TLC ’90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After’ Recap 08/23/20: Season 5 Episode 11 “Public Displays Of Contention”

TLC ’90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After’ Recap 08/23/20: Season 5 Episode 11 "
Tonight on TLC their popular reality show 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? airs with an all-new Sunday, August 23, 2020 episode and we have your 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? recap below for you. On tonight’s 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After season 5 episode 11 “Drawing The Line,” as per the TLC Synopsis “Larissa faces her final court date.

Elizabeth deals with the aftermath of Andrei’s blow up. Asuelu finally stands his ground. Colt worries his relationship is over. Michael’s family is concerned that Angela is not a suitable wife for him.

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Aunt Lydia has seen a different side of Angela. She’s only ever seen Angela on her best behavior. She’s never seen this other side to Angela where Angela was yelling at and disrespecting her nephew Michael. Michael and Angela are engaged. Michael hadn’t been able to calm down Angela or even get a word in once Angela lost her temper. Angela just sorta spoke over him like he didn’t matter and that wasn’t sitting right with Aunt Lydia. Lydia later asked Michael if he still wanted to marry Angela. She wanted to know if he was still willing to marry this woman after everything they had both witness and Michael said he still wants Angela.

Michael still wants to marry this woman. He thought he could reason with Angela and he went back to their apartment to speak to his fiancé. Only Angela was still raging. Angela was tired of hearing about Michael’s culture and how she’s supposed to be submissive. She didn’t want to take the time to figure out what that meant. She just said she didn’t want it. She also keeps saying that she does want equality in her future marriage, but she’s not really acting like she wants equality because she was not treating her future husband as an equal partner and she was once again threatening to call off the wedding.

Angela said she was done with Michael. She was done with his culture and she said she was done with him too. Angela wasn’t just all talk this time. She actually started throwing Michael’s things out of the apartment and so there’s no telling what Michael will have to do to fix things with her. Michael tried walking back the submissive thing. He hadn’t meant it the way she took it and he explained to the cameras that he thought submissive simply meant making each other happy. It seems a little silly now that he explains it that way. He could have used other words or he could have spoken up in Angela’s defense to his aunt.

It was his aunt who wanted the man to be the head of the household. Angela hadn’t wanted that because she had it before and Angela was still clinging to the word submissive. She thought that meant she had to change her personality. She has to be quieter and let Michael have his way more. She didn’t want that. She wanted to be the person to dictate their relationship and it was usually her way or the highway. Angela paid for Michael’s cell phone so that she can call him whenever she likes. She tells him what to do with that cell phone. Like he couldn’t take pictures with women in it or else she threatens to end the relationship again and so the green card is like that cell phone. She wants to dictate what Michael does with it.

Over in Moldova, the rest of Libby’s family was arriving in the country. Libby and her husband met them at the airport. Libby was happy to see her mom and her sister. Her sister Jenn was feisty in the car. She called Moldova bleak and she really crapped on the country for not being glamourous enough for her. Her mom tried to tell her that every country has poverty. It wasn’t just Moldova and so Jenn was being like that because she wanted to push her brother-in-law’s buttons. She knew she was angering Andrei with her comments. She didn’t care. She wanted to get into an argument and he refused to give her one.

Andrei has been at his best since he had to apologize to Chuck and Charlie. Andrei hasn’t gotten into any more fights and he took his in-laws over to the Airbnb without a problem. Andrei later introduced his in-laws to his family. His mother had cooked another extravagant meal with several courses. She really wanted to make the Americans feel welcomed and they were. Not even Chuck and Charlie could say anything against Andrei’s family. They liked them and everyone was getting along. It went off so smoothly that for once Libby was happy. She was happy that everyone hit it off and she couldn’t wait to celebrate her dream wedding.

Things weren’t as happy for Tania and Syngin. They got into another huge argument and this time it was in front of his family. Syngin was the one who started it this time because he mentioned living in South Africa. Syngin wants to come back to South Africa because he wants to go back to his carefree life with his friends and a job he can get at a bar. Syngin does not want to grow up. His wife wants to have a family one day and Syngin was resisting it because he knew that Tania would want him to be a man and not a boy with a baby in the house. And so Syngin claimed he might not want kids.

He said that out of the blue. He tried to make it out like it was her problem when truthfully it was his. He knew Tania wanted kids and that she wanted her kids to have a mixed upbringing. She didn’t want to raise a child in South Africa. She reminded them that her own sister-in-law has never met an American before her and that’s not what she wanted for her own kids. She wanted her kids to meet all sorts of people. Tania wanted to raise her child in America. She wanted Syngin to take something seriously for once and he was refusing to. Syngin and Tania aren’t happy. They haven’t been happy in a while.

Back in the States, Kalani tried to mend things with her in-laws. She knew her in-laws didn’t particularly care for her because they all thought she should be helping her husband Asuelu send money back to Samoa and so Kalani wanted to have it out with them. She thought they’d understand more if she explained it to them. Kalani met with her mother-in-law and her sister-in-law Tammy. Tammy out of the two was the one who didn’t like Kalani. She thought Kalani was stopping Asuelu from supporting his family and that’s not how it is. Kalani told her in-laws tonight that she and Asuelu had made the decision together not to send money back to Samoa.

They couldn’t afford it. Asuelu only has a part-time job. He was looking for more work at the moment and Kalani wasn’t working at all. She was a stay-at-home mother. She had two small children and the couple didn’t want to rely on her family for everything. Hence why they’re broke. They do not have money to share and Kalani hoped her in-laws would finally understand, but they were beyond rude. They demanded Asuelu’s money and they said they didn’t care about his kids. They wanted that money first and foremost. Asuelu’s mother also implied that she would take her son back if he wasn’t living up to his duties by her.

Asuelu’s family threatened Kalani by saying they would make Asuleu separate or divorce her. They blamed Kalani for Asuelu not having money. They claimed Kalani was the selfish one by stopping Asuelu from supporting them and they thought Kalani should get a job. Kalani told them what she did with her own family is her business. She walked away from her in-laws and a good thing too because Tammy came close to fighting Kalani. Tammy had to be held back by her mother. She had wanted to fight Kalani and she threatened her verbally by telling her she was going to beat her up the next time she saw her. And she would have gotten that fight if Kalani had ever turned around.

Kalani thankfully played things smartly. She didn’t give her in-laws the fight they wanted. She just went about her life. Kalani did what Angela wished she could do. Angela didn’t like her future in-laws butting in and telling her she needed to be submissive. She felt that was wrong because she was an American. Her culture is very different from theirs and she would rather base her marriage on her own culture rather than someone else’s. