TLC 90 Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days Recap 05/03/20: Season 4 Episode 11 “Private Eyes”

TLC 90 Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days Recap 05/03/20: Season 4 Episode 11 "Private Eyes"

Tonight on TLC their popular reality show 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days airs with an all-new Sunday, May 3, 2020 episode and we have your 90 Day Fiancé Before the 90 days recap below for you. On tonight’s 90 Day Fiancé Before the 90 Days season 4 episode 11 “Private Eyes,” as per the TLC Synopsis “Lisa and Usman find common ground. Ed and Rosemarie enjoy some alone time. Stephanie meets Erika’s parents. Avery and Ash clash. Yolanda’s kids try to protect her. Geoffrey and Varya have a spa day. Darcey says goodbye, while David plans an investigation.

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Lisa says she’s out. She’s an American. She’s also very independent and there was only so far she was willing to bend for Usman’s culture. Usman is from Nigeria. He believed in men being the leader of the household and he wants that relationship for himself with Lisa. He wanted to the dominant partner in their relationship. Usman talked to Lisa about it and she couldn’t deal with what he said. She walked away. He had to chase after her to get her to come back and once he did he promised her that he’d be understanding, but there was still room for him to grow in what he meant by understanding.

Usman referred to himself as a king. He said there can’t be two kings in the castle and so his promises to Lisa were empty words. He still believes he needs to be the dominant one in order for their relationship to work. Only Lisa is never going to put up with that. She almost walked away from him tonight because she said she wanted an equal partnership and she’s always going to want equality. Lisa and Usman made up because she thought she would get that and so finding out the truth are just going to push them further apart. Lisa and Usman were living on borrowed time. They were off enjoying false promises to each other as Ed was makings things clear with Rosemarie.

Rosemarie wants more children. She has a young son and she wants at least two more children. Rosemarie has been very honest with Ed about wanting to have babies with him. She’s messaged him this, she talked to him about this, and so she thought she and Ed were on the same page. It turns out they weren’t. Ed doesn’t want more kids. He says he finished after he raised his own children and so the only exception he was willing to make is for the child she already has now. Ed didn’t even spend as much time with her son as he should have. He kept trying to get Rosemarie alone and so there’s no telling what kind of stepfather he’ll be.

Ed also planned on getting a vasectomy. He put it in motion from before he left the states and so Ed should have been told Rosemarie he didn’t want additional children. He only told her now because he finally came to decide about whether or not he wanted a future with her. He claims he does want it and her. Ed made up his mind when he found out Rosemarie hadn’t been in on the plot to use him for money and so now Ed is ready to take the next step with her. He wants to marry her. He also knew he had to tell her the truth and he did. He told her he didn’t want kids. He also asked her if she still loved him and she told him she needed time to think.

Stephanie and Erika meanwhile took a big step in their relationship. They went together to go see Erika’s parents and Erika planned on telling them she was bisexual. She had held off on telling her parents. She loves them and she knows they love her, but she had been worried about telling them and so she put it off until now. She had wanted to introduce to Stephanie and that was only going to work if she told them who Stephanie was to her. So, she was ready to tell her parents the truth about herself and she had Stephanie there for support. Stephanie still hasn’t had her ow talk with her parents and so she understood Erika’s apprehension.

Yolanda later sat down with her children. Her children were concerned for her because they’ve tried warning her about her supposed boyfriends Williams and she wasn’t listening. Yolanda refused to believe Williams is a catfish. She’s been talking to him for a while online and he’s sent her several photos of himself. She in turn photos of herself. She sent him some nude photos and somehow the photos got to a man who was now blackmailing Yolanda. Yolanda’s children were making a connection between the blackmailer and Williams. They even looked into Williams. They did a reverse image search on the photos he sent Yolanda and they were stock photos.

Anyone could use them if they had an internet connection. Williams probably did just that and so Yolanda’s children are worried about Yolanda. They want her to distance herself from this blackmailer. They want her to let go of meeting this Williams in person and Yolanda was refusing to do it. She still believed Williams was real. She wants to meet him one day and live happily ever after with him. Which is not possible. Yolanda’s children have warned her that a happy ending just isn’t possible and she refuses to believe them. She makes excuses for “Williams”. She said he’s real and their relationship is real. And so Yolanda is going to keep living in her bubble until someone pops it.

David knows what’s that like. David flew all the way to Ukraine to meet his online girlfriend Lana and she never showed. She didn’t meet him at the airport. She didn’t meet him at the designated spot. She also gave him the wrong address. This Lana led David on. She made him believe that they were in a relationship and they weren’t. She, or whoever the real Lana is, had used David for money. David has been sending money for seven years and he’s never met or talked to this Lana. She might as well be a fake person. Its what all of David’s friends believe she is and the only one not getting it is David himself.

David believes Lana is real. He thinks the reason she didn’t meet him in Ukraine is that she’s shy. David so wants to believe this of “Lana” that he’d once again ignoring friend’s advice and he plans on looking for Lana. He’s hired a private investigator to find her. He hopes the private investigator will give him an address or a phone number and everyone else knows this private investigator will tell him he’s been catfished. There was no Lana. She wasn’t real and if anything she’s probably a man. It would explain why she couldn’t talk to David on the phone and why she didn’t want to meet in person.

