The Voice Recap 05/04/20: Season 18 Episode 12 “Top 17 Performances”

The Voice Recap 05/04/20: Season 18 Episode 12 "Top 17 Performances"

Tonight on NBC’s Emmy Award-winning musical competition The Voice airs with an all-new Monday, April 27, 2020, season 18 episode 11 “Road To Live Shows,” and we have your The Voice recap right below. On tonight’s The Voice season 18 episode 12 “Top 17 Performances” as per the NBC synopsis, “The winner from the first-ever 4-way Knockout is revealed. The remaining Top 17 artists perform in front of coaches Kelly Clarkson, Nick Jonas, John Legend, and Blake Shelton for their chance at a spot in the Top 9.

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The final seventeen perform! Things were a little different tonight. The contestants were practicing social distancing. They, therefore, weren’t performing onstage like usual. They were actually singing without a live audience and they were going to continue to do so for the rest of the season. Only the contestants weren’t alone in practicing safety. The judges happened to be coaching from home and so everyone was keeping safe during this pandemic. The cast and the crew may have been separated, but they have still come together to put on an amazing show and what show it was. The first thing they did was revealed the winner of the four-person-knockout.

The winner was Michael Williams from Team Nick. He made up seventeen and it wasn’t long before the final seventeen performed. First up was Thunderstorm Artis. He was from Team Nick and he gave quite a soulful performance. It had everything. He even threw in some whistling and that plus his vibe throughout the song was really great. Thunderstorm impressed the judges. His former coach John called it “incredible”. His current coach Nick was very proud of him because he knew the addition of the whistling had taken Thunderstorm’s performance to the next level. And so the night began with a great performance.

Next up was Allegra Miles. She was another member of Team Nick and, for tonight’s performance, she performed her own rendition of “New York State of Mind”. But the first thing that needed to be said is that her rendition was very her. She put her own spin on it and she sounded great. She was later called “a force in the competition”. She was applauded for all the work she did and one coach noted that she sounded better from home. Blake said that she must have felt more relaxed because it showed and it could be heard in her voice. She gave a flawless performance. She even wowed her own coach Nick.

It was still Team Nick’s turn. They went next with Arei Moon and her performance was by far the most theatrical. She had added a light show. Her backup singers were also highlighted beautifully throughout her performance and there was some dancing as well. Arei gave a 90s vibe to her performance. She brought back that era for the coaches and Kelly had especially loved it. Kelly enjoyed the 90s music scene. She was dancing in her chair. She was enjoying what Arei was doing and so Arei had won herself a fan in Kelly. She also impressed her own coach Nick. Nick has loved everything from his team so far and it seems to perform from home was making them all better.

Roderick Chambers went next. He gave a strong R&B performance and at least three judges were swaying to the music as he performed. He also just seemed happier. Roderick was smiling and relaxed. He switched from his head voice to his chest voice flawlessly. He was just comfortable in this song. It showed and the judges loved that about him. John would later credit Roderick for giving one of the best falsettos he’s heard. He wanted to see more from Roderick and so did his coach Nick. Nick felt this performance was going to be the one that blew up on social media. Nick actually rubbed his hands together like oil baron expecting a payday and so he was super excited to be in Roderick’s corner.

The final member of Team Nick was Michael Williams. He was the first winner of the four-person-knockout and so a lot was expected of him. Michael later performed “Sign of the Times”. He made the song his own and this was noted by Kelly. She said she loves this song. She thinks it was one of Harry’s greatest songs and so Michael received points just for choosing it. He also received points for keeping up with the song. It wasn’t always easy to do so and the fact he did was something admirable. Michael gave a strong performance. The judges liked it and his own coach enjoyed it as well.

Michael’s performance concluded Team Nick’s turn. Up next was Team John. The first member of his team to perform was Zan Fiskum and true to the eclectic style she performed “Blowin’ in the Wind” by Joan Baez. It had been a great fit for her. Her voice showed range and it played into her storyteller side. She got to tell a story with this song. She entranced the judges with it and John, of course, was her biggest supporter. John loved everything Zan did. She was a star in the making and he knew there wasn’t another person like her in the competition. John later commended her on her performance. He told her he enjoyed and he proved that as he swayed to the song.

Team John continued with Mike Jerel. He wasn’t at home. He performed on his college campus and so he was still on a stage. Not that it took away from his performance. Mike had sounded great like always and he gave a strong R&B performance. The judges had loved it. They had mostly danced to it as he was performing and the only one who wasn’t dancing was Blake. Blake probably didn’t know the song. He wasn’t singing along like the rest of the judges and so that could explain the lack of his dance, but he did applaud afterward and he still seemed to have enjoyed the performance. The judges all loved Mike and they couldn’t wait to see more form him.

