The Young and the Restless Spoilers Update: Thursday, December 17 – Rey Takes Lily’s Alyssa Bait – Summer Calls Out Sally’s Game

The Young and the Restless Spoilers Update: Thursday, December 17 – Rey Takes Lily’s Alyssa Bait – Summer Calls Out Sally’s Game

The Young and the Restless (Y&R) spoilers update for Thursday, December 17, reveals that Amanda Sinclair (Mishael Morgan) shows up to see Billy Abbott (Jason Thompson) in the interrogation room.

They discuss Alyssa Montalvo (Maria DiDomenico), who claimed she returned to Kansas the night of the shooting. Amanda’s PI confirmed that Alyssa never boarded that flight. Billy realizes Alyssa lied, so he says he knew there was more to this.

At Chancellor Communications, Lily Winters (Christel Khalil) talks to someone named Leonard who worked at the newspaper with Alyssa. She lies about it being for a podcast and fishes for info on what kind of person Alyssa was. Lily learns Alyssa had a nasty temper and was the type to hold grudges.

Next, Victoria Newman (Amelia Heinle) grills Lily about the judge revoking Billy’s bail and wonders why things are going from bad to worse. At Society, Nikki Newman (Melody Thomas Scott) is worried about Billy and can’t imagine him shooting anyone.

Victor just wants the person who went after Adam Newman (Mark Grossman) locked up – and if that’s Billy, so be it.

Nikki’s concerned about the grandkids and how this will affect them, but Victor doesn’t intend to alienate Victoria over the situation. Talk turns to Adam and how Victor has been tracking his movements.

Victor updates Nikki on Adam and Chelsea renting a house in Minnesota near Connor Newman’s (Judah Mackey) school.

Nikki finds out Chelsea and Adam are going to spend the holidays there before returning to Genoa City. Nikki insists Victor needs to move on, but Victor points to a strange feeling when he saw them last – something he can’t put his finger on.

On Thursday’s Y&R episode, Summer Newman (Hunter King) babbles on about Fenmore’s and then realizes Kyle Abbott (Michael Mealor) is a million miles away. Kyle admits this is about Theo Vanderway (Tyler Johnson).

He can’t believe Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman) gave Theo the boutiques, though part of him knows he should just be happy his cousin’s gone.

Even so, another part of Kyle was relishing the thought of Theo losing the lawsuit and walking away with zip. Summer points out that Theo will probably be too busy flirting with all the French girls to look back. “Yeah, we’re rid of him for good,” Kyle says.

He thinks it’ll be nice to live their lives without feeling like someone’s trying to make trouble for them.

At Jabot, Sally Spectra (Courtney Hope) she talks about Jack’s “super talented” and “super helpful” son. Sally gushes about Kyle and praises Jack for not begrudging Summer when it comes to her new job. She suggests maybe it was because Jack didn’t want that “on-again, off-again romantic tension in the office.”

Jack points out that Summer and Kyle are extremely happy, so Sally insists they’re “such a cute couple.” She says her main interest is Kyle’s career, so she grills Jack about it. Jack notes that Kyle had to work hard to earn his place in the company. Over time, Kyle realizes there were no shortcuts.

Sally realizes that last comment was aimed at her, so Jack reminds Sally to be patient and not get ahead of herself. He wants Sally to get guidance from Lauren Baldwin (Tracey E. Bregman) and get the opportunities she’s waiting for once she’s ready.

Once Jack is gone, Summer calls Sally out on her agenda. “I know what game you’re playing,” Summer insists. She can tell Sally still wants to run the division, but she warns that it’s not happening.

Sally plays dumb and tries to defend herself, but Summer thinks Sally should save her breath. Summer has worked way too hard to get where she is the legit way and won’t let Sally derail her plans.

Sally talks about Summer’s “spotty” work history – bouncing back and forth between Newman and Jabot. Sally says they shouldn’t pretend nepotism didn’t play a big role in things. “You’re a lightweight; I’m a pro,” Sally contends. She says they’ll see who comes out on top and sashays away.

Back with Lily and Victoria on Thursday’s Young and the Restless episode, they discuss Billy landing behind bars. Lily brings Victoria up to speed on how she’s been trying to find out more Alyssa info. Victoria admits Alyssa is an angry person who holds grudges, which lines up with what Lily’s learned.

Victoria doesn’t get why Alyssa would frame Billy. Why not try to figure out who the real shooter is using her investigative skills? Lily thinks there’s more to this case than meets the eye.

She assures Victoria that Amanda’s got everything covered with Billy. Lily encourages Victoria to leave and promises to offer more news if they have any.

Over with Amanda, she fills Billy in on AJ Montalvo being an expert marksman. Billy finds out about the shooting gloves and that she can handle a gun at an expert level herself. He wonders if it’s possible that Alyssa took a shot at Adam and is now framing him for it.

Billy gets riled up about being the scapegoat and how they can’t let Alyssa get away with it. Amanda feels like Billy needs to be patient. They need more evidence first. If they bring this little proof to Michael Baldwin (Christian LeBlanc), he might dismiss it or alert Alyssa.

“There’s gotta be something that Michael and Paul cannot ignore,” Billy insists. Amanda has an idea that could change the direction of the case. It’ll mean taking a risk, but Billy’s on board if it gets him out of there. Amanda calls up Lily and says there’s someone she wants Lily to reach out to as a member of the press.

