The Young and the Restless Spoilers Review: Friday, October 23 – Sharon & Rey’s New Year’s Eve Wedding Date – Chelsea’s Goodbye to Adam

The Young and the Restless Spoilers Review: Friday, October 23 – Sharon & Rey’s New Year’s Eve Wedding Date – Chelsea’s Goodbye to Adam

The Young and the Restless (Y&R) spoilers review for Friday, October 23, reveals that Lola Rosales (Sasha Calle) makes a surprising discovery at Crimson Lights. After stumbling upon a glum Elena Dawson (Brytni Sarpy), Lola doesn’t believe her insistence that she’s fine.

Instead, Lola wants to buy something sweet and share it with Elena since it looks like she could use a friend.

At Devon Hamilton’s (Bryton James) penthouse, he tries to sell Amanda Sinclair (Mishael Morgan) on his New York trip idea. Devon notes that Amanda wouldn’t even have to pack a bag because he can buy whatever she needs when they get there.

Amanda laughs in surprise as Devon insists it’ll be fun; they can see it this artist LP wants to sign lives up to the hype.

Although it’s tempting, Amanda decides she’ll have to pass. She’s not interested in sticking it to Elena and Nate Hastings (Sean Dominic). Devon argues that this is about business, but Amanda insists he knows what it’ll look like if they jet off together. Devon admits it crossed his mind.

Amanda contends that maybe what happened with Nate and Elena wouldn’t have gone down if it weren’t for her. Devon doesn’t think it’s either one of their faults since Elena and Nate are two adults who needed to have some self-control.

Amanda offers to listen if Devon ever needs to talk to someone who understands what he’s going through. She starts to leave, but Devon suggests they could talk now.

At Sharon Newman’s (Sharon Case) place, she welcomes Nick Newman (Joshua Morrow) in and answers questions about Faith Newman (Alyvia Alyn Lind). Sharon notes that Faith’s been busy upstairs on video chat with her classmates.

They’re working on a group project, but Sharon suggests Faith can take a break if Nick really needs to talk to her.

Nick declines to interrupt, but Sharon can tell he’s worried about Faith and wants to know why. There’s been so much going on, so Sharon fears maybe she’s not doing right by Faith. It bothered Sharon when Faith turned down movie night. If Faith is happy, why not do something normal?

Nick thinks Faith is a great kid and makes excuses for her. He feels like if they talk to Faith and support her, “everything’s gonna be cool.” Before Nick goes, he wants Sharon to know how proud he is of her.

They chat about the wedding and Nick accepting the best man gig. Nothing would make Nick happier than to stand up for Rey and Sharon.

Meanwhile on Friday’s Young and the Restless episode, Chelsea Lawson (Melissa Claire Egan) comes home and calls out to Adam Newman (Joshua Morrow). She eventually realizes Adam isn’t there. Chelsea also pauses briefly to groan slightly and rub her head.

Back at Crimson Lights, Adam approaches Rey Rosales (Jordi Vilasuso) in a booth. Adam hears that congratulations are in order, but Rey hears an arrest warrant may be in order for Adam.

Although Adam suggests he’s trying to be polite about Rey’s news, he thinks Rey is a smart guy and must know “this thing with Sharon” isn’t going to work out.

Rey feels like Adam’s hoping to make him insecure with the intention of distracting him from the case the GCPD is building against him. Adam feels like he’d be in jail right now if Rey had anything on him.

Rey hints that they’re taking their time to make sure the case is rock solid – so the charges will stick this time. “That’s never gonna happen, Rey,” Adam insists. “Yeah, well, just like you and Sharon,” Rey says.

Rey contends that he’s the guy who’s going to put out this torch Adam’s carrying for Sharon. Adam suggests that Rey met Sharon like 10 minutes ago; he could never know Sharon the way Adam knows Sharon.

“Spoken like a true sociopath,” Rey says. Adam gets why Rey would feel threatened and feels like he’d just pack it up now if he were in Rey’s shoes.

Rey counters that Adam could never beat him since he has a conscience as well as respect and morals. As Chelsea appears, Rey talks about Adam gaslighting his fiancée and having to send his kid away so Connor Newman (Judah Mackey) wouldn’t find out what a lowlife his father is.

Rey feels like the Sharon that Adam knew is gone and will never reunite with such a loser. “Sharon and I will always find our way back to each other,” Adam says.

He feels like Rey is just a port in the storm Sharon’s been going through. Adam believes he’s Sharon’s past and her future.

