The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons – Ever! Recap 08/31/20: Season 1 Episode 9 “Nick Viall”

The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons – Ever! Recap 08/31/20: Season 1 Episode 9 "Nick Viall"

The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons – Ever! airs on ABC this evening with an all-new Monday, August 31, 2020, season 1 episode 9 and we have your The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons – Ever! recap below. On tonight’s The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons – Ever! season 1 episode 9 “Nick Viall,” as per the ABC synopsis, “Nick Viall never gave up on love despite how challenging his journey became to find his soul mate. He was one of the final two men on both Andi Dorfman’s and Kaitlyn Bristowe’s seasons, yet never had the opportunity to propose.

He had another chance to find love on “Bachelor in Paradise” with Jen Saviano from Ben Higgins’ season. He fell in love but their relationship didn’t ultimately end with a proposal. Despite his fears of rejection, he agreed to become the Bachelor and hand out the roses. Would his concerns prevent him from opening his heart one more time?

We will be blogging tonight’s episode of The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons – Ever! and you just know there are going to be tons of drama, catfights, and tears. So come back tonight between 8 PM – 11 PM for our live The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons – Ever! recap. While you wait for our recap make sure to check out all our The Bachelor photos, spoilers, news & more, right here!

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Chris Harrison comes to us from his home with his one-man crew, his son Joshua. Tonight we have a different kind of season ever, Nick Vaill was probably the most unlikely bachelor ever. He tried to propose to Andi Dorfman and got rejected, then he tried to propose to Kaitlyn Bristowe and again got rejected. He struggled with Bachelor in Paradise and walked away single.

Nick’s heat was ready to fall in love. His journey there started two years before on Andi’s season when he fell in love with her. Then Kaitlyn’s season, when he fell in love with her too. He felt like the world’s biggest joke. He tried again, on Bachelor in Paradise. Jen fell in love with him, but he said goodbye. The fourth time, his biggest fear was to have his heartbroken once again.

Nick went into the Bachelor with a clean slate and an open mind. Taylor was the first woman out of the limo, she tells him that her girlfriends told her that he was a complete piece of crap. Then, Kristina, Vanessa, and so many more. Nick thanks the woman from the bottom of his heart for being there, he couldn’t feel luckier.

Rachel was very outgoing, and Nickewas impressed with her confidence. Christen had him dancing the first night, Alexis is in a dolphin costume that everyone mistakes for a shark. Corinne kisses Nick on the night one.

Joining Chris H. from her home in Texas is Alexis. She clears up the dolphin/shark question, it was a dolphin and she is wearing her costume now, and she has the dolphin call. She said that Nick was the perfect Bachelor, he is like the guy on the top of the cake, the groomsman.

On one of the group dates, it is a photoshoot, they are going to take wedding photos. Each of the women is given wedding dresses to wear. Corinne tells Taylor that she is going to kiss Nick again, Taylor doesn’t appreciate it and thinks she did it just to psych her out. In the photoshoot, Taylor ends up kissing Nick and you can see how angry Corrine is; she says no girl is going to take her spark away. So, in her photoshoot, they are in a pool and she takes off her top and goes topless. Her photo shoot looked raunchy and awkward according to the other women. That was one crazy date.

On Nick’s one-on-one date, Bachelor magic started to happen and he really felt like he had a really good shot with some of the women. One woman who lost his eye from the beginning when she got out of the limo, was Kristina. In fact, he had an intense physical attraction to her and on their one, on one date it just expanded. Kristina went there to fall in love and she felt as well that Nick could be the one.

At dinner, she tells him that she grew up in a small town, they didn’t have much. One day her mother went out to get food because they didn’t have any. One day her mother got upset because she ate and a rule in their home was not to eat all day because they didn’t have much food. In the end, she landed in an orphanage. Somebody told her that if she remained in Russia her life would be black and white, if she goes to America it will be in color. He tells her that she is incredible and he admires her. They top off their date with a kiss and a dance. Sadly the two were just not meant to be and Kristina left in tears.

Kristina joins Chris H. via video from her home. She says she was really nervous and was about to embark on a journey that she never thought she would. There was a time when she thought Nick would be the one, especially if they had more time. She said she didn’t see it coming when she was sent home. She says she never understood the weight her story had, and it impacted her and inspired her. Eventually, she would like to go back to Russia to see where she was born and brought up.

