The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap 07/22/20: Season 10 Episode 11 “Kiss and Tell All”

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap 07/22/20: Season 10 Episode 11 "Kiss and Tell All"

Tonight on Bravo The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs with an all-new Wednesday, July 22, 2020, season 10 episode 11 called “Kiss and Tell All” and we have your RHOBH recap below. On The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season, 10 episode 11 as per the Bravo synopsis, “Lisa invites Dorit and the others on a Roman getaway.

Denise tries to make nice with Erika; Garcelle digs into Sutton’s past; and Brandi drops a bomb on Kyle and Teddi, which threatens to spoil their dream vacation.

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After listening to Camille apologize for her behavior at Kyle’s party, Denise and Teddi say goodbye to her. Denise is forgiving towards her. Teddi isn’t, but she does want to fix her relationship with Denise. Camille leaves after saying goodbye to Kyle. Later, Garcelle and Mike say hi to Denise and Aaron. Kyle takes the stage at the charity event to introduce Carney Wilson who performs.

Denise and Aaron head to a room off the stage to share a drink with Brandi and the others. Brandi says sorry to Adrienne for some past things she said. Adrienne accepts her apology. Brandi then tells Aaron and Denise that she wants to be a “throuple.” Aaron looks annoyed. Minutes later, Brandi is really drunk on the dance floor and the others notice she is a hot mess and needs coffee.

It’s time for Erika’s shoe event. All of the ladies arrive. Lisa has on long hair extensions. They go crazy. A large high heel cake is wheeled in. Erika gives a speech. After, they all drink and mingle. Lisa pulls the ladies aside. She wants to take them all on a trip to Rome before Erika goes on Broadway for 4 months.

Denise and Erika finally talk. Denise wants to clear the air. Denise tells her that she has a lot of fun with her and wants the trip to be comfortable and fun. Erika accepts what she says but doesn’t look thrilled.

Sutton and Garcelle meet up for drinks and dinner. They talk about Garcelle’s busy work schedule and Rome. Garcelle asks outright how Sutton got her money. She looks shocked but shares that her ex did well.

Lisa and her daughter Amelia welcome Kyle’s daughter over. She is helping Amelia find an apartment. Amelia’s list of needs is long. Lisa remembers her first apartment. It was gross and had roaches.

All of the ladies are getting ready to go to Rome. Teddi can hardly close her suitcase. Erika is busy teasing her dog. Kyle hasn’t really even packed. Teddi comes over so they can talk about her baby shower. Kyle’s sister Kim shows up to drop off dresses. Brandi is in the car. Kyle tells her to get Brandi. Brandi comes in. They talk about Rome and how Denise was upset with Erika and Teddi.

Brandi begins telling them something about Denise and how she has something on her. She then asks for water and maybe some wine. She tells them all Denise isn’t who she claims to be. Brandi shares that she was cheated on by the love of her life. She would never do that to someone else and make them feel the way she did. After hooking up with Denise, Denise begged her the next day that she cannot tell Aaron. Teddi and Kyle look shocked. Kim comforts Brandi who is upset she unknowingly became the other woman.

Brandi tells them she finally saw Denise at the charity event for the first time the other night. Denise texted her to make sure she didn’t tell anyone. Brandi tells them that is why she got so drunk at the event. After Brandi and Kim leave, Kyle and Teddi are shocked. They have to go on a trip with Denise and they know all of this.

On their way to the airport the next day to go to Rome, Teddi and Kyle tell Lisa about Denise and Brandi in the car!