TLC 90 Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days Recap 05/10/20: Season 4 Episode 12 “King Of Wishful Thinking”

TLC 90 Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days Recap 05/10/20: Season 4 Episode 12 "King Of Wishful Thinking"

Tonight on TLC their popular reality show 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days airs with an all-new Sunday, May 10, 2020 episode and we have your 90 Day Fiancé Before the 90 days recap below for you. On tonight’s 90 Day Fiancé Before the 90 Days season 4 episode 12 “King Of Wishful Thinking,” as per the TLC Synopsis “Avery spends some time with Ash’s ex. Ed & Rose discuss their relationship. Erika opens up to Stephanie about her past. David listens to his heart, and Geoffrey & Varya look to the future.

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Geoffrey proposed to his girlfriend Varya. He took her to a romantic spot and he even got down on one knee as he asked her to marry him, but Varya hadn’t rushed into her answer. She hadn’t immediately said yes. She took a deep breath and then she told him no. Varya didn’t think they were in that place to get married. She thought they still needed time and she explained herself to Geoffrey. She told him she’s not ready. She was very honest with him about how she was feeling and she said his trip hadn’t been perfect. There were issues between him and her friends. He also revealed to her he had a criminal past and so Varya is still wrapping her head around it.

Varya needed time. She needed time to herself to decide what she wants and that might be Geoffrey or it might not. He hadn’t been fully honest with Varya which was concerning. He came to Russia with only half the story and she didn’t find out the truth until much later on. Varya must have been thinking there could be more he was hiding from her. Geoffrey swore there was nothing else, but he already lied to her once before and so Varya is being cautious around her boyfriend. She does like him. She did at one envision a future together. Varya might want to marry him one day and until then he just has to be honest with her.

Ash and Avery didn’t have to worry about honesty. They’ve probably heard a little too much from each other and it all started as that seminar. Ash had given a seminar. H was a life coach. He was supposed to be uplifting people and he wasn’t able to do so because he’s slightly misogynistic as well. He went on and on about the feminine spirit at his seminar. He tried to imply how women have a place in the household and he was called out for his crap. His audience had rejected his ideas. They hadn’t liked him. His girlfriend hadn’t liked him. Ash had gotten into a lot of trouble because of this one seminar and he has no one to blame but himself. He had shown himself to be a jerk. His girlfriend just found out about this side to him and so she had questions.

Avery wanted to know if that’s really what he thinks about women. She even asked him about it. She tried to get some answers from out of him about why he would say such things and he refused to reply. All he could do was get defensive. He pretended to be the victim and he tried to shut her down by claiming she was this horrible monster who didn’t understand his seminar or the “empowerment” he was teaching. Ash called her heartless. He accused her of hurting him and he also created a scene. He went and grabbed his bag with the intent of marching out of the hotel room. Avery thought he was going to leave. She was expecting to do so when he stayed around long enough to try and make her feel guilty.

Ash had no plans on leaving. He just wanted to make her feel bad and he did do that in part. She had felt bad. Only she knew better than to apologize. She wasn’t going to apologize over nothing. She knew she did nothing to him and so she was upset over the “heartless” jab. She told him how he shouldn’t have approached her by calling her that and that’s made him back down. Ash did say he was sorry. He still wanted Avery to meet his son and so they were going to travel to go see him, but Avery wasn’t quite over the fight and she suggested they get separate rooms. She wanted some time to herself and unfortunately, that set him off again.

David meanwhile is a hopeless romantic. He hired a private investigator to find Lana for him and the PI told him that it was all a con. He said Lana has several accounts on dating sites under different names. He said Lana was simply using David for his money and David refused to believe him. David claimed the private investigator was wrong because he said he knew the real Lana. He said Lana was real and that she cares for him. They’ve been “dating” online for seven years. He’s sent her money and he swears they will meet in person one day. He’s tried to meet her several times now.

None of them have ever worked out because Lana never shows and so David thinks this time it will be different. David flew back to Ukraine. He went back because he contacted Lana again and this time she swears she’ll finally meet him. She said she’ll show up on his next trip. He, therefore, flew back to Ukraine and he contacted her. She told him she couldn’t meet him right away. She said she was wrapped in hockey practice and so she pushed their meeting for a couple of days. David was fine with that. He still believed she would meet with him and that’s all he has right now. He needed to hope or else he’s the fool again.

