TLC ’90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After’ Recap 08/16/20: Season 5 Episode 10 “Drawing The Line”

TLC ’90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After’ Recap 08/16/20: Season 5 Episode 10 "Drawing The Line"

Tonight on TLC their popular reality show 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? airs with an all-new Sunday, August 16, 2020 episode and we have your 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? recap below for you. On tonight’s 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After season 5 episode 10 “Drawing The Line,” as per the TLC Synopsis “Larissa faces her final court date.

Elizabeth deals with the aftermath of Andrei’s blow up. Asuelu finally stands his ground. Colt worries his relationship is over. Michael’s family is concerned that Angela is not a suitable wife for him.

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A few hours have passed. Everyone has calm down some and so Elizabeth felt it was okay to talk to her husband. She just wanted to know what went wrong. She went to Moldova to give her husband the second wedding he’s always dreamed of, but while on the trip, her husband Andrei got into a vicious fight with Elizabeth’s brother Charlie. He was also rude to Elizabeth as well.

Andrei got into a fight with his brother-in-law because he was hiding something about why he left Moldova and he hated how Charlie was asking Andrei’s friends questions. Andrei thought Charlie had crossed the line when he did that. He thought it was offensive. He, therefore, got on his high horse and he’s refusing to come back down.

Andrei was so sure he was right that he was dismissive of his own wife. Elizabeth stepped in to try and stop the fight. She was unable to fully prevent it, but she did try to mend things afterward and the one thing stopping her from doing so was Andrei. It was mostly Andrei’s pride. He was so prideful that he bordered on arrogance and so he was hard dealing with him. Andrei didn’t see where he went wrong.

He just saw what Charlie did and he never questioned why Charlie had done it. Andrei was a little too secretive about his past. He refused to tell his in-laws anything or answer questions and that’s why they turned to his friends. They merely asked why Andrei left Moldova and why he went to Ireland. It was a couple of questions. They were pretty much harmless.

Andrei could have prevented the fight simply by being honest. Instead, he chose to be secretive and he acted like his secrets were so important that they were state secrets. He didn’t even like his friends talking to in-laws much less answering them. It was clear Andrei was hiding something. His own wife had quickly picked up on that and she had eventually asked him what was going on.

Elizabeth wanted to know why he was being the way he was. She asked and she asked and he refused to tell her anything. He was just being unreasonable. Andrei couldn’t be dealt with when he’s like that and so Elizabeth waited until he calms down to try again. And she was later able to convince him that he did need to apologize to her father if no one else.

Chuck hadn’t actually done anything to him. The most Chuck did was defend his son and so yes he deserved an apology. Especially as he’s the one paying for this second wedding. Chuck and his family were dealing with Andrei while back home in the States Larissa was doing some of her own forgiving. Larissa chose to forgive Eric.

She knows Eric crossed the line when he talked about their sex life to anyone willing to listen after they broke up. She also knows that Eric doesn’t apologize because he never sees what he does as wrong and still she’s choosing to forgive him this time because she says she loves him. Larissa said they were both immature. Its why they butt heads so often and unfortunately she didn’t know when to talk away.

Larissa thought Eric was her last chance at love. She didn’t realize that there was a man out there who wouldn’t use her immigration status against her and so for now she’s settling. She’s even going to keep living at Eric’s apartment. She wasn’t going back to her friend Carmen’s place and she was ignoring her friend Carmen’s advice by staying in a relationship with Eric. Sadly, one person was throwing their life away as Angela was remaining stubborn in Nigeria. Angela was marrying a Nigerian man and they were going to get married in his country. This meant they also had to follow Nigerian law for their wedding. It was apparently a custom over there that a couple getting married needed to see a counselor.

This was a foreign concept to Angela. She didn’t think she needed to see a counselor and she reluctantly went to the appointment with Michael. Michael and Angela have had problems in the past. They’ve broken up several times and it was usually Angela doing the dumping. She would break up with Michael if she didn’t trust him or she didn’t like him talking to other women or if his family suggested he take more than one wife. He was technically allowed up to four wives in his culture. His family was expecting him to take advantage of that if he wanted children because they all realized Angela was long in the tooth. Angela doesn’t have eggs and it was going to be a risk on her health if she got pregnant at this age.

Angela did want to give Michael a baby. She also wanted to know if Michael would still marry her if she couldn’t give him kids and currently he’s been deflecting a lot. He’s not giving her a straight answer. Michael told Angela that he was worried about what his mother would think and so that made Angela nervous. She feared the second wife was going to come up again if she told Michael’s family she couldn’t have a baby. Angela didn’t want her husband to have a second wife and to be frank she generally disregards Michael’s culture. She likes to say she’s an American and that’s supposed to be the excuse for why she doesn’t bend, but truthfully its stubbornness and her wanting her own way.

Angela had reached the age where she doesn’t care to bend for anyone else. She’s been married before and she’s done the submissive thing. She doesn’t exactly want to go back to it. So, that’s another reason why Angela breaks up with Michael so often. The two of them were struggling to maintain a relationship and elsewhere another couple was doing much better. Asuelu and Kalani were doing better as a couple. They had a rough patch a while back and it helps that they were on the same side when it came to his family. Asuelu’s family wanted him to send money to his mother. His mother wasn’t asking for no chump change. She was asking for a thousand dollars and she truly expected Asuelu would give it to her.

