TLC 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days Recap 06/07/20: Season 4 Episode 16 “Tell Part 1”

TLC 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days Recap 06/07/20: Season 4 Episode 16 "Tell Part 1"

Tonight on TLC their popular reality show 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days airs with an all-new Sunday, June 7, 2020 episode and we have your 90 Day Fiancé Before the 90 days recap below for you. On tonight’s 90 Day Fiancé Before the 90 Days season 4 episode 16 “Tell Part 1,” as per the TLC Synopsis Shaun Robinson takes a deep dive with the cast into the details of their most intense and personal moments this season.

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Part One of the Tell-All. It was the Quarantine Edition because the current pandemic stopped them all from meeting up in New York like planned and so everyone was updating tonight’s host Shaun Robinson via their cell phones. They were shooting themselves with their at-home devices. The cast still dressed up for the event. They all looked amazing and so now was the time to get their stories out there. The only ones missing were Geoffrey and Varya who chose to sit out the tell-all and possibly Lana who was having some connection issues. And so the excuses were already beginning to appear with Lana.

Shaun directed the conversation. She asked everyone how they were doing during the pandemic and they seem to be doing good. There’s been one health scare with Yolanda. She’s doing better now and it was on with the show. There were a series of flashbacks. The couple’s meeting for the first time was shown again and everyone relieved the happy memories. But then Shaun asked Avery and Ash why they weren’t together. They were supposed to be together for the tell-all. It was expected and so Shaun asked what went wrong. Avery said she was navigating her feelings. She had needed some time. She has asked for a break and that hadn’t gone well with Ash.

Ash chose to end the relationship rather than be on break. He said he was looking for commitment and he didn’t want to be half in and half out. Ash had wanted a relationship with Avery. It was Avery who pulled away and she was asked about that. She said her feelings for him began fading because of all his lies. He lied to her constantly and he wasn’t very genuine with her. Ash likes to portray the best version of himself. He wasn’t being real with her and she could never trust what he did or say. Avery also brought up something that happened early into the relationship and he tried to shut her down.

Ash shutting her down as he did was exactly why Avery didn’t want to be with him. She felt he tried to manipulate her and she told Shaun how she never got the clarity she wanted from him. The incident she brought up was about a diet. She felt Ash had lied about it and so the other cast members had called her out on being so petty. Lisa told her a diet wasn’t a big deal. She also asked Avery if she had any regrets about Ash and Avery said she didn’t. She was glad the relationship was over. Even if it was the best sex of her life. She didn’t try to take that back and so it all comes back to trust again.

She began mistrusting almost from the start. Avery hadn’t liked it when she and Ash were together and he still claimed to be single. He said he was single because they weren’t married, but none of the women were on his side after he did that and this was just one more reason why Avery and Ash weren’t together anymore. They still have feelings for each other. They just didn’t trust each other. Ash and Avery were over and so what about another couple? Rose and Ed had ended things on a bad note. She left him after finding out he didn’t want any more kids and they haven’t really talked since. Rose was still angry it seems.

Rose and Ed were both claiming the other had been the first to reach out. Ed also claimed that he had been all ready to fly back to the Philippines to see Rose again when he found out she was in a relationship with another woman and so Rose was asked about it. She confessed she was in a new relationship. She didn’t start seeing this woman until things were officially over with Ed and that had come as a surprise to Ed because he hadn’t known Rose was bisexual. Ed said he didn’t have a problem with it. Ed said Rose contacted him after she broke up with this woman and that she had wanted a second chance. Rose claims Ed was the first to contact her for a second chance. They disagreed on who contacted the other first.

Ed did say he wanted to get back together after that contact. He admitted he was willing to put his relationship with his daughter in jeopardy again just for a chance with Rose and his daughter had heard that. She was hurt by her dad. She says she wants him to be happy and that at the same time she didn’t think Rose truly cared for her dad. Tiffany was able to question Rose. She got into a snit with her. She accused Rose of not caring about Ed at all and she said the height thing wasn’t that big of a deal, but it was about more than his height. Ed hadn’t been truthful. He lied to Rose about everything and he once tried to get her to do a sex call.

Ed didn’t think Rose would go there. She did. She brought up the sex video and how Ed offered to pay her if she got naked for him. Ed swears this never happened. He said Rose is lying and Rose is saying he tried to force her into a sex video in return for helping her family. What Ed isn’t denying is that he messed up with everything else he did. The STD test was done the wrong way and asking her to shave her legs. Ed said he was used to certain things. He was from California and he came to expect shaved legs and good hygiene. He also tried to claim that Rose wasn’t being honest about her past and that’s why he wanted the STD test. He realized now he should have done one himself.