Then there was Avery and Ash. Ash’s seminar hadn’t gone well. He had been incoherent as well as sexist. Ash had mentioned gender roles and he seemed to imply that women were happier being stay-at-home wives. Ash was later asked by Avery about it. She wanted to know if he truly believed those things and once again Ash couldn’t come up with a clear answer. He didn’t like being questioned. He tends to get defensive whenever someone tries to get clarity with him and that’s what happened tonight. Ash chose to walk away from Avery rather than answer her. She had followed him and she tried to talk. And nothing they said to each other would put their relationship back to where it was.

Avery realized things have been so great between them because she never pushed him before. She never demanded answers and now that she has there was no going back. Ash didn’t have answers. He was a charlatan. He’s no real-life coach and anyone who listened to him could tell. They could tell he’s gotten by so far on his looks. He was a handsome man and he knew how to schmooze women if it was one on one. Like it was with his “sessions”. Ash couldn’t pull off the same in a group because he couldn’t convince a room full of women that he was making sense. Ash was a horrible life coach and he has no future in it.

Speaking of no future, Tom and Darcey have both decided to put their relationship in the past. Tom has already moved on with someone else and he had met this other person while he was with Darcey. He didn’t even have the courtesy to let Darcey know about this other relationship until he was ready to break up with her. Tom broke up with Darcey in the worst way and he compounded that mistake by calling her fat as she tried to walk away. Tom had been a real jerk. He later realized how bad he looked and so he tried to rectify it. He reached out to Darcey. He handed her a letter that he claimed said everything he wanted to say and then he walked away.

Tom wanted to walk away being the good guy. He wanted to tell himself that he tried to be honest with Darcey and all the while he had been a jerk to her. Tom was a jerk because he hadn’t shared her feelings. He didn’t love her and rather than tell her that he had strung her along. Tom kept her on the line until something better came along. Tom was truly a jerk to Darcey and so she didn’t read his letter. She got rid of it. She didn’t want anything from him to be in her house. She said he brought bad energy. Darcey won’t be reaching out to Tom or trying to be his friend and so he needs to leave her alone now.

Usman and Lisa went on to have another fight. This time they fought because Usman was supposed to check out when they can get married and he never followed through. Usman never spoke to anyone about it. He didn’t find out what they needed to get married and so now their marriage is delayed because Lisa needs several pieces of paper. She needed her divorce papers. She had to prove that she was divorced from her last husband before she can marry anyone else and so Lisa got upset with Usman. He should have known what she needed to bring. Lisa blamed him for their marriage now being delayed.

Lisa got in Usman’s face. She complained about him. She told him he should have done better and Usman was getting tired of her behavior, to be honest. He didn’t like putting up with her when she gets like that. He felt she should be more respectful and there was a small part of him that wanted her to be deferential as well. Not that that was Lisa’s style. She’s been trying to tell him that she was going to be vocal in their marriage and Usman is only now just realizing what that meant. He’s also realizing how much he doesn’t like it. He said he was tried of Lisa getting in his face and so arguing all the time wasn’t helping.

But David later heard back from the private investigator. He had his friend there to translate for him because the private investigator was Ukrainian and so David heard it from his friend that Lana wasn’t real. Lana was on several dating sites with different names and she’s scamming everyone. Lana is a scammer. She scammed David and David refused to hear it. He heard the truth and he refused to believe it. He kept saying that Lana didn’t have other accounts. He said the private investigator is wrong and so there was nothing his friend could do. She translated cold hard facts and David was refusing to believe them.

David claims he knows Lana. He said Lana wouldn’t be on other dating sites and he accused the private investigator of lying. He said the private investigator didn’t know Lana as he did. He even said he was going to talk to Lana later and get answers from her. He still believes that Lana cares for him and that she would tell him the truth. David refused to believe his private investigator. He ignored everything the man told him about Lana and so David continues to live in his own world. He lives in a world where Lana is committed to him and he fails to understand how she’s scammed him all these years.

Ed got in trouble as well. He finally came clean about not wanting children and the drastic steps he was willing to take in order to never have children. Ed thought he could convince Rosemarie to give up on her dream, but she wasn’t going to. Rosemarie wants to have more children. She’s ready to have that with a partner that respects and trusts her and that’s not Ed. Ed has tried to change everything about her. He’s demanded she shave her legs and he told her to use mouthwash because he said her breath smelled bad. Ed had also given Rosemarie an STD test. He refused to do one himself and yet he wanted her to take one.

Rosemarie has been embarrassed since the moment she met Ed. She’s now have had enough with the no children policy and so she told him she’s done. Rosemarie doesn’t want to pursue a relationship with him anymore. She’s fed up with his behavior and his demands. She’s tired of always being the one to give in while he gets what he wants. Rosemarie is done with everything. She told Ed he should have been honest with her from the start and she wasn’t here for his excuses either. Ed tried to tell her that he wanted to make sure they were in love first. He wanted her to be committed to him before he revealed the truth and that’s blown back on him now that the relationship is.

Ash and Avery might as well be over too. Ash hated it when Avery pushed back against his narrative about the feminine and male psyche. He told her he wasn’t sexist even as he said sexist things and then he got super defensive. He accused Avery of coming after him. He didn’t want to speak rationally to her and he packed up and left their apartment. He was gone. Ash bailed the second things got tough.

Geoffrey, however, took the next big step with his girlfriend Varya. He proposed to his Russian beauty and he awaits her answer.

Erika also came out to her parents and it had been completely fine because they love her and always will.