 27, 2020, season 24 episode 4 and we have your The Bachelor recap below. On tonight’s The Bachelor season 24 episode 4  as per the ABC synopsis, “Peter and the 15 remaining bachelorettes leave the Bachelor mansion behind and travel cross-country to continue their search for love in Cleveland, Ohio. Peter flies Victoria F. to their special date destination and a surprise performance by country music star Chase Rice, which leads the bachelorette to make a shocking confession.

Cleveland Browns’ football legends Josh Cribbs and Hanford Dixon put a group of women through a rigorous workout as they prepare to face off in The Bachelor Bowl. Kelsey is the lucky lady who enjoys a day exploring Cleveland with Peter. However, one controversial woman is the target of rage by the others and prompts a revolt the likes of which Bachelor Nation has never seen.

We will be blogging tonight’s episode of The Bachelor and you just know there is going to be tons of drama, catfights, and tears. So come back tonight between 8 PM – 10 PM for our live The Bachelor recap. While you wait for our recap make sure to check out all our The Bachelor photos, spoilers, news & more, right here!

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Deandra hopes that everyone can leave last week’s ordeal with Alayah behind them. Chris walks in, he tells the girls to come inside, they are making biscuits. Chris says the last few days have been interesting and asks the girls how they feel. They say they have a lot of anxiety. Chris tells them that he is serious about this and believes his wife is in this room. Today, there is not going to be a date, Peter has left town, he has left Los Angeles. Chris tells them to pack up, they are going to Cleveland, Ohio; they have about an hour to pack and get out of the mansion, they will not be coming back. Savannah is wondering If there are some hidden gems in Cleveland.

It’s a new week, Peter is looking forward to it with the women and he is really feeling good about it. The women took a little stroll downtown and they really love it. They are moved into a beautiful penthouse overlooking Lake Erie. The first date card arrives, it is for Victoria F., “today our love soars to new heights.” Victoria is thrilled but freaking out because she is afraid of heights.

Victoria F. is on her way to her date with Peter, she meets him at the airport, and sees a small private jet, she runs up to him and he says she looks adorable. Peter tells her that he is going to share his passion with her, flying, and maybe there is going to be a little surprise in the end. They get buckled in, Peter kisses her and tells her not to be nervous. Meanwhile, Victoria F. is very nervous, but she is enjoying the beautiful views. He asks her if she likes amusement parks, then tells her that the entire Cedar Park is theirs.

They land and get buckled in for the first ride. Peter is hoping she is going to be ok because some of these are really intense. The first one shoots them up in the sky, she says it was epic and would love to do it again. They are having a blast, there is chemistry there between the two. Ride after ride, Peter loves to be challenged and take that leap of faith. They sit down for a drink, Peter asks her if she loves kids, she says yes, she would love three, he says four. She tells him that he would be a great girl dad because he is very nurturing. Victoria F. had just the best day, it felt natural with him.

Peter has one more surprise, a private concert with Chase Rice, who just so happens to be Victoria F.’s ex-boyfriend. Peter feels like the luckiest person in the world, Victoria F. just wants to die, it so awkward. Peter is having a blast, Victoria F. is trying to enjoy herself and forget that her ex-boyfriend is on stage. The situation is so uncomfortable, never in a million years was she expecting this, but she is trying to forget Chase and just enjoy herself.

Peter doesn’t think the date couldn’t have gone any better. Peter goes to speak to Chase, Victoria F. skips it and speaks to one of the producers, she tells her that Chase asked her not to go on the show. Victoria F. manages a moment alone with Chase and tells him that she can’t lie to Peter. Chase tells her to do what is best for her, just be honest. Chase says at the end of the day, if it is real, it will be good. Victoria F. thanks him and walks away.

Victoria F. just hopes that this doesn’t ruin everything with Peter, he was so happy and now she has to tell him this and she doesn’t want him to be upset.

Peter and Victoria F. are dressed for dinner, they are having it in the city hall. Peter toasts to an amazing day and says the concert was just the icing on the cake. Victoria F. tells Peter that she is really nervous, but it is only fair to tell her. Then she spills, she tells him that she and Chase used to date, Peter is surprised! She says she broke it off with him because his lifestyle was not what she wanted, and she knew that she wanted to give this a try with him. Peter says it is weird. Peter asks if she still has feelings for him, she says no, that is why she is there. She says she didn’t want to ruin the moment when they were dancing, because he was really enjoying himself. Victoria F. starts to cry, she gets up and walks away.

At the penthouse, there is a knock at the door – there is a date card; Victoria P., Kiarra, Kelley, Deandra, Madison, Lexi, Shiann, Tammy, Sydney, Hannah Ann, Savannah, and Mykenna, “let’s tackle love together.”

Kelsey is thrilled that she is not on the card, this means she gets a one-on-one date.

Peter goes to look for Victoria F., she says she is so sorry, she doesn’t know what to say. Peter says it is not her fault, she thinks it is going to drive him away. She says she would understand if he didn’t want to try with her anymore. Peter says he only asks for honesty and trust, and that it was she did, and he respects the hell out of her for it. Furthermore, he is not mad at her, she didn’t do anything. She says she really likes him, and she is sorry. Peter kisses her. Peter tells her that they should just laugh at it, what a coincidence. Victoria F. is so happy, Peter is accepting her for her, and she is so hopeful for where their relationship can go. Peter tells her that he really wants her there, even after that awkward revelation, he gives her the rose.

