TLC 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days Recap 05/31/20: Season 4 Episode 15 “The Neverending Story”

TLC 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days Recap 05/31/20: Season 4 Episode 15 "The Neverending Story"

Tonight on TLC their popular reality show 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days airs with an all-new Sunday, May 31, 2020 episode and we have your 90 Day Fiancé Before the 90 days recap below for you. On tonight’s 90 Day Fiancé Before the 90 Days season 4 episode 15 “Hard Habit To Break,” as per the TLC Synopsis “Stephanie reveals a secret. Geoffrey follows his heart.

Darcey looks ahead to the future. David and Lana spend their last bit of time together. Ed hopes for a second chance. Lisa and Usman must say goodbye.

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Geoffrey ended things with Varya after she rejected his proposal. She had needed time and she had asked for it, but Geoffrey felt she turned him down and so he broke up with her and then he moved on. He moved on to Mary. Mary is an old friend of his. She told him before he left for his trip to Russia that she had feelings for him and so Mary became the next best thing for Geoffrey. He began dating her to feel better about himself after the rejection. He thought he could enjoy himself with Mary and it would be the natural progression of their friendship. And so he didn’t account for Varya who was left in the dark.

Varya was never told their relationship was official over. She merely thought they were going through a fight and so she traveled all the way to America to make it up to him. Varya traveled to the states because she thought there was still a future between her and Geoffrey. She showed up at his door ready to talk and she ran into Mary. Mary and Varya were both confrontational with each other. Their first meeting had ended really poorly and they both hadn’t wanted anything to do with each other after that. Varya went out with Geoffrey. She met his friends who were also Mary’s friends and it got awkward again when she ran into Mary.

Mary tried to act like nothing was wrong. She tried to fight for her relationship with Geoffrey and he told her he didn’t know what he wanted. He first went to Russia because he thought he and Varya had something important. He also still cares for Varya and that’s why he wasn’t sending her back to Russia. Geoffrey wanted to explore his feelings, but he was hurting people with his inaction and it wasn’t great for either woman. The two women took some time to talk. Varya asked Mary to stay away. Mary acted like Varya was being ridiculous and so these two women are fighting over one man who wasn’t sure of either of them.

Usman and Lisa were getting married. She had blown up at him in front of his brothers and it had been embarrassing all around. The brothers didn’t like seeing that side to Lisa. Usman was actually getting pretty tired of seeing that side to Lisa and so the couple later spoke about where they were going future-wise. They both claimed to love each other. They said they were willing to do anything to make it work and so once again a problem they had was swept under the rug. They ignored the warning signs. They decided they wanted to go through with the marriage in spite of their many fights and so whatever happens next – they signed up for it.

David and Lana are also still together. That is if you could call what they have a relationship. David and Lana have been talking to each other for seven years online and they’ve exchanged many gifts and money. Lana was usually on the receiving line. She was the one that was given all these gifts and she’s been the one dictating the “relationship”. Lana refused to meet with him for seven years because she hadn’t felt like it. She only agreed to meet him now because the cameras from the show had managed to track her down and there have been rumors she’s being paid for her appearance. Lana also doesn’t seem all that interested in David.

Lana didn’t even want to see him for most of his trip to Ukraine. She would tell him she was busy all day and so he had to beg to see her. Then when she did agree to meet him, she wasn’t that interested in intimacy or hearing what he had to say. David was the one that kept pushing for more. He wanted more hugs and kisses. He wanted to talk to her more. He wanted to see her more. He finally bought her a cell phone because he said he wanted to see and talk to her whenever he liked. He also didn’t want to keep using the dating website where they meant even though it’s been alleged that the website pays these women to talk to American men. And so Lana definitely didn’t seem all that happy to receive a cell phone.

Ed is back home. His failed relationship with Rose has him reconsidering the relationship he has with his daughter and so he reached out to her. He asked Tiffany to meet him. She agreed and they later met up at Ed’s mother’s place. It was neutral ground. It also encouraged them to talk to each other openly and Tiffany had a lot to say. Tiffany had never liked the idea of Ed marrying a girl her age. She was against the marriage and she felt hurt when her father chose to ignore all that she had to say. He still went overseas. He still pursued Rose in spite of Tiffany’s objections and so Tiffany wants to talk about that now.

Tiffany was feeling a little “I told you so”. She told her father his relationship with Rose was never going to work out and she had been proven right. Ed’s relationship with Rose is over. He apologized to his daughter for ignoring her. He never meant to hurt her and he realized that he wants real intimacy in his life. He said he was going to listen to Tiffany more. He also still wants to find a relationship for himself and so maybe next time he won’t choose a woman young enough to be his daughter. Either way, Ed made up with his daughter. They were back to their old selves and both were happy with it.

