The Walking Dead World Beyond Finale Recap 11/29/20: Season 1 Episode 9 and 10 “The Deepest Cut, In This Life”

The Walking Dead World Beyond Finale Recap 11/29/20: Season 1 Episode 9 and 10 "The Deepest Cut, In This Life"

Tonight on AMC our favorite show The Walking Dead World Beyond airs with an all-new Sunday, November 29, 2020, episode and we have your The Walking Dead Wold Beyond recap below. On tonight’s The Walking Dead World Beyond Season 1 Episode 9 & 10 called, “The Deepest Cut, In This Life,” as per the AMC synopsis, “An accident slows the group. Someone suffers an injury while another makes a discovery. Now divided, the group must forge onward towards the greater good.”

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Huck is still with Elizabeth who reminds her that she needs to get the “asset” alone. Huck is in the truck with Iris, Felix, and Hope, she crashes it on purpose. The group is ok, they start walking back to the shelter to look for supplies. Meanwhile, Hope is worried about Silas and Elton because it is very cold outside. Feliz says maybe crashing the truck is karma. Felix has a flashback, he is in a room with Huck, he has been doing security clearances for four years. Bill Campbell shows up in the room to assist.

Back to the present, the group encounters a lot of empties and barbed wire. The group manages to get through, but Felix has cut on his leg from the barbed wire.

Elton is losing hope, he is tearing sheets out of his book. Then he rethinks what he did and picks up the scattered pages.

Elton sees some blood on the ground and follows it, Percy is alive!

The group finds an abandoned house, Huck and Iris go upstairs to look around. Huck starts talking to her about her dad and commends her on being so smart. Huck opens one of the doors, she tells Iris that the people who lived there shot themselves. Then Huck returns downstairs and tells Felix that there is nothing upstairs. Meanwhile, Felix’s leg doesn’t look very good. Felix has a flashback, he and Bill are a couple.

Back to the present, Elton is dragging Percy’s body to a safe area. Percy sits up, Elton looks guarded. Percy tells Elton they are going to die and he doesn’t understand why he saved him. Elton says he needed to try to save him, the wind brought him there and it was a sign. Percy tells him that if he is going to save him he needs to patch him up before he bleeds out, Percy is actually laying on the ground, Percy is hallucinating that he is speaking to Percy.

Percy tells him that he thinks he is scared to find out what his buddy Silas did to him with that wrench of his. Elton says he is not scared, he gets up to look at Percy’s wound, it looks like he was shot. This was not done with a wrench, but a gun.

The group is out, they find a blockade, Felix says they should go around, but Hope says she got this. The group jumps up and around it, but things take a toll for the worse with Felix’s leg and they have to return to the house. Huck says maybe they can find something in the house to keep his leg stable so they can continue on their journey, Hope and Iris go look.

Meanwhile, Felix is with Huck and he looks like he is in a lot of pain. Felix flashbacks to dinner with Bill, he finds out that he has been put on new security detail. Bill says he is going for him and maybe when he is back, things will be different. Bill tells Felix that he loves him, but it is not up to him to carry everyone else, he needs to let that go and put his trust in other people.

Elton is trying to help Percy who tells him that he is wasting his time, he is dying. Elton looks behind and there are some empties coming towards him.

Hope and Iris are upstairs, Hope says Felix is not going to last, what are they doing, this could delay or even cause them not to find their father.  Elton is determined to save Percy, he has a huge wrench in his hands, he fights off the empties and saves Percy, for now.

Iris is sitting on a couch when Felix joins her, but first a flashback of when Hope and Iris’ father left. Back to the present, Felix tells her they are sticking to the original plan, he is coming with them. He tells her that she doesn’t need him to hold them up and put them in danger. He goes on to say that she is more than capable, he believes in her. Huck walks in, she says they will leave first thing in the morning.

Felix says ok, Huck tells him not to worry about them, they’ve got this, Felix hugs her. We see a flashback, Huck is the one who slashed Felix’s leg, not the barbed wire as he thought. Iris says this is wrong, they shouldn’t even be discussing this. Huck tells her to take a hard look, and she will see her purpose is to find her dad, and Felix is a danger to himself out of the house.

Iris goes to speak to Hope, she tells her that they can’t trust Huck, there is something off about her, she can’t explain it. She dropped Felix quickly, and she has a gut feeling. Hope says Huck saved her life and didn’t judge her. Hope tells her that since she told her how their mother died, everything has changed between them. Iris asks what is going on with her, Hope says maybe she doesn’t know her as much as she thinks she does.

Huck wakes up Hope and tells her they need to go, Iris is going to drag them down. Meanwhile, Elton finds a radio in Percy’s jacket. Huck and Hope are on the road, Huck takes a second and walks away. Percy keeps trying to find someone on the radio, Huck pulls a radio out of her backpack and speaks to him, he tells her that he is with Percy, but he is hurt. He gives her his coordinates, Percy bolts up and tells him that Huck shot him.

Iris and Felix find out that Huck and Hope left them. We see a flashback of Hope when they were in the house, it read, “raft embed agent en-route with asset +four, all four expendable.” Then Felix notices his gun is missing, Hope took it when she went on the road with Huck.

We see Bill Campbell, he is on the run from guards maybe belonging to Elizabeth.

We see Hope and Iris’ father, he is thinking about them.

