The Young and the Restless Spoilers Review: Tuesday, November 17 – Sally Plots to Eliminate Competition – Theo Masks Broken Heart

The Young and the Restless Spoilers Review: Tuesday, November 17 – Sally Plots to Eliminate Competition – Theo Masks Broken Heart

The Young and the Restless (Y&R) spoilers review for Tuesday, November 17, reveals that Sally Spectra (Courtney Hope) pitches herself to Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman) with a goal in mind. Sally gushes about the Jabot Collective’s bathing suits to show how well she knows the brand and hopes Jack will put in a good word for her.

Jack doesn’t see Sally running JCV right now since others have paid their dues – and Lauren Baldwin (Tracey E. Bregman) already has someone else in mind. Sally fishes to find out who that someone is.

At Society, Lauren sits down with Summer Newman (Hunter King) and hints at a game-changing offer. She wonders what Summer thinks JCV needs to succeed. Summer says it’s a president who believes in the Jabot Collective – a new leader to take it into the future.

After Summer babbles on and on, she realizes this meeting is about asking her to run JCV.

At Crimson Lights, Theo Vanderway (Tyler Johnson) gripes to Mariah Copeland (Camryn Grimes) about the pen he inherited not even working. Mariah doesn’t think bitterness becomes Theo, but he rants about Abby Newman (Melissa Ordway) scoring an apartment in Paris and Kyle Abbott (Michael Mealor) getting a museum full of paintings – not to mention the jobs they don’t need.

Mariah starts to say something, so Theo assumes she’s going to let him have it. He’s surprised when Mariah says she’s so sorry. In the park, Nick Newman (Joshua Morrow) overhears Faith Newman (Alyvia Alyn Lind) thanking Phyllis Summers (Michelle Stafford) for keeping quiet last time.

After Faith lies, Phyllis sets Nick straight about his daughter’s rough night with a bottle of vodka.

Phyllis decides she should leave, so Faith apologizes to her dad and gets a lecture about drinking. Although it made Faith feel horrible, it wasn’t enough to stop her from doing it again. Faith wonders how just angry Nick is with her. Nick’s so upset he has to sit down and put his face in his hands.

Faith reiterates how sorry she is, but Nick insists “sorry” won’t make this go away. “You drank alcohol, Faith,” Nick says. “Only twice!” Faith protests. Nick rants about all the damage drinking can do and asks who Faith was with. He grills Faith about who bought the alcohol and why she did it.

Faith contends that she didn’t want to be the only one who didn’t drink. Nick feels like Faith’s stronger than that. If Faith was feeling peer pressure, then those people aren’t her friends.

Faith argues that it was different in the moment; she got the chance to be normal and not the center of mocking attention. Faith feels like Nick has no idea how hard things have been for her.

Nick feels like Faith has so much going for her. He doesn’t want Faith to feel pressured into changing who she is. If Faith ends up in another situation like the one before, Nick wants her to say her “extremely strict father” will kill her if she’s not back by curfew. Nick feels like Faith should just leave if someone brings out a bottle.

Faith doesn’t think it’s that simple, so Nick acknowledges it won’t be easy. Nevertheless, Faith is very underage and could have a genetic predisposition when it comes to alcoholism. Nick brings up Nikki Newman’s (Melody Thomas Scott) struggles and wonders how Faith’s grandparents would react to this news.

Faith begs Nick not to tell and promises she won’t do it again. There’s another part of history that Faith can’t ignore – and that’s Cassie Newman (Camryn Grimes), who got behind the wheel for a guy who was too drunk to drive.

On Tuesday’s Young and the Restless episode, Nick wants Faith to know he’ll be there for her no matter what. He also feels like Sharon Newman (Sharon Case) needs to know what’s going on. Faith doesn’t want to destroy the happiness Sharon has finally found, but Nick can’t promise he won’t tell her mom.

Back at Jabot, Jack doesn’t think he should divulge who Lauren picked to run JCV. He’ll still put in a good word for Sally and insists maybe the perfect job will be created for her once JCV’s under the Fenmore’s umbrella.

Sally assures Jack that giving up isn’t in her vocabulary and thanks him for meeting with her, but she looks discouraged as she leaves.

At Society again, Lauren argues that Summer and Kyle Abbott (Michael MEalor) created JCV. That’s Summer’s baby! Lauren contends that Jack has already given his blessing. “This is your time to break free and show the world what you’re capable of,” Lauren insists.

Kyle peeks around the corner as Summer reacts. She feels like this is a dream offer, but she needs time to mull it over.

Phyllis heads to The Grand Phoenix, where a special delivery is waiting for her. Although Phyllis is excited over some new flyers, Victoria Newman (Amelia Heinle) shows up to insist she didn’t approve and rips one of them to shreds. She rants about Phyllis not seeking permission for this promotion; Phyllis has to run everything by Ponte Vecchio.

Victoria notes that they’d be well within their rights to terminate Phyllis’ employment. “You ARE Ponte Vecchio! It’s a shell company that you created to stick it to me! It’s not real!” Phyllis insists. Victoria warns that if Phyllis pulls another stunt, she’ll be sorry. Phyllis wonders how, so Victoria feels like Phyllis will just have to ask her lawyer.