Stephanie was alone as well. She ended her relationship with Erika and now she’s back in the States. Stephanie is back home. She’s been there for a few weeks when she realized she had to tell her mother what happened. She had been in an intense relationship with another woman and she wanted to talk about it with her mother. She wanted to tell her mother she was bisexual. Stephanie has been trying to tell her for a while now and she’s always chickened out because she was scared of what her mom might say. Her mother was apparently very conservative. Stephanie was afraid her mother might reject her if she knew the truth and saying tell her mom now as a big step.

Stephanie may have messed up with Erika, but she was finally ready to tell her mom the truth and so she later confessed she was bisexual. She told her mom she liked girls. Her mom tried to tell her she was confused and Stephanie spoke up for herself. She said she wasn’t confused. She knew what she wanted and she’s been in relationships with other women before. Her mother came to understand that Stephanie was serious. She said she always dreamt of Stephanie marrying a Prince Charming and so she is going to need time to readjust her thinking. Except she also said she wanted her daughter to be happy and so she seems to have grudgingly accepted Stephanie likes girls.

David was later contacted by the private investigator. He had fired the PI once the other man told him things he didn’t like about Lana and so Sergei tried to reach out to David once last time. He sent David the evidence he collected. He showed that Lana was multiple dating sites. He showed that Lana was talking to several other men and David still refused to believe it. He sent Sergei a photo of himself with Lana. He said to add that to his case file. David thinks what he has with Lana is real and no one can tell him differently. Even as he finally notices that Lana wasn’t as serious about him as he was about her.

Another one who wasn’t sure if he was serious or not was Geoffrey. Geoffrey had Varya staying at his house and in his bed and he wasn’t sure about their relationship. He said he was going to need time. Geoffrey had made a complete 180 from the guy who proposed to her because back then he was ready to rush in and now he wasn’t. He said he wanted to go slow. He showed Varya around his hometown and she even met his children. She had met one of the boys when she first showed up at his house and it had been weird with Mary there. And so thankfully Geoffrey’s children hadn’t held that against her.

The meeting had gone really well. Varya also proved she was ready to fight for her relationship with Geoffrey and so he later confessed he still loves her. He said he tried to cover it up with another woman. It hadn’t worked and he still wants to be with Varya. Varya was pushing for a commitment from him. She believed a commitment was the only way for them to stay together and so Geoffrey was put on the spot. He now has to take a chance again by proposing to her. The last time hadn’t ended well for him and so he had been nervous about doing it again. Geoffrey was trying to put it off. He was using stalking tactics and Varya was telling him to just do it.

Yolanda however was still acting like a teenager. She was a grown woman and she knew her supposed boyfriend “Williams” was a scammer. He sent her fake photos. He never face timed with her and somehow the nude photos she sent him were leaked. Williams also claimed to be from Manchester, UK. He just didn’t know anything about Manchester or the UK and his Instagram profile was eventually deleted after it showed he was from Nigeria. There was so much evidence indicating that Williams was catfishing Yolanda that it just didn’t make sense why she was still talking to him.

Yolanda’s daughter Karra became frustrated with her mother. She wanted her mother to realize Williams wasn’t real and so she hired a private investigator. She and her mother talked to this private investigator. They told him everything they knew and his initial thoughts on the matter were that Yolanda was being catfished. If a stranger could see that, why couldn’t Yolanda? Yolanda still wanted Williams to be real and so this private investigator is going have to find even more evidence just so Yolanda can finally accept the truth. Her boyfriend is a fake. He never loved her or was interested in her and she gave this man blackmail material on herself.

Usman and Lisa got married. They married in a beautiful ceremony and Lisa’s dress was custom made by Usman’s tailor. The couple got married. They went to their reception afterward. Usman’s family have all expressed concern about his marriage. They remembered the fight they witnessed and they feared what it might mean for the marriage. Usman’s mother also didn’t feel the way. She didn’t go to the reception because she claimed she was under the weather and so his family wasn’t really supporting the marriage. They had their concerns and so did his friends. The friends all believed Lisa was too old and too fat. And so they didn’t understand why Usman was with Lisa.

Only the couple genuinely seemed to care about each other at times. Lisa cried when she had to leave her husband behind and return to the States. Usman was also upset with her having to leave. He sang to her on the way to the airport and they cuddled in the car. They also talked about their plan. Lisa was going to file for Usman when she returned to the States and he might able to join her in about a year.

Tom came as a surprise. His friends and family kept trying to reach out to Darcey because Darcey had blocked him on social media and they all said the same thing. They all said Tom wanted another chance. He was the one to end the relationship in the first place because he met someone new and now it seems like this other relationship has crashed and burned. Tom is back now wanting Darcey. Darcey doesn’t want him and she’s going to continue to ignore messages from him as well as proxies. She’s done. She’s done with everything that involves him.

Geoffrey proposed to Varya and this time she said “yes”. He was going to apply for the K-1 visa for her. The process could take up to eight months. She couldn’t come to the States while she was waiting and so the couple was going to be physically separated for almost a year before they can be reunited again.

David later proposed to Lana and she said “yes” in spite of not being into him.