Corinne is with Nick, he tells her that he has been really impressed with her and loves how she takes initiative. He is very attracted to her and feels like she is the total package. She is a firecracker, doesn’t care about the rules, makes her own, and always has a great time with her. The other women think Corinne is immature and not wife material, she needs to grow up. At one point, Corinne tells the other women that she has a nanny, Raquel. Raven goes to Nick and tells him that Corinne is 24 and has a nanny that does everything for her. Then the other girls start telling Nick bad things about Corinne that they have seen and he hasn’t. At one of the Rose Ceremonies, Corinne doesn’t show up, she is in bed.

It’s true that Corinne got all the women upset in the house, but the rivalry between her and Taylor is something unique in Bachelor Nation. Taylor doesn’t see Nick marrying Corinne and she is tired of the way she is acting, so she confronts her. Taylor questions Corrine’s maturity and emotional intelligence. Corinne tells her that she owns a multi-million-dollar company and doesn’t appreciate the way she is speaking to her. Nick has a two on one date with Corinne and Taylor, the women think the two would fight for the death. Corinne tells Nick that Taylor called her stupid and bullied her. Nick then speaks to Taylor and says that Corinne called her a bully and said that she called her stupid. Nick sits between the two girls and gives the rose to Corinne. Taylor was sent home. Corinne won Nick’s heart that day, but Taylor won a lot of fans.

Taylor joins Chris H. from her home via video. She says she was attacked and called a bully when she was the one being bullied. He asks her if Corinne owes her an apology. Taylor doesn’t have her hopes up for that any time soon. Taylor is still single and safely mingling.

Nick ended up saying goodbye to Corinne after he met her family. Joining Chris H. now from her home via video is Corinne. She says it was a really amazing time in her life meeting Nick. She says she still naps twice a day. Chris mentions Taylor and how they just didn’t get along. Corinne says you either love her or hate her and that is ok, she is not everyone’s cup of tea. She says she doesn’t talk to Taylor, she wishes her the best and never wants to see her again. He asks her if she was blindsided when Nick said goodbye, she says yes. She was truly shocked. The hometown date was good, but her father wondered if Nick could support her lifestyle. She says she is happy, she has an amazing boyfriend and living life to the fullest. Her boyfriend joins her on video, they met on Instagram.

Nick was starting to fall hard for the women, and more so for Rachel, the woman he gave the first impression rose to. He tells her that from the first moment he met her, she stood out. She has a big personality and he loves that about her. On her side, she is not a butterfly type of girl, but he gives her butterflies. At dinner, she tells Nick that her parents have been married thirty-six years and her dad is a federal judge. He says he is super into her and he wants her to feel confident, she means a lot to him. Rachel takes Nick to church, it is important to her because that is how she grew up. She wanted to see if he was going to be comfortable in a predominantly black church.

Nick meets Rachel’s family. Her sister Constance loves how Nick is making a good first impression. Her mother asks him if he has been a relationship with a black woman before, he says he has gone on first dates, but nothing more. Her discussion with Nick was positive. Rachel tells her mother that she is attracted to sincerity and she sees that in Nick. Her mother tells her that she is on the right track and she trusts her judgment. Rachel ends up telling Nick that she was falling in love with him. She tells him that he is rare and refreshing and she is not used to that at all.

She can visualize a future with him, it is within reach. She feels cloud nine, amazing with Nick. Nick has erased all her doubts and she is confident that this is the man that she was supposed to be with. But in the end, Nick sends Rachel home in the final three. Rachel is clearly heartbroken, and Nick looks like it too. He tells her that she is amazing and thinks about her all the time, and that won’t change. Then, he walks her out. Rachel knows how great it could have been and thinks maybe that she didn’t show that to Nick.

Rachel went on to be the first Black Bachelorette, she met the man of her dreams, Brian, they got married and are very much in love.

Two fan favorites join Chris H. via video from their homes, Tayshia from Colton Underwood’s season and Natasha from the last season of the Bachelor with Pilot Pete. Natasha says that every time she saw Rachel on the screen she gave it her it all and getting the first impression rose gave her confidence. Tayshia says she is used to being the minority, and seeing someone on TV have such a strong role and identify with her meant so much; it was really cool that Nick was so open to meeting her family. The part that resonated with her so much was when Rachel brought Nick to church. Natasha says that she doesn’t know if she would have gone on the show if Rachel wasn’t on the Bachelorette. Tayshia says that Rachel gave them hope.

