This Is Us Premiere Recap 10/27/20: Season 5 Episode 2 “Forty: Part 2”

This Is Us Premiere Recap 10/27/20: Season 5 Episode 2 "Forty: Part 2"

Tonight on NBC their honest & provocative dramedy series This Is Us premiere with an all-new Tuesday, October 27, 2020, double episode and we have the second part of your This Is Us recap below.  On tonight’s This Is Us season 5 episode 2 called, “Part Two. The Pearsons gather to celebrate their 40th birthday while musing about the day they were born.

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Randall is in the car heading towards the cabins. Kevin and Madison are back, Kate tells them that Rebecca is missing, she went to get a birthday cake and she hasn’t returned. Kevin says he is going to go look for her. Miguel is on the phone, he gets off and tells them that the cops have Rebecca, she had an episode and they are bringing her back there. Miguel tells them to stay calm, he doesn’t know what kind of state she is going to be in and he doesn’t want to panic her. Rebecca walks in the door and everyone stays calm.

Kate overhears Kevin use the word fiancé to describe Madison, she says at some point he is going to have to explain that. There is a knock at the door, it is Randall. Kevin answers Randall goes inside. Kate tells him that the cops brought mom home, she is safe and resting. Randall goes upstairs to see Rebecca. Kevin tells him there is no way they could have known this would happen, she was doing really well. Kate thanks Randall for coming.

We go back to Jack, he found the radio for Rebecca and passes William in the hallway. Rebecca is giving birth, Jack is thrown out of the operating room. We see William looking in the window at the newborns. William thinks back to Randall being born and how happy he was to hold him.

Randall is in Rebecca’s room, she says she thought he wasn’t going to make it. He jokes that he wouldn’t miss their birthday. He says he is clear for COVID, he gets tested three times a week. She pats the bed for him to sit on it. She tells him that she doesn’t know what happened, she went into town and the next thing she knew, William was there. She has been thinking about him a lot lately, ever since they had their conversation about the trial and her keeping him from him. She scratches her wrist, says it is just poison ivy and she already put cream on it.

She asks him for the second time if Beth and the girls are with him. Kate is downstairs with Kevin, she tells him they need to talk to Randall. She has tried to stay out of this and Randall is starting to act weird with her too. She tells him this is enough, fix it. Toby has come back with the cake. Miguel tells him that when he got their Rebecca they thought they would be there for a week, and now it is months. He goes on to say that she was like Rebecca again and now this. Toby tells him that every morning he takes an anti-depressant. A month after taking them, he called his doctor to renew the prescription and the doctor said he has an automatic refill and that hit him hard. The doctor told him one day at a time. Miguel gets a call from Rebecca’s doctor, he tells him that she took an antihistamine. It appears that her episode could have been caused by that.

We see William rocking Randall in his arms, his mother asks William to get her something for the pain. She doesn’t want to go to the hospital because they are just going to tell her to get clean. William is now in the chapel of the hospital, crying that he can’t take of Randall on his own, Jack walks in and William leaves the chapel. Jack thinks back to his youth, his father used to pray so hard that he could see the veins in his neck. He told himself that his father was asking to be a better man, and Jack was praying that it would work and he would become a better man. That is when Jack gave up on faith. Jack always tried to be a better man than his father was.

Randall tells Kevin, Kate, and the family that he is going to take off, Beth and the kids have plans for him at home. Kate is visibly upset, she goes outside to speak to him. She says she was hoping that he would talk to Kevin and clear the air. She asks him if they are good, she rarely hears back from him when she texts him. She says she is sorry for what he is going through. He says she never apologized before and this is not the first black person killed on camera. She says it feels different, he says not for him.

He says they never talked about this in forty years and it has been happening to black people for a long time. He always held back because he didn’t want them to say the wrong thing. He says he hates this, he doesn’t want her upset. And normally, he would hug her and tell her everything will be ok, but where does that leave him. he says he can’t do that, it has been his pattern his whole life and he is exhausted. Right now, he just wants to go him to his wife and his girls. Kate is crying, she tells him she loves him, he says the same back and they both wish each other a happy birthday.

Jack is in the hospital, he calls his father who says it has been a while. He asks him what he was praying for back when they used to went to church. His father asks if he needs money or something. Jack goes to hang up and his father says he was praying that his children would turn out better than he did. Jack says he is trying, his father says he knows. His father wishes him a happy birthday.

Rebecca is fine, she and Jack are looking in the window at the babies.

Kevin runs outside and thanks Randall for being there. Kevin tells him that they are having a boy and a girl, they just found out and he is the first person that he has told. Kevin says he can handle the boy but the girl, he is not sure, he asks him for advice. Randall says he will make mistakes and let her get away with everything, but her mother will be there for her. Kevin says he found someone really special. Randall says he has to go, wishes Kevin a happy birthday, Kevin wishes him the same.

Randall is driving home, he calls Dr. Lee. He tells her everything is alright. But there are things that he doesn’t feel comfortable talking to her about, there is nothing she can do, he needs something different. He is going to make a change, find a black therapist, and just wanted to tell her personally. She says she understands, his mental health is what is important.

Rebecca is sitting at the table with Miguel and she says that she is worried about forgetting the little stuff, not the big stuff. She says she is not ready to let go yet. Miguel takes her outside, he chopped down the dead tree. He puts some seeds and tells her they should bear fruit in six to ten years, he is not in a rush. She hugs him.

Toby finds Kate, she is alone and is upset. She tells him that she can’t forget what Randall said to her. Toby wants to help, she says she just has to take it in. Toby says that they will get it right when they raise their children. They just got six messages from the adoption agency, they have a match – they are getting a baby.

Randall blows out his candles at home. Kevin checks in on Madison. Beth is sitting on the couch with Randall, he tells her that he is not having a breakdown, he is healthier than he has been in years. He says the world is just so sad right now, he is not falling apart or breaking down, he is just really sad. She tells him that he was born out of tragedy, all that loss, and all that sadness, and look what he has right now, right there, what he did with all that. She tells him that he is a beautiful and resilient man, they fight on, dark is before dawn, this pain is not forever.

William is back at the apartment door, watching the medics take care of Randall’s mother – he leaves, and just as he does, one of the medics says he feels a pulse.