Later, Lily meets with Rey Rosales (Jordi Vilasuso) at Crimson Lights. She explains Alyssa’s motive and how Billy is the perfect person to pin the shooting on.

Lily wonders if Rey is aware that Alyssa is a sharper shooter – that she won state competitions back in Kansas. Lily claims that she saw shooting gloves when she was in her room. Rey scolds Lily, but she pushes him to consider all this info.

That leads to Rey admitting Alyssa seemed uneasy about someone else packing up her stuff. Lily believes Alyssa is sitting on evidence that’ll confirm her suspicions. All Lily is asking is for Rey to look into it. If Lily is right, Rey can set an innocent man free and arrest the person who actually tried to kill Adam.

At Society again, Victor explains his last interaction with Adam and how his son insisted it was none of Victor’s business. Nikki feels like Victor needs to accept that Adam wants nothing more to do with his father or the rest of the Newmans.

Victor loves Nikki, but he doesn’t want her telling him how to handle this. He’s sick of the family trying to order him around when it comes to Adam.

Victor apologizes if he got a bit short with Nikki, but she’s understanding. Nikki thinks Victor needs a break and distraction. She suggests a London vacation to see Noah Newman’s (Robert Adamson) new exhibit. All Victor has to do is say yes.

Victor admits it sounds interesting, but how can they leave when Billy is about to go on trial for attempted murder? Nikki says surely the trial won’t be between Christmas and New Year’s. She really thinks this getaway is what Victor needs.

“You know I can’t resist you when you look at me with those beautiful eyes,” Victor admits. He promises Nikki that he’ll think about it.

At The Grand Phoenix, Lauren points out that Jack thinks Sally may be becoming a handful. Sally knows she has a reputation and hasn’t always played fair. Considering everything Sally has faced, she wonders if Lauren can blame her.

Lauren says Sally should trust herself and put in the work. She feels confident Sally will get where she wants to go.

Jack meets with Kyle in the Jabot boardroom. They wrap up their meeting and discuss how much Jack misses Dina Mergeron (Marla Adams) before Summer appears.

Once Jack steps out, Kyle invites Summer to head out and get some hot chocolate with him – maybe hit a few stores. Before they go, Summer warns Kyle that Sally’s after her job and will try to use Kyle to get what she wants.

Summer reveals that Theo tipped her off and that the “claws came out” during her earlier conversation with Sally. If Sally’s up to something, Kyle thinks he can handle it.

He suggests they don’t engage and argues that Sally’s attempts to cause drama will fizzle out. Once Sally appears, Kyle acts nonchalant and suggests he has somewhere to be with his “fiancée.” “We’ll see ya around,” Kyle says coolly.

Back with Billy, Amanda reassures him about Lily doing her best to get through to Rey. She thinks it’s really something how Lily’s putting herself out there for Billy. “We’ve been friends forever now…we’re a little closer now,” Billy says.

Amanda admits she got that impression. She hopes Billy will find a way to repay Lily, so Billy says Amanda can count on it.

Victoria meets up with Billy later and admits she spoke with Lily earlier. She mentions Alyssa being the prosecution’s star witness. Victoria thinks Lily’s defense of Billy goes above and beyond friendship.

Billy’s grateful for everyone who’s been on his side through all this. Victoria says she’ll do whatever she can to support Billy, so he confesses there is something only Victoria can help him with.

In the Jabot boardroom again, Sally talks to Lauren about their dressing room app update. Lauren praises Sally’s initiative. “I have this hunger…this ache,” Sally says.

She doesn’t know if it has to do with losing her parents or bombing out with men. Sally mentions having her sister, Coco Spectra (Courtney Grosbeck), but she wants to prove she can make it on her own.

That’s why Sally goes overboard sometimes. Lauren says Sally has a good heart and a ton of spirit. She feels a bond with Sally, who reminds Lauren of herself at a young age. Lauren promises to look after Sally and warns that Sally shouldn’t make her regret it.

On the Crimson Lights patio, Summer talks about the way Sally was looking at Kyle – “like the biggest, yummiest Christmas cookie.” Kyle says it doesn’t matter because he loves Summer and only Summer.

After Summer mentions the way Kyle called her his fiancée, he suggests he just said that to get under Sally’s skin. Summer is glad they’re on the same page about taking things slow.

When Summer goes in the main dining area, she spots Jack and invites him to join her at the table with Kyle. Jack declines, but he seems lonely and tempted to reconsider. At Chancellor Communications, Amanda tells Lily that she set the bait. They just have to hope Rey takes it.

In Alyssa’s old suite, Rey enters and goes digging around. He finds the shooting gloves and puts them in an evidence bag before leaving. Back with Billy, he wants to know how the kids are doing. Victoria has tried to keep the news off since Billy’s arrest.

Johnny Abbott (Holden and Ryan Hare) and Katie Abbott (Sienna Mercuri) “are blissfully unaware” for now. If they find out something, Victoria will just tell them that it’s a misunderstanding and that she has total faith in their daddy.

Billy wants Victoria to tell the kids he loves them and that he’ll see them soon. When Victoria asks if Billy really believes that’s true, he replies that he needs it to be.

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