The Bachelorette Recap 10/27/20: Season 16 Episode 3

The Bachelorette Recap 10/27/20: Season 16 Episode 3

The Bachelorette airs on ABC this evening with an all-new Tuesday, October 17, 2020, episode, and we have your weekly The Bachelorette recap below. In tonight’s season 16 episode 3 as per the ABC synopsis, “Clare attempts to keep her journey to find everlasting love from careening off the rails this week. Yosef is particularly determined to confront the unsuspecting Bachelorette on a number of issues — only to have Clare heroically stand up to him.

We will be liveblogging tonight’s episode of The Bachelorette 2020 and you just know there are going to be tons of drama, catfights, and tears. So come back tonight at 8 PM for our live two-hour The Bachelorette recap of tonight’s episode. While you wait for the recap, hit the comments and let us know how excited you are for this season of The Bachelorette?

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Yosef came on the show with the knowledge that Clare was the oldest Bachelorette and she is supposed to be mature but on his group date, there was a reg flag and on the group date last evening with the naked dodgeball. It’s raunchy humor and Yosef thinks it is unacceptable and classless. It is showing him traits of her character and her maturity level, it is something that he would never do, that would be his personal boundary. Yosef is looking forward to telling Clare exactly how he feels and washing his hands of this atrocity.

Yosef gets his opportunity to sit with Clare, he tells her that she was correct, they are there for her, but she is also there for them. He says he sacrificed a lot to be there, every second that he is there, he is not with his daughter. He tells her that he finds it disrespectful for the last few days. The second thing is, he was appalled that the guys had to get naked playing dodgeball, it is so humiliating and degrading – it seems silly and immature. If he had been on that date, he would not have crossed that line. If his daughter had seen that, his family, what kind of example would he have set. She tells him that that is why he was not on that date. He tells her that it is classless and he expected more from the oldest bachelorette that has ever been.

And, he cannot believe that that actually occurred, he doesn’t want to set that example for his daughter. In fact, he is ashamed to be associated with her. She tries to interrupt him, he says he is not done yet. She stands up and she is angry, she tells him that never in a million years did she ever think that she would ever utter these words again, don’t ever speak to her that way again and she would never want a man like him to be the father of her children. He tells her that she is not fit to be the mother of his child.

The other men overhear the ending and get up to see if Clare is ok. Yosef shouts across the yard, I expected more from the oldest bachelorette and should remember that she is almost 40. Then he shouts to the men, “she is all yours boys.” Yosef gets in a car and leaves. Clare says that she is thirty-nine and single because she didn’t settle for men like that. Dale finds Clare and hugs her, she is crying. He tells her that she doesn’t deserve that, to let it go because she can’t control it. Clare is visibly shaken, Dale tells her to focus on what and who matters. Dale is everything she is looking for, everything that she wants, and can put words to; he just shows up and has that way. She can’t believe it’s not even the second rose ceremony yet and she is so falling in love with Dale.

Clare sits down with Chris H., she is crying and still upset. She returns to the men and tells them that Yosef left. She says all she wanted was to spend time with them and now she doesn’t think she can go on with the night, she is not up to conversations, she is sorry. She asks for a moment and tells her she will return and do the Rose Ceremony. Two cocktail parties messed up by Yosef.

Bennett had something nice and sweet planned for Clare, but again zero time because of Yosef’s drama; if he doesn’t get a rose he will be devastated. Demar is worried he might get sent home because he hasn’t had time with Clare and if that happens he will be devastated. Clare comes into the room and she apologizes to the men and tells them that she is following her heart, if they don’t get roses, she is following her heart. The first rose goes to Dale (no surprise), then Zac C., Demar, Brendan, Jordan, Joe, Jay, Bennett, Eazy, Ben, Ed, Ivan, Kenny, Zach J. Chasen never thought going into this, his feelings grew fast with Clare and he can’t wait to get to know her better.

The next morning, Chris H. goes to see the men and tells them that this process is going to expose you. Yosef was exposed last night. Because of this, everyone will have dates this week. The first date card is Chasen, Jason, Jay, Riley, Eazy, Ed, Blake, and Dale; “today we separate the men from the boys,” love Clare.

Former bachelorette DeAnna Pappas pays a visit to Clare, she wants the down low on the guys. Claire tells her that when Dale got out of the limo, there was electricity, she forgets everything else and he checks all the boxes. Clare tells DeAnna that she was roasted by Yosef and Dale went over a hugged her afterward to make sure that she was ok, and that meant a lot to her. DeAnna says she understands how Clare feels because she knew as well when she first met her husband. Clare tells her that this may be the shortest season ever.

Meanwhile, Eazy tells the guy that he hopes they can put that smile back on Clare’s face. The men all agree that they just want an easy positive date with Clare today. The men are all waiting for the date to happen, they have been waiting for hours when Claire walks in. She says they originally had a day date planned, but because it is getting late, she decided instead to have a longer cocktail party. It’s actually really late, it is dark outside. Clare leaves to get ready. The men look a little fed up with the curveballs. Eazy is kind of bumped that the day portion was canceled, time is everything. Clare and the men sit down and enjoy some cocktails together, she makes a toast to spending quality time together. Dale asks the men if he can spend the first five minutes with Claire, they all reluctantly say ok. Before leaving with Claire, Dale asks for a group hug from everyone for Claire.

