The Bachelor Peter Weber Recap 02/17/20: Season 24 Episode 8

The Bachelor Peter Weber Recap 02/17/20: Season 24 Episode 8

The Bachelor 2020 airs on ABC this evening with an all-new Monday, February 17, 2020, season 24 episode 8 and we have your The Bachelor recap below. On tonight’s The Bachelor season 24 episode 8 as per the ABC synopsis, “The pressure mounts as hometown dates loom, but first Peter and the remaining six women travel to beautiful Lima. After a supportive conversation with his mom, Peter is inspired to pay the women a surprise visit for a serious chat.

We will be blogging tonight’s episode of The Bachelor and you just know there is going to be tons of drama, catfights, and tears. So come back tonight between 8 PM – 10 PM for our live The Bachelor recap. While you wait for our recap make sure to check out all our The Bachelor photos, spoilers, news & more, right here!

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Hannah Ann is thrilled to have Peter in her hometown, and nobody has ever had the ability to make her forget everything, until now. Hannah Ann tells him that his dad will be impressed with a tough man, and she is going to make a real man out of him today. First, the two go ax throwing, Peter is really enjoying himself, he always has fun with Hannah Ann. They sit down to talk and he tells her that a few weeks ago he felt like their relationship really took off. And, she wrote him a letter, so he wrote her one and reads it to her. Hannah Ann loves it, she is so touched by Peter’s thoughtfulness.

Her heart is falling for him and she is looking to get her parent’s support. She hopes everything goes smoothly. Peter arrives to meet Hannah Ann’s parents, everyone hugs it out, Peter brought flowers for her mother. Peter tells them that he likes Knoxville, Tennessee. Her father is guarded, the biggest question on his mind is how he feels about Hannah Ann, and it better not be a flash in the pants.

Hannah Ann goes to speak to her sister, tells her that she is starting to fall in love with him. She tells her about the letters and reads the one that he wrote her. She says she was shocked when he gave it to her. Her sister starts crying and tells her that when she walked in the door with Peter she could see how happy she was.

Peter sits down with Hannah Ann’s mother, he tells her that her daughter said she was falling in love with him, and he hasn’t had the opportunity to the same to her. She says she just wants her daughter happy. But her dad, she is the oldest, and he is very guarded and won’t give her away to just anyone. Time for Peter to sit down with dad, he says that he is trying to figure out in a sincere way where he is at. Peter says every time he is with her it just keeps getting better and better.

Dad wants to know where he is with the other women. Peter says he can tell him that there is something real there, she has a thirst for life and he is right there with her. He is actually hoping to tell her tonight that he is falling in love with her, he doesn’t want her to have any doubts and he wants to let her know. Dad says he wasn’t expecting him to say that, and as a father, do not say that to her, unless he is wholeheartedly into this, don’t even waste the words. Dad obviously doesn’t want to see his daughter get hurt.

Peter and Hannah Ann are alone, he tells her that her father is a good man and he has so much respect for him and how much he cares for her. He reveals the warning her dad gave him, and he can honestly say that he is falling in love with her. They kiss, he tells her that she makes him so happy. She says she is in love with him.

Peter is in Iowa now to see Kelsey, she tells him that she has some surprises for him. They start their day by making wine, stomping in the grapes with their feet. They head inside and taste some wines. They cheer and she tells him that she is excited to have him meet her family. She tells him that she can honestly say that she is in love with him and she knows that her family will see that. All of the kissing and Peter doesn’t return the “love” sentiment but tells her that he can definitely see a future with the two of them. Kelsey feels good, she is happy she told him. They take a walk, he tells her that they have come a long way. A lot more kissing as they are walking.

They arrive at her parent’s home, everyone is happy to see her. Peter is nervous, they do the rounds of hugs all around. They sit down to dinner, her mother welcomes Peter. Peter does a toast to everyone, he says the family is everything, and he knows they mean a lot to her. Kelsey goes to speak to her sisters, she says their relationship didn’t start off well, but they learned how to overcome.

Her mother sits with Peter, and says of a mom of three, and having gone through a divorce, don’t hurt her. Kelsey’s family is worried, Peter hasn’t told her that he loves her and there are three other women. Kelsey tells her mom that she has cried a lot, and she did tell him that she loved him. Her mother tells her that she doesn’t want her heartbroken, she is so proud of her and at the end of the day, they just want her happy. Her mom is surprised, she has never seen her daughter all in before, and she is concerned about her heart.

Peter and Kelsey are alone, she tells him that she told him the truth, she is in love with him. Peter kisses her many times, and they say goodbye.

