The Voice Recap 03/09/20: Season 18 Episode 4 “The Blind Auditions, Part 4”

The Voice Recap 03/09/20: Season 18 Episode 4 "The Blind Auditions, Part 4"

Tonight on NBC’s Emmy Award-winning musical competition The Voice airs with an all-new Monday, March 9, 2020, season 18 episode 4 “The Blind Auditions Part 4,” and we have your The Voice recap right below. On tonight’s The Voice season 18 episode 4 “The “Blind Auditions” continue as superstar coaches all vie to discover and coach the next singing phenomenon in the “Blind Auditions.” The vocalists compete to be selected by one of the coaches and fight for a chance to be named “The Voice.

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It was Night Four of the Blind Auditions. First up was Anaya Cheyenne. She was a sixteen-year-old who got picked up by the show after she posted a video of herself online. Anaya was a student. She attends public school during the day and later on, she’s a part of a Performing Arts program that’s run by her godmother. Anaya has a wonderful support system behind her. They came with her tonight to her audition and they all listened as Anaya’s confidence slow grew throughout the song. Her performance started out shaky. There was that and it just got better over time.

Two of the judges had turned around for her. They both waited until almost the very end and Anaya was just so glad they turned that she didn’t mind. She gave this performance her all. It had taken hearing her run-ons to get Kelly and Blake to turn for her. They loved her voice. They wanted her for their team and Anaya chose Kelly. She felt Kelly was better for her in the long-term and so she joined Kelly’s all-female team. Kelly has been trying to find some guys. She was hoping a guy would go next and instead it was a surprising performance from a woman.

The woman that went next had started out singing opera. Mandi Thomas’s voice and song selection wasn’t what the judges typically heard. Yet, it grabbed Kelly’s attention. Kelly turned around for Mandi and she was the only one to do so. She automatically got Mandi and she was all the happier for it. Kelly has said many times in the past that she wanted to hear some opera. She finally got what she wanted and she told Mandi that they were going to revisit this often. The next person to audition was Ari Tibi.

She got her musical ability for her father. Her father is originally from Tunisia and he grew up in France. He moved to America to pursue his dream and he became a composer. Ari dreams of becoming an artist. She works as a musical journalist during the day. She does music reviews and she interviews artists and that wasn’t what she wanted to do. She wanted to sing. She auditioned tonight with a very artsy song and some of it was good while other parts weren’t. Ari didn’t really sell this song properly. She almost got there several times and then she lost it.

The judges didn’t turn around for Ari. They each gave her a critique and they thought she could sing better than she did. She just needs to watch this audition over. She’ll realize where she went wrong once she did and so there’s always hope for her. She could come back with a different song. Ari may have been a bust, but next up was Jacob Miller. He performed a Bob Dylan song and he was playing on his guitar. He was a double-threat and the judges quickly realized it. Three of the judges turned around for him.

Kelly, Nick, and Blake all turned for him. They respected his guitar skills which is what sold the song and they later asked him what type of music he likes. Jacob was a little different. He loves jazz and ragtime and so he wasn’t into the music that was typically on the radio nowadays. He had his own style. Blake played into that by saying they needed to highlight who he is and Kelly meanwhile had wanted to experiment with it. Nick was the only one that said he would want to play with Jacob no matter what the outcome of this season was and so Jacob went with Nick.

It took Nick by surprise. He genuinely thought Jacob was going to choose someone else and so Nick won this round. He came away with a rare find. Next up was Jon Mullins. He came with his wife Whitney and he and his wife have been through some rough times. She had injured herself at work. It had been so bad that she needed therapy to help regain her speech afterward and so Jon had picked a song to best describe what it had been like for them these past three years. And the song quickly won over Blake who had turned around for him.

Blake was the only judge to do so. He automatically got Jon on his team and Jon referred to Blake as king. It was such a huge compliment that blew up Blake’s already large head. Black would go on to pick up Jacob Daniel Murphy for his team. Again, Blake was the only one to turn around and so he walked away with two very good artists. The next artist to audition was Zan Fiskun. She has a singer/songwriter vibe. She lives in a tiny house on her parents’ property and yet she chose a song about independence.

Her audition was all about striking out on her own. Her music is how she’s choosing to do so and the song “Light On” had been perfect for her because she quickly won over the judges. Nick was the first to turn. He was followed by John who turned around for the first time tonight and lastly came Kelly. All three judges wanted Zan. She has a soulful tone to her voice that just couldn’t be taught and so the judges each wanted her for their team. They all made pitches. Zan ended up going with John because she felt he better understood her style and she also knew what an honor it was to be his first turn.

Chan Fuz went next. He was really tall. He came from a tall family and his parents were over six feet and so not that surprising that he was tall. He managed to make it look cool without being awkward. He performed “Grove Me” for his audition and he threw in some dancing. Except it wasn’t enough for the judges. They hadn’t turned for him and so they lost out on Chan as well as on his dancing. The next person to audition was Roderick Chambers. He was an older contestant. He’s been performing for years. He was first in a band with his brothers and they were together for ten years.

The band went as far as they could. They eventually split up to go pursue solo careers and so Roderick moved to California with his wife to start over. He’s been out there for a few years. He was ready for his turn and he got lucky because right away Nick had turned for him. Nick had been the only one to do so and so he got away with Roderick. Next up was Alexis Jules Gaston. She goes by Jules as her stage name and she was fifteen. This teenager has been writing songs since she was ten. She has been performing since forever and so she has a singer/songwriter quality to her.

The judges got to hear that as well. They heard her rendition of “Aint No Rest For The Wicked” and it impressed two of the judges. Blake and Kelly both wanted her for their teams. They had waited until the practically the last run-on to turn and so they were a little sneaky about it. They each probably thought no one else would turn for her by that point. So, both of them turning created a problem. Blake and Kelly wanted her and she went with Kelly. Kelly didn’t think she would win Jules and she did. It had taken Kelly by surprise and she was all the more excited for having won Jules away from Blake.

Jared Harper went next. He grew up having to learn the guitar by ear and that had been hard for him because he has hearing difficulties. Not that he let that get in the way of pursuing music. Jared dreams of doing music for the rest of his life and he gave everything to his audition tonight. It just wasn’t enough for the judges. They didn’t turn around for Jared and they later said it was because they heard a pitch to his voice. They were sorry they didn’t turn around. He does have some talent and so he just needs to work on it. Next up was Michael Williams. He was initiated into sports and then he developed a disability. This disability was going to affect him for the rest of his life and he controls using medication.

Michael had turned to music after h gave up sports. He auditioned for the judges and he got Nick. Nick was the only one to turn around. He heard something in Michael’s voice that he likes and so he took a chance on him. He added Michael to his team. He believed he could coach Michael and he was happy to have him. The next and last artist to audition was Mike Jerel. He managed to win over two of the judges on his first note. He chose the song “This Is A Man’s World”. It was a really great song for him and he later won over the other two judges.

Mike received a rare four-chair turn. He grew up performing as a pianist because his grandmother was an artist and so he would play with her. They would visit retirement communities and play for them and so his grandma was a positive influence on him. She was a star in her own right. She showed Mike what he could do and he wowed everyone tonight. He had his choice of the judges. He could have chosen any one of them and he went with John because truly John was the only one that could truly understand him.