Nick’s relationship with Vanessa is really strong. She told him that she definitely could see a future with him, it was incredibly easy to be with him. And, she tells him that she was falling in love with him. She brings Nick to her school, she is a teacher. He tells her that he has been incredibly terrified that things would not work out for the two of them. But, she makes him feel very optimistic about the future together. He is honest with her, he can’t picture himself to move to Canada, she lives in Montreal. He says he is a proud American, she tells him that she is a proud Canadian. She is aware that it takes more than love for a relationship to work. She tells him that she loves him, and for her, this is something new.

Nick still has another woman who hopes to catch Nick’s heart, Raven. Nick loves her personality, from the first date they had a great relationship. She tells him that she hasn’t had good past relationships, and there hasn’t been a lot. The last one, she walked in on her partner having an affair with someone else. She has been looking for someone like Nick for a very long time and her feelings for him were getting stronger and stronger. She ends up telling him that she loves him. He knows it is hard for her to say, and she didn’t say it lightly. He knows that a life with Raven would be filled with a lot of passion and love. He tells her that he has no reservations about how happy she would make him.

Nick has to say goodbye to one woman, and it is one of the most devastating moments in Bachelor history. He has to amazing woman that he loves very much and it feels like the worst feeling to have to break one of their hearts. And he of all people knows how it feels to get your heartbroken. Raven is the first women to meet with Nick, she tells Chris H. that she is so nervous. She tells him that he looks good in a suit, then she tells him that it will help if he holds her hands. She tells him that she has fallen in love with him and she got to know the true him, honest and kind; everything she has always wanted and what everyone else has fallen short of. She says she is ready and couldn’t be more sure, she loves him.

Nick says he thought a lot about their time together, their first conversations, and every moment they have had and how much he has grown to know her, respect her, and love her. But, he just doesn’t know if he is in love with her. He feels so selfish trying to figure out where his heart is, and it is somewhere else. He says he is torn up inside letting her go and he is sorry. She says she doesn’t regret telling him how she feels. He says he is going to miss her, she says she knows. They hug. Raven wonders what she could have done differently, is just that nobody can feel that way about her. She wishes more than anything that she could find love.

Raven joins Chris H. from her home in Dallas via video. He asks her if she was blindsided, she says yes, she thought she was the one. Nick and she had such a great time together every time they were together. She says she knew of Nick, but she thought he was super endearing. He can be read two ways, people either see him as a jerk or someone who is going, to tell the truth no matter what. She felt she could trust him because he was a safe haven. After she left the show, she met Adam on Bachelor in Paradise, which led to a ring and she was supposed to be married, but COVID got in the way. Adam comes on camera to say hi.

Nick has been falling in love with Vanessa for a very long time, he thinks in some ways he was fighting it and he is not fighting it anymore. His worse fear is that he proposes to her and she doesn’t say yes. If he walks away alone, he will be devastated.

Vanessa always envisioned having someone like Nick in her life, he is everything that she has been searching for. But there are a lot of unknown factors that they haven’t talked about. They start by hugging. Nick tells her that he will never forget the first moment he saw her, he was very excited that she got out of the limo and when he first started falling in love with her. He has tried to fight to fall in love with her and he doesn’t want to fight it anymore.

When he looks at her all he sees is his future. She says the first night when she came out of the limo, she knew there was something different about him, but she didn’t think he would notice her, but he has noticed every part of her. She knew this kind of love existed, but she didn’t think it would happen to her, and she thanks him for taking a chance on love. Nick gets down on one knee, pulls out a ring, and asks her to marry him, she says yes. Then, he asks her if she will have the final rose. That was one of the most beautiful proposals, but in the end, it just didn’t work out for her and Nick.

Vanessa joins Chris H. from her home in Montreal, Canada via video. She says Nick was easy to connect with. After the show, jumping into the relationship, she moved to the US, and all the newness of life in the outside world was difficult to navigate. She moved in with him and really did try to make it work. They recently reconnected, they texted a few times. They both realized that they were not right for each other, but she is so grateful for being on the show. She says she is in a healthy relationship now and both of their families get along.

Nick joins Chris H. from his home via video in Los Angeles. He says the first night is surreal, you really don’t remember anything, it was kind of a blur. Rachel and Vanessa stood out for him and made him optimistic. He says he has no regrets having Corinne in his top four. Being the runner up twice himself, he didn’t like breaking the women’s hearts when he sent them home. He says that it not working out with Vanessa is not a lack of not trying. He is presently proudly single. Chris H. sent something to the house, Nick opens it up. It is an original commissioned piece of art that was done in Finland.