Hope takes out the gun and points it at Huck, she asks her who the hell she is. Meanwhile, Silas is barbequing meat for a meal, Elton is outside the building, he sees the smoke. Silas sees him and tells him that he should not have come. Elton runs to him and hugs him. Elton shows Silas that he has Percy with him who tells him that for the record, he is feeling good.

Iris is upset that Hope left without saying goodbye, she tells Felix that she was not herself. Iris tells him that she doesn’t trust Huck, something is up with her. He says just because Silas is not who they think he is, doesn’t mean Huck is as well.

Huck tells Hope to put the gun down, she says she decoded the message. Huck claims to be the same person she has always been and tells her to put the weapon away. Huck brings up the night with her mom, Hope shoots the gun to the side. Huck says if she kills her, they will still come looking for them, she is one of them. Huck says she knew that and she still came with her. Hope says she only did it because she knew that she was the asset and she wanted Iris and Felix to be safe. All of a sudden, some empties are behind Hope, she needs to make a decision.

There are a lot of empties, it is going to take the two of them to kill them all. The two work together to get rid of them. Meanwhile, at the house, Iris and Felix go upstairs to investigate the room that Huck said was filled with dead bodies. Inside, there are no dead bodies, just supplies that could have fixed his leg and the truck.

Percy tells Silas and Elton that Huck shot him and killed Tony, they know Silas didn’t do it. Silas is so happy that he didn’t do it, Elton tells him that he is not a monster and never was, not even close. Silas looks relieved, then he asks where Hope and Iris are, are they with Huck? They have to save the girls.

The fight with the empties is over, Huck tells her that she cares about everyone, it was never supposed to be this complicated, their dad is not in danger, the last two messages were not from their father, they were from her. She thought it was the easiest way to get them away from the university. Huck tells her that she was training her, preparing her for the future, and getting to see the world right.

She says it is always about the big picture, the greater good. She did everything she could to split up the group without hurting anyone. She killed Tony and shot Percy to save everyone else, she did what she did for the greater good. Hope asks why her, Huck says she has no idea who she is.

Back to Leo and Lyla, he says he knew when Hope was six years old how smart she was, she put a whole computer back together, she was extraordinary; maybe she will save the world. This is why Hope is the asset.

Silas, Percy, and Elton are going over the map together, Silas tells Percy that he is sorry about his uncle and he is happy that he is ok. Percy says that Huck is going to pay for what she did. All of a sudden, the group is interrupted by the arrival of a CRM truck, Elton says they need to go now.

Iris and Felix repair the truck with the supplies, it is a standard transmission, Felix tells Iris that she is going to have to drive, he can’t with his injury.

Hope and Huck are stopped and in a building, Huck tells her that this mission is about her, it is complicated. They hear a truck, Huck tells her to stay back. It is Iris and Felix, they have found them. Huck tells her that they can’t know that they are there, this is life and death. Iris calls for Hope inside the building. They are reunited, Huck is acting cool, Iris tells her they found the room that she was hiding from them, she lied.

Hope tries to cover for her. Everyone is acting cool, Felix grabs Huck’s gun and aims at her, he asks her what the hell she is doing with Hope. Meanwhile, Lyla tells Leo that in twenty-four hours he will be reunited with Hope, they need great minds; she is safe, and she has seen the world now, she is ready.

Felix tells Huck to drop the key for the truck. Hope tells Felix that she is CRM and they can’t save her. Huck tells Felix that he just wants him to be happy, and it is true, she is CRM. Huck tries to go for the gun, a lamp falls and a fire starts as Felix falls down the stairs.

The boys are trying to figure a way to get around CRM who are on the grounds. Felix and Huck are still fighting in the fire, she tells him that he has one last chance and everybody lives. The fire is spreading, Felix shouts at the girls and tells them to get out. Felix and Huck look like they are going to fight until one of them is dead.

The boys are still trying to find a way to save the girls, Percy says he is slowing them down. Silas thinks about all his new friends, he takes off his backpack, and locks the gate so Percy and Elton are on the other side, he tells them that he is saving them. Silas surrenders to CRM, Percy, and Elton’s getaway.

Hope has a gun, Felix tells her to shoot Huck who puts the gun at her own head and tells Huck that she will shoot herself if she kills Felix. Hope tells the group that she is going to go with Huck, she will be ok, she wants them to be safe. Felix hugs Hope, it is a tearful farewell. Then she tells Iris that she left, she was trying to protect her.

Leo tells Lyla that he has something on his mind, something that has been eating at him. He knows this place is important to her, it is to him as well. He has his suspicions about the military, he thinks they are being lied to, he has an idea and needs her help. Little does he know that she is the one behind Hope being brought to him.

Percy and Elton are walking, he asks him how they are going to find the others and what they are going to do, Elton says he doesn’t know, but it won’t be easy. Elton is confident they will find the others and they can do the impossible and make their lives count.

Huck and Hope are welcomed by Elizabeth who lands in a helicopter. Elizabeth asks about the loose ends, Huck says they are not a threat. Elizabeth tells her that the campus colony hasn’t faired well in their absence.

Iris and Felix are walking in the forest, she thinks back to when Hope hugged her and told her that she is not the real asset, they both are, together.

Iris and Felix hear a noise in the woods, they see some people in the distance, one comes towards them, it is Bill, they hug each other. Will says he thought he was dead, he thought they all were. He says they have a lot to catch up on.