Rosemarie and Ed’s relationship was probably the biggest shocker. Everyone assumed this relationship would work because Rosemarie was poor and she wanted a better life for herself and her son, but Rosemarie broke up with Ed. Ed wasn’t a good guy. He withheld the fact he doesn’t want more kids from her and Rosemarie does want kids. She’s twenty-three. She wants more children and she also wants a life for her son in which her husband doesn’t treat him as a burden. Ed didn’t want kids and he would have tolerated her son at best. He never would have been a true father to him and so Rosemarie left Ed.

She walked away. But not before she told him why she was walking away. Rosemarie wen over everything Ed has done since coming to her country and altogether it does seem like he doesn’t want the real her. He kept trying to change her. He would insult her sometimes albeit not intentionally. Ed also kept trying to get her alone. He didn’t want to deal with her family and again with her son. Her son wasn’t considered part of the package that Ed wanted. Ed really didn’t want to be a father to his kid and Rosemarie left because his not wanting children was just too big for them to overcome. And yet Ed is now confused about why their relationship ended.

Avery and Ash did stay in separate hotel rooms. They also separate hotels while they were at it and it was good for them. Both of them were given the chance to calm down. They thought things through and they each decided to go ahead with their relationship. Its why they took the next step in their relationship. Ash later introduced Avery to his ex-wife Sian and his son. His son was a cute kid. He was nice and so Sian. They were very welcoming to Avery. It also didn’t hurt that Avery got to see another side to Ash’s personality. He was a good dad. He liked encouraging his son to be fun and happy and seeing that side to him had reminded Avery of the man she was falling for.

Varya and Geoffrey’s relationship might not survive his failed proposal. He proposed to her because he fell in love with her online and he thought they would live happily ever after together, but Varya turned him down because she was being realistic. She admits they didn’t know each other very well and she wanted to give them time to get to know each other. Varya also thought they could move on as a couple in spite of a failed proposal and she failed to take in how childish Geoffrey could be. He was literally ready to give up on them before they even got started. Geoffrey hadn’t liked being turned down and so he was pushing Varya away.

Geoffrey didn’t talk to her much on their flight back. Then once he did start talking, he complained about how they live so far away from each other and that they can’t get to know each other. He also didn’t like it when Varya implied he can always propose to her later on. Geoffrey made it out like his proposal was a one-time deal and so he was still unhappy about Varya turning him down. Which didn’t make sense? Geoffrey once thought Varya was using him to get to the States and so shouldn’t the fact she turned him down be a good thing. This means Varya isn’t using him. She wants to date him and give their relationship a chance. And it was Geoffrey that now wants to break up.

Stephanie was supposed to take the next step in her relationship with Erika. Erika came out to her parents. She told them she was bisexual and so now it was Stephanie’s turn. Stephanie was supposed to tell her mother that she’s bisexual as well. She called up her mom and she started telling her, but at the last minute, she changed her mind. She told her mom she swam with sharks. It was easier telling her mom that than it was telling her she likes girls and so Stephanie didn’t take the next step. She didn’t tell her mom. She didn’t tell her mom who Erika was to her and so the only good thing that happened was Stephanie meeting Erika’s friends again.

Erika has a super tight friend group. Her friends met Stephanie for the first time some weeks back and it hadn’t gone great. Stephanie had accused one friend of secretly having feelings for Erika. She was also herself accused of stirring up trouble and so Stephanie was much better the second time around. She participated in a party game. She was calm and collected. She didn’t go in with her questions or look for fights. Stephanie was just nice for once. She was even nice to Erika and so their relationship improved because of Stephanie’s behavior. Stephanie was a different person when she was relaxed.

She was meaner when she was back in her stride. Stephanie and Erika later got into a fight because Erika wanted to know when Stephanie was going to tell her mom about them and Stephanie wasn’t ready yet. Stephanie has a special bond with her mom. They moved together from the Czech Republic with no money and they lived on couches for a while. Her mom was also there for her when she was at her sickest. Stephanie relies on her mom so much that she doesn’t want to ruin that relationship. She wants to tread carefully and that’s when Erika said she’s been hidden in a relationship once before. And she didn’t want to be treated like that again.

But Erika told Stephanie about this other relationship. This was the first time Stephanie was hearing about it and she got emotional because she thought Erika was keeping secrets again. They got into a huge fight about just that. Stephanie told Erika to get out and she quickly fled the room herself. Erika was left very hurt. She felt like she couldn’t talk to Stephanie about what was traumatizing to her and things didn’t get better when Erika came back. They kept arguing. They kept throwing accusations and so this time there was no going back. They were over. They broke up.

David arranged to meet Lana and surprisingly she showed up. She wasn’t some guy with a computer in his basement.