TLC 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days Recap 05/17/20: Season 4 Episode 13 “The Pleasure Principle”

TLC 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days Recap 05/17/20: Season 4 Episode 13 "The Pleasure Principle"

Tonight on TLC their popular reality show 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days airs with an all-new Sunday, May 17, 2020 episode and we have your 90 Day Fiancé Before the 90 days recap below for you. On tonight’s 90 Day Fiancé Before the 90 Days season 4 episode 13 “The Pleasure Principle,” as per the TLC Synopsis “Geoffrey settles back home; Lisa confronts Usman.

Ed leaves the Philippines; Avery & Ash spend time with his son; Darcey rethinks her priorities; Stephanie & Erika say goodbye; Yolanda wants answers from Williams; David continues his quest for Lana.

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Geoffrey is still bitter. He proposed to his long-distance girlfriend Varya and she turned him down. She specifically said she wasn’t ready for marriage. She felt they needed more time as a couple to get to know each other and so she told him she wanted them to wait. Geoffrey was the one that apparently took “waiting” as a rejection. He couldn’t get over the fact she said no. He took that to mean they were broken up. He went home with no plans of ever contacting her again and he told her as much at the airport. He told her goodbye. He said he had no plans on seeing her again and so they were broken up.

They broke up before they even gave the relationship a chance. Geoffrey had been concerned in the beginning that she was using him for Green Card and so he hadn’t been himself at first. He pushed her away from some. He later came to realize that she was serious about the relationship and that’s when he became invested. He told her about himself. He told her about his criminal past or at least some of it and it had been off-putting to her. She felt she should have been told about his past much earlier on. She also has a family that didn’t approve of his past and so it was things like that that gave her pause. Varya still likes Geoffrey. She just doesn’t want to rush into marriage and so the door is open if he ever changes his mind.

Lisa was upset with her own man. Usman was supposed to research everything they needed to get married and he hadn’t. He dropped the ball. Usman didn’t do his research and so Lisa didn’t know she needed her divorce certificate before she could be married again. She left it behind in the States and so they fought about it. They’ve been fighting a lot, actually. Lisa and Usman fight over the cultural clash because he feels he needs to be a big man and that she shouldn’t question his decisions yet she does so anyway because she’s an American. She’s never had to be biddable before and she doesn’t want to start now with Usman.

Usman was even getting frustrated with her at one point. He admitted in his confessional that he was getting sick of her behavior and maybe that’s why he did what he did. Usman later messaged another woman. He told this woman he loved her and Lisa had seen the messages. She had just gotten her divorce decree faxed over. She thought she and Usman were to be married as soon as possible and then she checked his phone. She saw the message with this other woman. She realized that Usman was cheating on her and she called him out on it. She demanded to know if he was cheating on her. He wouldn’t say and so she walked away.

Darcey knew what it was like to be single. She’s tried dating these foreign guys and it hasn’t worked out for her. She first dated Jesse. He seemed like a nice guy and then he flipped out on her. He became a completely different person. He didn’t treat her right and so they broke up. Darcey then moved on to Tom. He was another foreigner and this one again didn’t treat her right. Tom had cheated on her. He told her he fell in love with someone else and he called her fat after she said the relationship was over. Darcey has tried moving on from him. He hasn’t made it easy because he kept calling her and tried to clear the air. And it was too late for that.

Tom showed her who he is when he called her fat to shame her. Darcey knows he isn’t a good guy and so she’s back to looking for a good guy. She wants to find someone who will love her. It would also be nice if he could respect her as well. Darcey wants to find a man who can do both and so far her luck has been abysmal. Tom still thought he was a good guy. He blamed Darcey for changing on him and that’s why he went on to fall in love with someone else. Tom’s friends, however, have called him out on his crappy behavior. They know that Tom changes like the wind and so it wasn’t all Darcey. It was his fault too.

Now, its been a few days since Yolanda’s kids have done a reverse image search. They told their mother that the picture of Williams, the supposed boyfriend, wasn’t real. They were stock photos that anyone with access to the internet could use and so it came as a surprise to Yolanda when Williams later contacted her. He’s been ghosting her since she told him she wanted to meet in person. Yolanda hasn’t talked to him in a while and so she responded when he messages her. Yolanda asked what happened to him. She wanted to know why he stops contacting her and he said he was dealing with a personal tragedy.

