TLC ’90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After’ Recap 08/02/20: Season 5 Episode 8 “Hell Hath No Fury”

TLC ’90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After’ Recap 08/02/20: Season 5 Episode 8 "Hell Hath No Fury"

Tonight on TLC their popular reality show 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? airs with an all-new Sunday, August 2, 2020 episode and we have your 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? recap below for you. On tonight’s 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After season 5 episode 8 “Hell Hath No Fury,” as per the TLC Synopsis “Colt was caught in the act; Andrei and Elizabeth’s family hit off; Larissa and Eric land themselves in chaos; Asuelu and Kalani get a travel day from hell; Angela tells Michael the truth; Syngin escapes to America.

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Larissa may be a lot of things, but she didn’t deserve her exes joining force or discussing what she does sexually.

Larissa found out what Eric did during their breakup from the girl he was dating at the time. This girl broke up with Eric because Eric’s actions disgusted her and they disgusted Larissa as well. She found out Eric contacted Colt. They both talked about Larissa. They discussed her in a sexual way and they both crossed a line. Eric failed to mention he befriended Colt when he and Larissa got back together. Larissa found out by doing her own investigative work. She tracked down the woman he was dating and she found out the truth from her. Larissa then confronted Eric after she found out. She wanted him to at least apologize for what he did and he refused to.

Eric kept trying to compare their two situations. He said she told people about their sex life and so why couldn’t he. He was being very obtuse with Larissa. He tried to compare talking about their sex life with her husband to her talking to her girlfriends and they are two very different things. Larissa was merely gossiping. She wasn’t saying anything out of malice. It was Eric that was doing that and so for him to be offended that she reached out to his exes is a bit much when he did the same thing with Colt. He did it first. She merely followed his example and they got into a huge fight about it. Larissa kept trying to get Eric to apologize. He instead tried to turn the situation around on her.

Eric reminded Larissa where she is now. She’s staying at his apartment because she got kicked out of her last place and she only got kicked out because she decided to get back together with him. Larissa could have still been staying with her friend Carmen if it wasn’t for Eric. He was the one that came between Larissa and her best friend. He was the one that wouldn’t take responsibility for his actions. He also was the guy that would throw Larissa’s living arrangements back in her face. She had chosen him over everyone else and that turned out to be a mistake. Larissa and Eric drew the curtains as they were fighting because they couldn’t be seen by neighbors arguing. Else someone might call the cops.

Over in Moldova, Andrei talked to his wife about what she said in front of their families. Elizabeth had been asked if she wanted Andrei to go back to work and she said yes she did. She believes her daughter is old enough to stay with grandma. She also doesn’t like how comfortable Andrei has become with staying at home. Elizabeth wanted him to go back to work and she wasn’t willing to accept his excuses anymore. Andrei kept trying to bring up the baby, but again they could easily make arrangements for the baby and she’s not that young anymore. She could go to daycare or hang out with family.

Andrei needs to go back to work. He constantly changed jobs in the past because he said he couldn’t find the right fit and now he’s using his own daughter to not work at all. Andrei prefers to have his father-in-law pay for his lifestyle. He knows Chuck will always cave for his daughter and so Andrei has been this poor man’s good intentions. Hence Chuck is getting revenge now. Chuck flew to Moldova with his son and they both have been asking Andrei a lot of questions. They didn’t really know much about him. They wanted to fix that now and Andrei was being super defensive. He was telling them it was none of their business what he did and it all seemed suspicious.

Back in the States, Asuelu went shopping for his family. He was visiting them and he wanted to bring gifts because that’s the tradition in his culture. He also wanted to give them money. Asuelu’s mother asked for a thousand dollars and he doesn’t have that type of money. He works part-time. It’s his in-laws who are putting a roof over his family’s heads and so Asuelu couldn’t afford to give his mother a thousand dollars. He couldn’t even afford to give a hundred dollars. He and his wife broke and Kalani wasn’t going to let him shrink his responsibilities to them just to make his greedy mother happy. And his mother was clearly greedy.

The woman lives with her daughter’s family. She doesn’t have to pay bills nor does she work or seem to help around at the house. Asuelu’s mother had told him one day that she was bored as well as lazy. She has nothing to do and so she might as well get a job. She shouldn’t be asking for thousands of dollars. She needed to take responsibility for herself and neither she nor her daughter should be guilt-tripping Asuelu. Asuelu feels like he has to get things for them in order to buy their love. He doesn’t think they would love him without things and Kalani was just realizing that. Kalani talked to Asuelu. She told him that’s not family should work and so she told him they were going to give his mother fifty dollars and no more.

That wasn’t what Asuelu wanted to hear. Asuelu wanted to give his mother the money she wanted and his plan for his own family stability was to hope for the best. Unfortunately, that’s not how the real world works. They couldn’t just hope for the best and neither could Angela. Angela finally told Michael about her visit to the gynecologist. She told him how the doctor might have cancer and if so that would make it nearly impossible for her to carry a baby for Michael. Angela told Michael everything. She wanted him to know what was going on and to tell her that he loves her in spite of it. And sadly Michael told her he had to think about it.