Asuelu’s mother feels quite entitled to his money. She doesn’t really want to keep for herself or to maintain a lifestyle, but she does want to take his money and donate it to the church. Most likely in her own name. Not in his. Asuelu’s mother was a problem. She was a problem with money. His sisters on the other hand were the bigger problem. His sisters don’t like Kalani and they blame Kalani for Asuleu not having money to send to his mother. It’s like the sisters refused to understand that Asuelu just doesn’t have it. He works part-time and it’s not a great job. He was a sample server. Asuelu doesn’t have much money to spend. His sisters should see that and instead the sisters have accused Kalani of manipulating Asuelu.

They’ve said that Kalani only got together with Asuelu because she got pregnant. One sister, in particular, Tammy doesn’t see it as a real relationship. Tammy said that Kalani tells Asuelu to want to do and that Asuelu just does it without any pushback. Tammy was so disrespectful when she was talking about Kalani that Asuelu chose to leave. He said goodbye to his family and he left their house rather than stay listening to the trash talk Kalani. It was great that he chose to walk away like he did. Asuelu showed his family that Kalani is important to him and hopefully that serves as a warning to them in the future. Back in Moldova, Elizabeth was still trying to mend things. Her brother and father basically demanded an apology or they said they were leaving.

They were threatening to skip the wedding if they didn’t get an apology. This was also unfortunate because Elizabeth’s father was paying for the wedding and he was threatening to pull back on his monetary support if he didn’t get that apology. Elizabeth and Andrei can’t afford their dream wedding. They needed her father’s help and so Elizabeth pushed Andrei into forgetting his pride. They were still talking while Jess and Colt surprisingly got back together. They broke up after it was revealed that Colt lied to Jess. He told her he wasn’t going to talk to his friend Vanessa anymore and secretly he’s never stopped talking to her. He talks to her every day. She was even watching his cats for him and so Jess was right to be upset.

She just wasn’t right in throwing her shoes at Colt or for threatening to sleep with her ex-boyfriend. Jess didn’t sleep with anyone else. She came back to the hotel room and she spent the night there. Jess and Colt made up the next morning. He didn’t really apologize for lying, but he did tell Jess he loves her and she says she loves him. They were both so in love that they each chose to ignore what Colt’s mother did. Colt’s mother Debbie tried to break them up and she failed. She didn’t succeed in pushing Jess away. She found out she failed when she saw Jess the next morning and so that’s when she let it slip her disappointment. Debbie was so upset she said “damn”. She also went on to roll her eyes and she was very short with Jess.

Jess ignored Debbie’s rudeness. She later said goodbye to Colt because he was flying back home with his mother and before he left – Colt invited Jess to come to see Las Vegas. He said he wanted to introduce her to his cats. The two seemed like they were happy and so they weren’t going to be breaking up anytime soon. But that couldn’t be said for Paul and Karine. The two of them have been fighting so badly that Karine wanted to return to Brazil. She wanted to pack up her son and leave. Karine didn’t even want to speak to Paul. She locked herself in the bathroom to get away from him and this time it was her that was running away from him. Karine wanted space from Paul. She was so upset with him that she didn’t bother listening to anything he had to say.

Karine’s main problem is Paul is that he doesn’t have a job. Paul’s main problem with Karine is that he doesn’t feel like she appreciates him enough for what he does accomplish and so he really wants his participation award. He feels like whatever acknowledgment is his due. Paul and Karine were still arguing as Asuleu saw his mother again. He and his family invited his mother out to a goat farm. The farm was supposed to be fun for everyone. It was really for their children and they enjoyed it. Only Asuelu’s mother remained a problem. His mother was told he didn’t even have the money and she still complained. She wanted her money anyways. She told Asuelu that it was his responsibility to give her money and she acted like she didn’t care her grandchildren would be going without.

Asuelu tried to remind her that he was broke. He tried to remind her that things were very different in America because he had to pay for everything here and his mother ignored him. She refused to hear out his reasoning. Asuelu’s mother was truly selfish. She wasn’t acting like any true parent and even Kalani noticed it. Kalani did not call her mother-in-law out on her crap. She chose to stay quiet because she realized this was Asuelu’s fight and she shouldn’t intervene. Kalani knew Asuelu had to make his own mind about his mother. His mother showed him how heartless she could be and she hadn’t changed Asuelu’s mind. He’s still not going to give her the money. He wasn’t going to cave to her demands and his mother will come to see that herself one day.

In the end, Andrei did apologize to his in-laws. He knew he couldn’t afford the wedding without them and so he finally let go of his pride. But Angela didn’t let go of her stubbornness. She told Michael and his family that she wasn’t going to change for him or them. His aunt came to see how disrespectful Angela was and she no longer wanted Michael to marry Angela.

And over in South Africa, Syngin is realizing he might not be ready for commitment.