Ed also didn’t like what some of the other cast members were saying. Darcey and Lisa both grilled Ed because they think he tried to take advantage of Rose and so they called him out on his behavior. Ed said that he has a history of saying the right things. He claims he never meant to hurt anyone and the only ones truly buying it was his daughter Tiffany and Avery. They think Ed’s issue was a miscommunication. The show later moved on to Yolanda. Yolanda’s story is unique because she’s been messaging a man she’s never met or seen and he seemed a little too good to be true. Her boyfriend’s name is Williams.

Williams seemed perfect. His profile picture was of this very handsome man and he said all the right things. Williams even got Yolanda to hand over naked pictures of herself. Yolanda would later believe he was hacked when these pictures got out and so everyone felt bad for her. She was a very caring person. They could all see it for themselves and she put her trust in the wrong man. Her daughter believes Williams is a fake and so does the private investigator she hired. To make matters worse, even David thought Williams was a scam and he dated his girlfriend for years without meeting her.

It was also believed that Williams was from Nigeria. Usman who is Nigerian had said that this “Williams” couldn’t be Nigerian because a typical Nigerian con artist would have gotten the money first and so he didn’t think Williams was Nigerian, but he didn’t sound like he was from the UK like he claimed. Williams had talked to Yolanda. He hadn’t sounded British. He sounded a little like Usman and again Usman defended his people. He said people from his specific tribe wouldn’t scam anyone. His wife Lisa thought the same. Lisa has gotten hit on by hundreds of scammers and she knows how to tell them apart now.

Lisa also defended Yolanda from her husband. Usman couldn’t believe that Yolanda didn’t have Williams’s number and was contacting him through an app. He felt she should have known she was getting scammed. Only Lisa said these scammers are smart. They know how to target women and she told Yolanda she shouldn’t be embarrassed. Yolanda was stopped from sending money. She gets to walk away from this mistake and hopefully, she’ll learn from it. The next relationship that was questioned was Stephanie’s and Erica’s. The two bisexuals had tried dating and it didn’t work out. There was jealousy and insecurity getting in the way.

Stephanie and Erica weren’t together anymore. Their relationship was hectic because it was constantly up and down. The two women fought all the time. They mostly fought about what Erica was doing. Whether it was sometimes making out with one of her male friends in the past or having a dating app still on her phone – Stephanie had a problem with it. Stephanie’s friends were all willing to defend her. They all thought the problems were because of Erica. Erica’s friends defended her and they said the problem was Stephanie. Stephanie and Erica both believe the other was at fault for their breakup. They’re still arguing about it and no one seems to be winning. And so Shaun asked Stephanie how she felt about the rumors.

There are rumors going around online that Stephanie isn’t really bisexual. Some feel like Stephanie wasn’t interested in women and that she was only pretending to care for Erica. So, Stephanie was asked about it. Stephanie still claims she’s bisexual and she said she doesn’t have to prove her sexuality to anyone. These rumors were nasty to Stephanie. She always feels like she has to stand up for herself because someone else is looking for problems with her. Stephanie said these fears stem from when she was ill. She said she didn’t like feeling she was a burden on someone and that how she felt when she was with Erica.

Erica would make requests for more affection. But she would never take the time to get to know more about Stephanie or ask her questions. Stephanie was the one that asked questions. She found out about everything in Erica’s life and Erica never took the time to do the same with Stephanie. Stephanie ended any possible chance of them having a relationship because she felt like Erica was a narcissist. She said Erica only cares about herself and that’s why she never took the time to get to know her. Stephanie was glad to get this off her chest. She frequently talked over Erica and so it was Erica who felt cheated here. Erica wished she could have said more and she feels like Stephanie took that away from her.

Next up was Darcey and Tom. They were another couple that has now broken up and it happened after Tom revealed he fell for someone else. Tom told Darcey he didn’t love her like she wanted him to. He said it was more about sibling love and so he ended things with Darcey after stringing her along for a while. Darcey had been very upset with him. She told him she wanted nothing to do with him and he made a comment about her weight. Their breakup was very messy. Tom did use her even if he now claims he didn’t. His timeline with meeting this other woman was all off and so Darcey called him out on it. She confronted his lies. She also showed off her revenge body and Darcey let him know that she was over him.

Tom talked about this other woman. He said it was a “thing” by which he meant was “fling” and so it hadn’t been serious. This other woman sent in a letter. She wishes Tom and Darcey the best, but she didn’t want to be filmed and so that was that for her. Except Avery tried to make a comment and Tom literally her she wasn’t allowed to talk.

Tom and Avery have an issue with each other and it led to Tom leaving the group chat just so he wouldn’t have to talk to her.