Michael was going to need time to consider a life without children. He wants children and his family wants children for him. Michael probably always thought he would have kids, but meeting Angela and finding out about her problem has changed everything. He now has to envision a life without children. He has to ask himself would he be happy with just him and Angela and Angela hadn’t liked that answer. Angela had wanted to hear that he would still choose her over everything else. She thought Michael would love her no matter what and the truth might be something else. The truth might be he would want or like to take another wife to have a baby.

Syngin and Tania meanwhile were traveling to South Africa. Syngin’s brother had a medical emergency and he wanted to see him in person because he knows how close he came to losing him. But it also didn’t hurt that Syngin was homesick. He didn’t like life in the United States because he didn’t like being in the cold or the things he needed to get a job there. He liked his party lifestyle back in South Africa. There he could work at a bar and drink all day. He lost motorcycles that way and so that’s the life Syngin misses. He told his wife how he couldn’t wait to visit friends and family and have a drink. And that worried her.

Tania has noticed his drinking has gotten out of control. It’s like he drinks to make himself happy and that was worrisome. His dependency on alcohol was something no wife wanted to put up with. Tania wanted him to focus on getting a job. She was still injured and she couldn’t go back to work, but they just moved into a new place and so one of them had to get a job. Syngin was supposed to get a job. He went on an interview and it turns out he’s a pretty poor bartender. He has no idea how to pour beer. He also accepted free drinks a little too freely and he came home drunk from his interview. Syngin was going to have to be more responsible than that if he wanted to take care of his family. He should also be respectful of his wife.

Syngin told his wife on the way to the airport not to nag him. He said he didn’t want to be nagged when they get back to South Africa and its clear by the word “nag” that he really meant he didn’t want his wife to bring up his drinking. Syngin wanted to return to his old lifestyle. He didn’t want his wife to question him or tell him to stop drinking. He just wanted to be himself. Only he seems to wrap his self-worth and self-expression around drinking. He makes it out like he doesn’t know himself if he’s not having a drink and that might be a sign of an even bigger problem. Syngin was getting older. He couldn’t be the frat boy for the rest of his life.

Things in Brazil however heated up. Debbie has been mistrustful of Jess ever since she found out Jess was dating Colt and now she may have sabotaged the relationship. Debbie knew Jess had a problem with Colt’s friend Vanessa. She knew Vanessa was a sore topic for Jess and she brought her up anyways to drive a wedge between Jess and Colt. The couple argued about Vanessa. Vanessa was back in Las Vegas watching the cats and Debbie revealed that to Jess tonight. She told Jess all about how Vanessa was being helpful. She also accused Jess of being too immature if she can’t trust Colt and she told Jess that if she didn’t trust him then they didn’t have a future together.

Jess stormed out of the room once Debbie brought up Larissa again. Debbie has been trying to use the ghost of Larissa and Colt’s failed marriage to justify why she hates Jess and it’s not working. Debbie has a problem with Jess because she doesn’t want to share Colt. Colt is Debbie’s whole world. She cooks for him, cleans for him, does his laundry, and picks him up from work. Debbie wouldn’t know what to do with herself if Colt put someone above her in the pecking order. Its why she sabotage his first marriage and its why she’ll sabotage his next marriage. Debbie is never going to change. She’ll do anything to keep her deeply disturbing relationship with her son.

Debbie’s mind games with Larissa were legendary. Larissa left the marriage and that still wasn’t enough for Debbie. Debbie wanted Larissa to be thrown out of the country as well. Larissa wasn’t and she’s trying to move on from the Debbie/Colt fiasco. Larissa tried dating other men and she’s still having trouble. Earlier, she had gotten into a nasty fight with her boyfriend Eric. She had given Eric a phone because he was too cheap to get one himself and so Larissa took back the phone after the fight. She felt she had every right to the phone. She was later called by Eric’s roommate who told her that Eric was thinking of calling the cops if he didn’t get the phone back. And Larissa couldn’t get in trouble with the cops again.

Larissa was at risk of being deported if the cops got involved again. Thankfully, the cops haven’t been called so far. In other good news, Angela heard back from the doctor. She doesn’t have cancer or precancer. She also gets to keep her uterus. Angela was warned by her doctor that it might be dangerous for her to have a baby and so she and Michael still needed to talk a few things out. They had to decide if its worth the risk of Angela’s life to have a baby.

And while they were discussing that, Andrei got into a huge fight when he went out to dinner with his friends and family. His in-laws tried asking about Ireland and Andrei yelled Chuck and Charlie for wanting to find out the truth about him. He then was the first person to mention physical violence. He got up out of his chair and so Charlie got up. They went to grab at each other and all the while Elizabeth is begging them to stop it.