TLC 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? Recap 06/21/20: Season 5 Episode 2 “Caught In The Crossfire”

TLC 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? Recap 06/21/20: Season 5 Episode 2 "Caught In The Crossfire"

Tonight on TLC their popular reality show 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? airs with an all-new Sunday, June 21, 2020 episode and we have your 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way recap below for you. On tonight’s 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way season 5 episode 2 “Caught In The Crossfire,” as per the TLC Synopsis “Colt learns another side of his girlfriend. Angela receives surprising news from her doctor.”

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The morning after was rather awkward for Colt and his new girlfriend Jess. The couple had spent the night at Colt’s hotel room and while they both enjoyed sleeping together – Jess woke up in a mood. She wanted to know when Colt was going to tell his mother about them. Jess thought his mother knowing about her as well as their relationship would be the next big step for them and so she wanted Debbie to know the truth. Debbie sorta remains an obstacle while she’s in the dark. Debbie doesn’t want to share her son Colt. She hated sharing him with his ex-wife and she feels the same way with Jess. And so Jess didn’t want to be kept a secret.

Colt already had enough of those. He never fully told Jess about what happened in his marriage to Larissa and so she finally asked him about it tonight. She asked him what happened as in what went wrong? Colt told her that his wife was arrested three times for domestic violence and he made it out to seem like it was just Larissa that was the problem when the truth is more nuanced. Colt said what he said because he was looking for sympathy. Jess gave him that sympathy and she was all “poor Colt, he does so much better”. She didn’t realize that Larissa had actually called the cops on Colt once and he turned it around to get her arrested.

While Colt was off playing his games, Paul was moving his family. Paul is from the United States. He began dating Karine online because she was from Brazil and the two would later marry. Paul wasn’t able to bring Karine to the States right away. There were some complications and then she got pregnant. Paul thought the next best thing would be to move to Brazil. He went down there to be with his wife as she gave birth to their son and at first everything was great. The problems didn’t creep in until later. Their living situation in Brazil was bad because they were living in a poor neighborhood with walls that shook and also didn’t help that Paul wasn’t able to provide for his family.

Paul had needed a job. He convinced Karine to come to the States with him so that he could find work back at home and support their little family. Paul thought this move would be great for them. He didn’t understand how much Karine was going to miss her family. She had never lived anywhere else and she dreaded leaving behind all that she’s ever known. Karine tried to put on a brave face, but she was in mourning and they haven’t even left yet. She was worried about what like would be like in the States and for immigrants, it tends to be hard. They can’t work right away. They sometimes move to small towns where there’s no one else that knows the language or understand their culture.

Asuelu was one of the lucky ones. He found a group of Samoans he could play volleyball with and they turned out to be really good friends. They were great listeners. They were also fathers who understood what it was like for Asuelu to have American children. Only he wasn’t being completely honest with them. He told them how he was teaching his sons a few words and he left out the part about not helping with the children at all. He leaves childcare up to his wife Kalani. Kalani was putting them in and taking them out of the car. Kalani was the one handling everything for the children while Asuelu was off playing video games. He lives a charmed life and that’s all because how easy Kalani makes it for him.

Speaking of charmed lives, Andrei was another one that had it easy. He spends his time at home and putting up their new furniture. He hasn’t worked a real job in years. He leaves the bills up to his wife Elizabeth and he even expects Elizabeth’s father to pay for their new wedding. Andrei does crap like that because he thinks Elizabeth’s family is rich. He sees them in their fancy cars and he never takes into account how much they had to work to get those cars. Andrei discounts their work so much that he invited to a planned wedding in a month’s time. He basically expected them to drop everything and rush to Moldova because he said so. And that only works with Elizabeth nowadays.

Elizabeth was the only one that let Andrei get away with his crap. She tried to talk to him privately and all of her arguments crumbled up the moment Andrei offered some pushback. He gets what he wants all the time because Elizabeth is too afraid to confront him. She rather just go along with whatever he says and this time that might not be possible. Elizabeth wants her family to be at her second wedding. She spoke to her sisters and her sister-in-law and they told her how not everyone in their young families has passports. Their kids don’t even have passports yet. There was no way of getting them passports in a month’s time and no one wanted to leave their kids with a babysitter while they attended a wedding.

The young mothers were going to have to stay behind. They got upset with Elizabeth for not giving them more time and they all confessed that they think Andrei planned his wedding on such short notice because he doesn’t want them there. Elizabeth tried to claim that wasn’t true except no one believes her. Then there’s Angela. Angela wants to have a baby because she was marrying a much younger man and he wants kids of his own. Michael’s family also wants him to have kids. His mother felt Michael should be allowed to have more than one wife if Angela couldn’t give him kids. Angela didn’t like that suggestion and so she’s trying to have a baby of her own. She just had her period and she took that to be a good sign.

Angela later visited the gynecologist’s office. She told the doctor about her period and the doctor didn’t feel like that was a good sign. She was a bit concerned because this period came out of the blue. Angela hasn’t had her menstruation for almost two years and then out of nowhere she started bleeding. The doctor was worried the bleeding could be a sign of cancer. She checked Angela and she did find a mass. She was going to get that tested. It could be cancer or it could be nothing. If it was cancer, then Angela wouldn’t be able to get pregnant anytime soon and her own eggs were off the table. She was going to need IVF and an egg donor.

Syngin and Tania meanwhile were married and they were also talking about babies. They just had to do a few things first. They had to move out of the shed. Tania lived in a shed and it had been tough on Syngin when he finally came to the States. He was originally from South Africa. He was a bartender at the time and as of now, he wasn’t sure if he wanted to go back to being a bartender. Syngin wanted to find himself. He wanted to explore what could be good for him and he couldn’t really do that with a wife much less a wife that was injured. Tania had injured herself. She hurt her foot and she was going to need physical therapy. And so the couple was able to move to warmer weather.

They had to stay where Tania had her insurance. They were therefore stuck with the cold weather and were now running out of savings. They couldn’t have a baby without savings. Syngin needed to work and he needs to work now. His mother-in-law tried to bring it up with him. He fobbed her off and said, “we’ll see”. Syngin wasn’t kidding when he said he wanted to find himself. He wants to pick a career not just a job. He wanted to do something he was passionate about and he hasn’t figured out what that is. Syngin was a bit like Andrei in that sense. Neither of them knew what they wanted to do for the rest of their lives.

Andrei was so broke he couldn’t even afford a second wedding. He told his wife to go ask her father for the money and like a good soldier she did it. She went to her father’s place. She told him they needed him to pay for the wedding because they didn’t have the money for it and he laughed. He laughed because he saw this coming. Chuck knew they were going to come to him for the money and he felt Andrei should have made the offer in person. He was disappointed that Andrei sent in Elizabeth alone. He was also disappointed in his daughter for not standing up to Andrei and at the same time, Chuck was a pushover. He fell for Elizabeth’s tears. He agreed to give her the wedding she wanted and so Andrei got his way. And he still doesn’t have a job.

Say what you want about Colt, but at least he has a job and he wasn’t off “finding himself”. Colt was later introduced to Jess’s friends because Jess wanted him to get to know her inner circle and he blew his chance with them. He still lives with his mom. Which is a big no? He phrased it to make it sound like he was helping his ailing mother and no one bought it. They all realized he was a momma’s boy. They also noted his sometimes controlling behavior. He didn’t like Jess wanting to go to a club with her friends. He said he was too tired for it and so he didn’t want her going without him. He wanted her to come back to the hotel room with him.

Colt said in his confessional that he thought this trip would be spent mostly in the hotel room. He thought he and Jess were going to have sex all the time and that’s now what was happening here. Jess wanted to have fun. Her friends wanted her to come out with them and they call Colt old for standing in her way. Not that Colt cared. Colt wants what he wants whenever he wants it. He had this problem with Larissa too and it’s part of the reason he’s now a divorced man. He and Larissa were over. She’s off taking pole dancing class as a way of getting in shape and she’s even thinking about becoming a stripper now that her community service is over.

Larissa also suggested lesbianism after everything she’s been through. She thinks being with a woman would be different if not better than being with Colt. The same Colt that guilt-tripped his girlfriend into coming back with him to his hotel room. Colt was so afraid of the past repeating himself that he keeps trying to boss Jess around and both Colt and Larissa were doing their best to move on from each other. Larissa was even stepping out of her comfort zone. Paul had tried stepping out of his comfort zone. He moved to Brazil and now he’s coming back to the States. Paul asked his parents if he could move in with them temporarily.

He didn’t really have a plan about moving back and so his family has no place to stay nor do they have any money to spend renting a place. Paul had no choice but to call his parents. He asked them if he could move in with them and they turned him down. They said he would never want to leave once he got there and they weren’t wrong. Paul’s parents are trying to teach him a lesson about standing on his own two feet. They were going to help him get a hotel room for a couple of days and then he was on his own. Paul was taking a huge risk by moving his family. They didn’t have the finances and they could only rely on each other.

Then there’s Elizabeth. She went back to her husband with good news and now he wants to know the budget. He wants to hire superstars to sing at their wedding. He wants to spend upwards of a fifty grand for their wedding and Elizabeth thought it was sickening. She hated how entitled Andrei was about her father’s money. She first believes he had a hard time accepting her father’s money and now she’s not so sure.

Angela meanwhile received her sick mother’s blessing to marry Michael in Nigeria.