The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap 09/09/20: Season 10 Episode 16 “Reunion Part 2”

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap 09/09/20: Season 10 Episode 16 "Reunion Part 2"

Tonight on Bravo The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs with an all-new Wednesday, September 9, 2020, season 10 episode 16 called “Reunion Part 2” and we have your RHOBH recap below. On The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season, 10 episode 16 as per the Bravo synopsis, “Kyle must answer for her attitude towards Dorit and Erika; Teddi reflects on the joys and fears of parenthood during a pandemic. a defiant Denise comes under fire for her connection to Brandi Glanville.

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Andy asks Kyle why was everyone after her this season. Kyle says they were not being honest and she did feel attacked. They start talking about the retreat and Dorit says that Kyle attacked her. Kyle says she looked like she was showing up to show off her clothing line and nothing else. Dorit tells Kyle to acknowledge that Teddi is a closer friend to her than the other women. Dorit says she does acknowledge that Teddi is a better friend to her.

She loves all the women, she has different relationships with all the women, but she is closer to Teddi, they have more in common. Dorit says she is happy that she is finally admitting that. Dorit wants to address the astrology party, Kyle said to Dorit that she was not as good friends as she thinks she is with Erika. Kyle says she was frustrated and thought whatever, so she just said it. Dorit is shocked, she tells Kyle that does not justify what she said.

Kyle says that no matter what happened this season she never talked bad about her, whereas Dorit said that Kyle didn’t know what she was doing with all her businesses. Kyle says she was shocked. Kyle says she thought she was better friends, and she can’t believe how she talked about her behind her back. Dorit tells Kyle that after the first episode she blanked her. Andy says he would like to move forward. Dorit apologizes to Kyle and says she is there for her. We move on to Denise and Kyle.

Andy asks why Kyle said that Denise is fake, and called her a ragamuffin. Kyle says she called her ragamuffin because her hair is messed up a lot. Kyle says that she has since apologized to Denise.

We look back at the episode when Amelia had anxiety and Garcelle asks Lisa if her posting pics of herself in a bikini may cause her daughter problems. Lisa says as a mother, you always look at those things. Teddi says that Garcelle should not have that conversation in front of everyone. Sutton said that Lisa’s dancing was weird, Dorit tries to make something of it, but Lisa says that it was weird. Lisa says she would never do anything to hurt her daughters and they are ok. But, she loves attention and loves to push the boundaries.

They talk about Teddi’s baby, she has a problem with her head and needs neurosurgery in two weeks to repair the problem. Teddi says that kids are resilient and she is trying to remember that.

We look back at when Teddi announced that she was pregnant, and the gender reveals party when they all found out that it was a girl. And, when Kyle took her on a wine trip when she was pregnant. Dorit says that Teddi never used her pregnancy as an excuse, she just ate a lot of Tums.

They talk about Slate’s finger, Teddi was home and it was windy outside, the front door slammed on Slate’s finger and amputated the tip. Teddi wrapped her hand, picked up her finger, and put it in a baggy. Today, Slate is fine, the surgeon did a good job.

They talk about Brandi, how she talked behind Teddi’s back saying she was pathetic and living in her father’s shadow her whole life. And, that Brandi said she had sex with Denise. When Brandi is called a liar, she shows the women a long text message thread that proves she was in a relationship with Denise. Denise has said a few times that she barely knew Brandi, but it seems that they have a deeper connection. Denise says she got multiple invites to go to dinner with Brandi, but she turned them down and was always nice to her. Lisa keeps called Denise a liar.

Denise maintains that she has never socialized with Brandi. Lisa says it is B.S. Brandi should be there to defend herself. Denise says that Brandi is not part of the show and this group, that is why she is there. Andy says that Bravo had heard enough from Brandi so they decided not to have her on the show. Denise says the messages were very inappropriate. Dorit says she believes Denise until proven otherwise.

Denise says that Brandi said she slept with a few women in the group, they want to know who, but she won’t tell. Andy asks Denise if she was talking crap about the women to Brandi. Denise says she only said things that she has to everyone’s face already. Andy asks Denise what is the worst thing she has said about Teddi, Denise said the same things she has said to her face. Denise calls the women vicious.