Peter meets the woman at the First Energy football field, looks like today is going to be getting physical. Peter tells the women that football has always been his passion. There are some special guests, two-star football players. McKenna is the lest athletic girl there and is really scared. The girls get geared up to learn the skills, then they have to play. The losers go back to the penthouse, the winners go to the afterparty to spend more time with Peter. Deandra ties the game for the Killer Bees; everyone is going to the cocktail party, which means less time for the 13 women. There are so many girls there, it is super frustrating for them. Peter says it is the largest cocktail party ever. Shiann is upset because Victoria P. is the first one to spend time with Peter. Shiann is next, she says that she felt pushed aside when Victoria P. took him away first.

Alayah shows up at the cocktail party, she interrupts Shiann. Alayah tells Peter that she wants to set the record straight about what was said by her. Peter says he is going to be very real with her, he had a hard time letting her go, he left their conversation confused. Alayah says that she was in shock over what Victoria P. said, they were not acquaintances, they knew each other well and were even planning a trip to Vegas together in January. They spoke every day leading up to Miss USA, and every day during. Peter says that is completely opposite of what Victoria P. told him. Peter wants to know what is going on, he trusts Victoria P. but needs to know the truth. Peter sits down with Victoria P. and tells her that Alayah gave him a different story. Victoria P. says that she hung out with her for a bit in Vegas, but they are not friends.

Peter sits down with both women. He says he is confused. Alayah asks why Victoria P. thinks they are not friends because they have so many friends together. Victoria P. says they do have friends together, but they are not close friends. Pater asks if there is a relationship there or not. Victoria P. is not answering the question and Peter is terrified because he is doubting her. Peter has trusted Victoria from the beginning, and he sent home Alayah because of her.

Peter goes back to sit with Alayah, he says that he is frustrated because he made a decision based on other people’s decisions and not his. Peter asks her to come back, she says yes but only if he promises not to listen to other people again. The two hug, and Alayah is not going to say no to Peter.

Peter walks into the room with the rest of the women, holding Alayah’s hand. He says that he knows he didn’t spend time with a lot of them, and he is sorry, he is trying his hardest. He told them from the beginning that he would follow his heart and did himself a disservice the last rose ceremony and because of that, he gives the rose to Alayah.

Some of the women are disappointed with Peter, a girl got the rose who was not even on the date. Peter tells the women to get some sleep, he will see them in a couple of days.

The moment Alayah is alone with the women, she tells them that she has gossip, the internet knows everything; Victoria P. dated Chase Rice. The drama has come back to the house.

Peter is on his date with Kelsey, she tells him that she misses him, he tells her that she is gorgeous. He sits down with her for a chat. He tells her that Alayah came back to see him, he asked her to go back into the house. She says it is better for him to explore everything right now. The two explore the city and go soapbox racing. Later, they get dressed for dinner and meet on a boat. He tells her that she is a very special girl and he wants to know everything about her. She says she is the way she is for a reason, a lot of her character traits come from her parents divorcing in seventh grade.

She found out before her mom did, when she came home from practice, her dad left a note with her wedding ring. She didn’t see him for twelve years after that, he went to live his new life. She says she grew up with this protective shell, she won’t let everyone in. He tells her that this has made her stronger. She says her grandparents have a great relationship and that is what she wants. She has learned to never settle. He tells her that she is a strong woman and that is exactly the kind of person he wants to share his life with, he gives her the rose and they kiss.

Victoria F. confronts Alayah about what she told the other girls regarding her relationship with Chace. Victoria F. says nobody has their phones, so she knows that they wouldn’t know. She asks why she stirred the pot, then she calls her fake, and says she has some choice words that she is going to say to Peter. The majority of the girls think that Alayah is a black cloud and they don’t respect Peter for bringing her back in the house.

Time for the Rose Ceremony. Peter gets called out by some of the women, for ignoring them on the group date, after they played football hard and have the bruises to remind them of that, then he walks in and gives the rose to Alayah. Peter apologizes to Deandra and Natasha, he says he is so not perfect. Then, he asks to speak to Victoria P., she tells him that she is frustrated and she will speak to him, but she really doesn’t want to. They go off together, he asks her to sit, she says she doesn’t want to, but she does.

She says she is vulnerable and honest with her, and she is upset that he doesn’t trust her. He says he has an amazing connection with her. She tells him that Alayah is manipulating him just like she manipulates him. Then she lets slip that she did something to Victoria F., but won’t tell him because it is not her story to tell. In the meantime, the women get into an argument with Alayah.

Peter then sits down with Victoria F. and she tells him that Alayah told the girls about Chase after she saw it on social media when she got out of the house and now Victoria F. is embarrassed and has to explain herself to everyone in the house.

One by one the girls are telling Peter that they are disappointed with him because he brought Alayah back in the house. Peter sits down with Alayah and he is so confused. He gets up and takes a walk, he is upset that he is hurting so many women. Peter is worried that all these girls are going to walk out because they are disappointed in him, he really doesn’t know what he is going to do.