Clare goes for a walk with Dale, she brings him to her room and shows him around. She tells him how nice it was to see him when Yosef verbally attacked her. He tells her that he is proud of her, they cuddle on her bed. They call each other perfect and start kissing. Meanwhile, the other men not on the date, get a date card. It is for Zach J., and it says, “I am looking for my best friend,” Clare. Claire and Dale are still making out on her bed when the other men on the date are wondering if they should send out a search party, they have been gone for an hour.

Eazy gets up to find them, and he ends up knocking on Claire’s door; he can hear them talking, Dale saying he should hide under the bed. Dale gets up and he leaves, Eazy stays behind. Dale returns to the other men and they are not impressed. Chasen gets to spend time with Clare, but she quickly shoos him off. One by one the men try to spend time with her, but they barely get a few minutes and they are all on edge. In fact, Dale goes in for some more time with Clare. Dale returns again to the men, they give him a hard time.

Clare returns to the men and tells them she appreciates the time that she has spent with them this evening. She grabs the rose on the table, thanks to him for stepping up and being bold, showing that he cares, she gives him the rose. She leaves them and says she is going to bed. Eazy doesn’t like the day, Clare is spending so much time with Dale and the men all look defeated because they don’t know where they stand. Dale defends himself, he says he spent a lot of time with Clare because he thinks he is the best man suited to be there for her. Furthermore, Dale tells them he deserves the rose because he put his heart and soul into this.

The next day, It is time for Zach J.’s date with Clare, he is on edge and so nervous, he feels like a kid on Christmas day. Clare shows up, she asks the men how they are doing, they say ok. She says she had a great sleep and is a new woman. Even though she leaves with Zach J., she notices how hot Dale looks in his ballcap.

Clare tells Zach J. that they are going to have a spa day. They get dressed in robes for facials first. Clare thinks that his energy is turning into nervous energy and stressed her the heck out, she wishes Dale was there. Meanwhile, the other guys are wondering if Zach J. can divert the attention from Dale. And, they are gossiping that she and Dale were in contact on social media prior to being on the show. Clare is getting weird energy from Zach J., and having Dale in her life, she just wishes that she could be with him.

Clare’s dog shows up, she leans in for a kiss with Zach J. and he pulls away. She totally pushes the moment away and leaves with her dog. Zach J. has no idea what happened, it looked like Clare was hurt and that was not his intention. Zach made her feel uncomfortable, she leaned in for a kiss, he pulled away, then he tried to grab her for a kiss and that made her feel bad.

Zach J. is sitting at the table for dinner, he is clearly nervous. Chris H. shows up and asks if he can have a seat. He says unfortunately Clare is not going to show up for dinner. Zach J. tells Chris H. what happened, he says it was a misunderstanding. Chris H. tells him that unfortunately, he is going home.

The men see Zach J.s bags taken, it is almost sobering to the other guys and they are feeling vulnerable. Dale says it was a competition with Zach J. and that is why he lost, he is not shocked.

It is another group date, this one with the remainder of the men who haven’t been on a date. Clare introduces Margaret Cho, she is there to help the guys roast each other. Clare says she loves a bold guy, who can roll with the punches and has a sense of humor. The audience is the rest of the guys who are at the house. The guys are not that impressed with the audience, that means that Dale is going to be there. Bennett is looking forward to dishing it out to Dale at the roast, in fact, Bennet thinks Dale is going to be roasted to shreds.

It is time for the roast, Chris H. introduces Margaret and the other men are in the audience. Margaret throws a couple of jokes at them to get things started. Ben killed it and everyone laughs. Man after man, keep getting their digs in at Dale and Clare is starting to feel uncomfortable. Bennett asks Dale how long is it going to take for Claire to realize that he is there trying to campaign for president and have no interest in her. He has watched three cameramen collapse because they were bored listening to him. Dale just keeps taking it.

Eazy can’t believe it. And Bennett ends it by saying that since Dale says that he is best suited for clear, he should stop by his chateau for a lesson in fashion, big diva. Riley says that Bennett said everything that all the other men wanted to say and he hopes that she will ask Dale more questions about why he is really there. Margaret says that Bennett was actually hostile towards Dale. After the show, the men thank Bennett for being him.

Eazy is talking to Dale who says he got scorched. Dale says he owned it, he knows why it happened. Eazy says sometimes the vibe is that he is all about him and he has to put himself in other people’s situations on how they see things.

Time for the cocktail party, thankfully Dale is not there. Clare says she loved the roast, but she didn’t know a lot of things. She asks to speak to Bennett first. She tells him that he went so hard on Dale. He says it was kind of appropriate because he has been monopolizing her time. He doesn’t want to talk about Dale, but that is all Clare wants to talk about. She sits with the other men and she wants more info, but they are not speaking. All the men are the same, they just want to spend time with her and getting to know her, they don’t want to be gossiping with her. She keeps drilling them, one by one. All the men agree, Clare is only interested in Dale in the house and they are wasting their time.

They don’t think it is fair and are wondering if they are already in a relationship. Bennett doesn’t think so, he doesn’t think it is a done deal. Clare returns to all the men, it will be interesting to see who gets the rose. Clare picks up the rose, she tells them that she is conscious of the conversations they have had, she knows what she is looking for and what she wants. She has a lot to think about and actually she didn’t get what she needed from them, so she is not giving out the rose. She is going to sleep on things and see them at the Rose Ceremony. There are no hugs from the men tonight. This is a worst-case scenario for the men. The men are realizing that Clare only wants to be with Dale, and are wondering what they are doing there; maybe they should walk out.