Rey asks if Chelsea is Adam’s backup plan, but Adam replies that he doesn’t need one. Chelsea looks outraged as she eavesdrops and then hurries out. She pauses outside and breathes heavily trying to process what she’s just heard.

On the patio, Elena tells Lola the story of how she felt forgotten due to Devon and Amanda’s connection. Elena knows it’s not an excuse, but she let her insecurities get the best of her.

After Elena recaps how good it felt to be a team with Nate, she admits to sleeping with him.

Lola is visibly taken aback, so Elena assumes she must be shocked and disgusted. Although Elena feels like she’s a horrible person, Lola is sympathetic. Elena doesn’t think Devon will ever forgive her, but she still loves him.

Lola urges Elena to fight for Devon, but Elena doesn’t think he’ll ever take her back. Lola then asks about Nate and how Elena feels about him.

Elena thinks Nate is a great guy, but she focused on the fact that he’s Devon’s cousin. Lola wonders if Elena would’ve still done what she did if Nate were just some cute unrelated doctor.

Elena asks if Lola is trying to make sense of what happened between Kyle Abbott (Michael Mealor) and Summer Newman (Hunter King).

Lola denies it and points out that Kyle never cheated on her other than maybe a little emotionally. “He and I are done now, and I’ve moved on,” Lola says. She admits it was next to impossible, but it’s getting better every day.

Elena decides she’ll have to stop volunteering at the clinic, but Lola encourages her to take a breath and think about it before she makes any big decisions.

Since Elena needs a place to live, Lola mentions her extra room and invites Elena to be her new roommate. Elena likes the idea of having someone to talk to.

At the clinic, Nate’s on the phone telling someone he can still see his nonsurgical patients next week. He won’t know what his own future looks like until he has his consultation with Dr. Frasier.

At Society, Amanda talks to Devon about Elena and Nate. Devon opens up about how he’s questioning everything now and wonders if this pain will ever end.

Amanda frets about spending so much time with Devon after she got the DNA results. Devon is adamant that neither of them did anything wrong. As he tries to make sense of all this, Devon reflects on Nate and Elena developing a bond at the clinic. “So you think they got so caught up in saving lives that their clothes just fell off and they couldn’t help themselves?” Amanda asks.

Devon laughs a bit, but Amanda notes that people can work together without falling into bed. Although Devon used to feel like a team with Elena, he now feels like he’s been on the outside for a long time.

Amanda says Devon can’t change the past and his present is pretty awful, but what about the future? Will Devon ever be able to forgive Elena and Nate? “No,” Devon replies without hesitation.

Back at the clinic, Nate struggles as he tries picking up surgical tools. Nick walks in and notices Nate’s injured hand. He heard there was trouble with Devon and asks what happened. Nate admits to betraying Devon in the worst way possible, so Nick realizes Nate means he slept with Elena.

Although Nick knows he’s no angel, he’s still angry with Nate. “What the hell were you thinking?!” Nick scolds. He thinks Nate messed up BIG. Nick eventually softens and wonders if there’s anything he can do. Nate looks at his injured hand and asks Nick to convince him there’s no such thing as karma.

Once Nick’s gone, Elena comes to see Nate. She apologizes about his hand and won’t be volunteering at the clinic anymore. Nate thinks he should be the one to bow out instead – or maybe they can figure something out.

Elena suggests Devon will forgive Nate eventually since he’s family, but she’s always going to be the woman who broke his heart. Nate feels like everything is crashing down over that one night, but Elena snaps that it’s all over and storms out.

In her suite, Amanda looks at an envelope containing updates from her private investigator. She fills Devon in on what she reads about Nadine, a woman in Rose Turner’s apartment building who never remembers Rose being pregnant. Suddenly, Rose was just showing off a pretty little baby.

At the cottage, Rey is down on one knee when Sharon appears. Sharon gushes over the engagement ring he offers and is surprised when Rey wants to set a wedding date tonight. Rey and Sharon ultimately settle on New Year’s Eve.

Adam returns to the penthouse on Friday’s Y&R episode and tells Chelsea she was right. They should find a house near Connor’s school and start over.

Chelsea has a suitcase packed and notes that she just overheard Adam talking about ending up with Sharon. Although Chelsea found it disgusting, it was quite enlightening.

Adam insists he was just trying to get under Rey’s skin and adds that Chelsea is the only one he wants. Chelsea tears up and knows she’ll always come in second place to Sharon.

Adam wants to talk this through, but Chelsea’s ready to leave with her packed bags. She’s had it with all the lies and manipulation. This is goodbye; Chelsea claims she’s officially and forever done.

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