Peter is now headed to Auburn, Alabama to Madison’s hometown. He meets up with Madison, she is thrilled to see him and shows him around. She takes him to the Auburn Arena, a place that is special to her because her dad coach’s there. Charles Barkley comes on the screen and tells Peter to treat Madison right. One of the coaches comes out and talks well about her dad. They throw some hoops and have fun on the basketball court.

Time for Peter to meet Madison’s family, they are both nervous. More nerves kick in than Peter actually thought. Madison goes to speak to her mother. Madison says he has the kindest heart and makes her feel special. Her mother says she knows that it takes time with her and that is not something that she has in this scenario. Madison admits that she fully hasn’t talked to Peter how she views intimacy, that she has saved it for marriage and she is not sure how he is going to respond to that. Her mother tells her to be true to herself and maintain her standards.

Peter is with Madison’s father, and he tells him that he has expressed to Maddison that he is falling in love with her. Her father tells him that he doesn’t want his daughter to settle, and he doesn’t want him to break her heart. Her father thinks the two need to learn a lot more, she has her own values and they both need to align if this is going to work.

Madison then sits with her dad, he is concerned that they only know each other for a short period of time. Tonight brought Madison back to harsh reality.

Madison sits with Peter to talk. He tells her that he is really excited about them and he is falling head over heels in love with her. Madison tells him that it is so hard. Madison walks him to the car, they kiss and then he leaves. And, he loves her.

The next stop for Peter is Virginia Beach, Va., to see Victoria F. They first take walk down the beach with her dog and then get some old-time photos taken. Peter can see how she is more at ease of being home. Victoria is having the best time, she feels like she can finally be herself around him. Next, the two head to an outdoor concert of Hunter Hayes. The day is more perfect than Victoria could have ever imagined. Peter loved it, he had such a blast, and he does want to marry his best friend.

Peter bumps into an old friend, Marissa. They catch up a little bit, she is now from there and she warns him to be careful. She says she knows that he is a good guy, and she doesn’t think he deserves what he is dealing with right now. They used to be friends, but they have fallen apart. There have been many relationships that have broken up because of her, and she just doesn’t think he deserves a person like her. Peter can’t believe it, he was having the most beautiful time with Victoria and he is so confused right now.

Peter arrives at Madison’s house and he is so conflicted over the bomb that Marissa dropped. He wants to have an honest talk with Madison and hear what she has to say. Right away Madison can feel that he is upset. They sit down on the steps, he tells her that he had an ex at the concert today, her name is Marissa. They chatted a bit then she told him that she caused a lot of relationships to fail. Peter says that she didn’t go into details, but she did put him in a bad headspace. Victoria is upset, she says what is there to say now. Victoria tells him off, he is supposed to meet her family right now and he thinks it is more important for him to focus on what Marissa said.

Victoria gets up and walks away, she tells the cameras to go away. Peter gets off the steps and tries to follow her. Victoria is crying, Peter feels bad. Victoria comes back and says she really doesn’t know what to say. Peter says he was not trying to take Marissa’s side over hers. She asks him how he would feel on the opposing side. He tells her that she means a lot to him, and this is the second time that she has gotten up and walked away. She is so upset, she had high hopes for him to meet her family, and she cares about him so much, she is so frustrated. Peter holds her while she cries. He tells her that she deserves to be loved, don’t push it away. Peter leaves, Madison is still crying, her family comes out to console her. In the car, Peter is crying.

Peter is at his hotel, Victoria shows up, they hug each other. She tells him that she is really sorry for what went down, he says he hates what happened as well and it ruined the entire night. She then tells him that she has been falling in love with him. He says he feels like she doesn’t want him even falling in love with her. He says he has no confidence in them because she always walks away. Victoria starts crying, she says she is trying really hard, and for some reason, she can’t walk away from him. She says that what she is used to doing. She tells him that the ball is in his court, he can let her go if he wants, but she wants to tell him that she has feelings for him and is falling in love with him. Peter says he doesn’t want to make any decision right now. They both say sorry again, he walks her out.

Peter is getting ready for the rose ceremony, and even though he didn’t meet Victoria’s family, he still sees a future with her. Madison is the first woman to arrive, then Hannah Ann, Kelsey and Victoria, who is so drained emotionally, she thinks she is not moving forward with Peter.

Peter arrive and tells them that the week gave him a lot more, and this decision is difficult for him. Saying goodbye to one of them breaks his heart. The first rose goes to Hannah Ann, then Victoria, and Victoria. Kelsey is sent home.