Mandi Castillo went next. Her performance was a little different. She decided to switch things up by performing her song in Spanish. The song also wasn’t really well-known to the judges. They couldn’t follow along like they could with other songs and surprisingly that didn’t take away from the performance. Blake had enjoyed it. He later told Mandi that she had him in the palm of her hand the whole time and John had acted like a proud father. He loved what Mandi did with her performance. She showed another side to herself self and that will help her connect to the audience. And right now she needs the audience.

The eliminations were tomorrow. The contestants were going from seventeen to nine and so more than half of them were going to be leaving tomorrow. The next member of Team John tried not to think about that. CammWess performed “Ain’t No Sunshine”. He put his own spin on the song and he accompanied himself on the guitar. CammWess was considered the brightest star on John’s team. Kelly had had him on her team and she, unfortunately, let him go. She later realized she made a mistake and she wasn’t afraid to say so. CammWess is a great talent. Everyone thought so and he was the one the other judges feared.

Next up was Team Kelly. The first member from her team to perform was Megan Danielle and she was so good that Kelly couldn’t stop herself from saying so. Kelly supported her team like no one else. She also believed this year was the best team she’s ever had and so she rooted for them. Kelly embiggened Megan. Did Megan deserve it? Maybe so, maybe not. She was a little bit pitchy and her voice could have been stronger. Megan had also missed several notes. Like she tried to go for it and she didn’t necessarily succeed. Megan could have worked on it more. She was still applauded by the judges and she wasn’t the only one.

Mandi Thomas went next. She was the opera singer that had taken Kelly by surprise and while she could sing in several genres – she chose Country for tonight. She performed “I Hope You Dance”. It was a beautiful song and she didn’t really do it justice. Her voice was pitchy. She didn’t hold onto certain notes long enough and so Mandi should be worried. Her performance was not strong enough. She wobbled and that alone should make her concerned about eliminations tomorrow. Only Mandi was still applauded for her performance. It was a little bit strange because she didn’t actually deserve it and so the judges were doing so out of kindness.

Micah Iverson was the next member of Team Kelly to perform. He performed “Your Song”. He started off really great and he was doing fine right up until the end. The end had needed some work. Micah may have let his enthusiasm get the better of him because when he exploded and went to a higher register – his voice had gotten lost some. Team Kelly was not doing great tonight. They were having mistakes and in some cases, their voices were all over the place. The only person that managed to live up the standard Kelly had set had been the next and last performance. It had been Cedrice.

Cedrice gave an amazing performance. She performed “Everything I Wanted” and she put a soulful spin on it. Cedrice has been on practically everyone’s team. She’s been coached by three of the judges and her performance shows range because of it. Cedrice is an amazing singer. There is no doubt about that and she showed so again tonight. Cedrice blew everyone away. She was applauded for her performance and everyone mentioned how good it was. She even had the audience that was staying at home clap for her. And so out of everyone on Team Kelly, she was the one to beat and she wasn’t going to make it easy for anyone.

The last team of the night went. Team Blake kicked off their turn with Toneisha Harris. She performed “What Doesn’t Kill You Makes Stronger”. She performed Kelly’s song with Kelly listening in and so she took a gamble. Toneisha knew her rendition would be compared to Kelly’s. She also knew that Kelly would be asked to say something about it and so it’s a good thing Toneisha did great with the song. She sang the hell out of it. Kelly had been impressed and so was John. They both commended Toneisha for her performance. Her coach Blake had also said a few words. He told her he was proud of her and he couldn’t wait to see what she did next.

Joei Fulco went next. She was the rocker in Blake’s group. She performed a rock ‘n roll song and she made sure to add her country-rock flair to it. Joei’s performance was upbeat. There was a thrill to it and she always wows the judges. Joei has nothing to fear. She has a distinctive sound and there wasn’t another person like her in the competition. But after her turn, it was Joanna Serenko’s chance. She performed “Rich Girl” and she gave a strong soulful performance. It sounded a little too close to the original and so the audience didn’t fully get a grasp on her voice or what she was going for. And so Joanna needs to work on that if she makes the cut for tomorrow.

The last performance of the night went to Todd Tilghman. He was called the “Karate Kid” by Blake because he was one of his favorite artists he’s ever worked with and Todd did an incredible job again tonight. He blew everyone away with his performance. He sounded great, he looked great, and the judges all wanted more from him.