Williams claims his aunt died. He said he’s broken up ever since and that he was still depressed. Williams had given Yolanda a very plausible excuse. It just wasn’t enough to rebuild trust. She wanted to know he was real and so she asked him to send a real photo of himself. He then flipped back on her. He asked her to prove she was the real Yolanda and so she sent a picture of herself. She then told him that it doesn’t matter what he looks like. She wants to meet the real him because she still has feelings for him and unfortunately Williams didn’t respond back to her message. He refused to show her a real picture of himself. He also wouldn’t give a reason and so Yolanda can’t trust him right now.

Ed and Rose have broken up. Rose broke up with Ed because he lied to her. He let her believe that he wanted kids and he doesn’t. He listened to Rose talk about more children, but he never told her he didn’t want those kids or that raising her son would be a chore for him. Ed doesn’t want to be a parent again. He’s already raised his daughter and Rose’s son would have gotten shafted. The little boy wouldn’t have gotten a real father if Rose had married Ed. He would have been stuck with a guy that didn’t really want him around and so Rose couldn’t do that to him. She broke with Ed. She wanted to meet a guy who would be a father to her son and hopefully, she’ll find him.

Ed meanwhile hadn’t thought the children thing was a big deal. He thought if he gave Rose some time to think that she would come around and be fine with him not wanting children. Ed thought Rose would still love him in spite of his stance. He turned out to be wrong because he went back to their room and he found all her stuff gone. Rose left without saying goodbye. She told Ed everything she needed to say when she told him earlier that they were over and she even told him why. She told him he was rude. He’s been rude the entire trip and Rose deserved better. She told him she deserved better. She was telling him why when he stormed off. And so her leaving without saying goodbye is on him because he couldn’t be found when she left.

But the biggest shocker of the season is Svetlana or Lana as she is known. Lana has been dating David for five years and she’s come up with plenty of excuses on why she couldn’t talk to him over the phone or meet with him. David has had to go looking for her. He hired a private investigator to dig into her and he had been told his relationship was a con. He was told Lana was on several dating sites. She’s been talking to other guys and when faced with the truth about that – David fired the private investigator. He wanted to believe he was the only guy in Lana’s life and he refused to hear anything else.

Lana is real. She finally agreed to meet with David and so they were together now. Lana was with David. She admitted that she had dated other people from the site before and that she’s met with them. It had taken her five times to finally meet with David. She had come with one excuse after another on why they couldn’t meet and the truth is she just didn’t feel like it. Lana has a cell phone, a computer, and an iPad. She didn’t show up at their last meeting because she wasn’t in the mood. She toyed with David because she could and now she’s going to use him. David is very well-off. He could give her the lifestyle she’s always wanted and she’s already talking about moving to the US. She was talking about it long before David pulled out a ring.

Ash and Avery had been talking about marriage. Avery thought about filing for a K-1 visa in which Ash would get to come to America and they could get married. Only now she’s not sure that’s what she wants. Avery was wavering because of all the fights she’s had with Ash and she was also thinking about his son. His son Taj is still a young kid. He needs a father and flying back and forth might not be good for him. Avery was thinking about all of this. She didn’t want to put the little boy in a horrible position and the doubts crept up every time she met with Taj. She was more considerate of his feelings than Ash was.

Ash also hasn’t been exactly truthful. He claimed to be a life coach and at the same time, he couldn’t talk to a room full of people. He also showed a misogynistic side to himself. He’s never really revealed that to Avery before and so she had been thrown to see that side to him. She tried asking him questions to see how far the misogyny runs. She asked him about his opinions on men and women. She tried getting him to talk openly to her, but he pushed her away once he realized she didn’t agree with him. Ash doesn’t like to be challenged. He feels he’s in the right and that everyone else has to go along with him. And so that was another pressing concern for Avery.

Stephanie and Erika were another couple that has broken up. They broke up because Stephanie was a major control freak and she flips out whenever anything happens outside of her control. She got upset with Erika for making out with people that she’s still friends with. She got upset with Erika being in a ten-year relationship she doesn’t like to talk about. She basically gets upset with Erika for having a life outside of her. Stephanie hates that Erika has a past and she always demands to know everything. She then gets upset for not knowing everything the moment she landed in Australia.

Stephanie looked for any excuse to be upset with her girlfriend. She never once gave their relationship a chance and that’s why people believe she’s a fake lesbian. Like she only got involved in the relationship because she wanted to be on tv and not because she was interested in Erika.

Geoffrey quickly moved on. He began dating a woman named Mary whose been in his life for a while and just as he moves on – Varya comes to visit him.