Back at the coffeehouse, Mariah acknowledges that Theo lost his grandmother. She knows Dina Mergeron (Marla Adams) meant something to Theo. Mariah feels like Dina would’ve made sure Theo was taken care of if she’d been in better health.

Theo reveals his plan to wage war on the Abbotts, which concerns Mariah. She questions Theo’s decision to go after his family’s money, but Theo wonders what else they have that he’d want.

Mariah brings up the Abbotts’ love, but Theo doesn’t think that’s an option. He suggests that if you can’t make them love you, you should make them fear you.

Mariah isn’t buying it and doesn’t really think this is about money at all. She feels like Theo was heartbroken and wants the Abbotts to feel his pain. Later, Mariah spots Nick and Faith together on the patio. She picks up on a tense vibe and wonders what’s going on. Nick leaves Faith in Mariah’s capable hands so he can take care of something.

Mariah wonders what Faith wants to eat: starch or protein. Faith is thinking both, so Mariah says “okey-dokey” and goes to fetch her sister’s “starchy protein.” Once Faith is alone, she texts Jordan (Madison Thompson) that they should cool it for a while.

Faith admits her dad found out and is furious. Jordan texts back that parents have no concept of fun and adds that they’ll be way more careful next time.

Summer returns to Jabot, where Jack congratulates her on her latest opportunity. Since Summer seems uncomfortable, Jack asks what’s going on. Summer wonders if Jack wants her out of Jabot, but that’s not the case according to Jack. He just doesn’t want to keep Summer from her full potential.

Summer asks if that’s the only reason, so Jack’s puzzled. What other reason could there be? Summer questions if it’s because it would make Kyle’s life easier. Meanwhile, Kyle finds Lauren and asks why she’s chosen Summer to run the Jabot Collective. Lauren doesn’t think she owes Kyle an explanation, but she sings Summer’s praises anyway.

Kyle feels like Summer is an integral part of Jabot’s team, so Lauren gets that it’d be hard to potentially lose Summer. Kyle’s surprised to hear that Summer hasn’t taken the offer yet.

At Jabot again, Jack assures Summer that he wouldn’t let anything personal stand in the way of her career. He doesn’t think Summer should either. Jack feels like Summer would be crazy to pass up a chance like this at her age.

However, Jack also urges Summer to talk to Nick and Victor Newman (Eric Braden). He feels like Summer should get all the advice she needs and make the decision that’s right for her. Whatever happens with Kyle has nothing to do with it.

Once Kyle returns, Summer mentions her job offer – it’s her “literal dream job.” Kyle wonders what’s holding Summer back, so Summer notes that they make a great team at Jabot. After Kyle admits he already knows and adds that JCV would be lucky to have Summer, he wonders what she’s going to do.

Summer guesses maybe she should take the leap. “You deserve to have your dreams come true – all of ‘em,” Kyle says. Summer decides she’ll officially resign at Jabot so she can be the head of JCV, so Kyle congratulates her.

Phyllis calls Amanda Sinclair (Mishael Morgan) in hopes of getting some guidance and preventing the loss of her hotel. Nick comes in moments later and fumes over Phyllis not telling him about Faith’s underage drinking.

Phyllis argues that she was going to tell Nick, but she didn’t have the chance. She doesn’t think Nick should be mad at her when she didn’t supply the alcohol.

Nick snaps that Phyllis kept it a secret. He can’t believe that Phyllis would be this irresponsible! Nick feels like Phyllis should’ve given him updates right away, so Phyllis sarcastically rants about all her flaws and is surprised when Nick doesn’t correct her.

“I’ll admit some of your more unsavory habits are starting to make a comeback,” Nick says. Phyllis wonders if she has an expiration date with Nick, but he didn’t say that. Phyllis counters that Nick didn’t have to say it and thinks Nick’s angry because he can’t change who she is.

“I am sorry for being human, I am sorry for having faults, and I am sorry for not living up to the great Nick Newman!” Phyllis shouts in Tuesday’s Y&R episode. She storms out and slams the door on Nick as he looks pensive.

At Society, Sally tracks Theo down to ask if his offer to join forces is still on the table. Theo confirms that he’ll work with Sally and give her a cut of Dina’s fortune.

Sally wonders if Theo’s made inroads on that, but he admits his lawyer can’t move forward without more info – though Sally could be just the woman to help get what he needs. “I usually am,” Sally quips. She’ll look into it for Theo and will find out how the Abbotts plan to retaliate after Theo files his lawsuit.

Theo wants to know what itch of Sally’s he can scratch, so she needs him to figure out who’s set to run JCV. For Sally’s plan to come to fruition, she needs to find out who it is so she can eliminate the competition permanently.

The Young and the Restless spoilers say some exciting twists and turns are ahead as Sally schemes, so stay tuned to Y&R. CDL’s where you want to be for the hottest Young and the Restless spoilers, updates and news, so make us your number-one source.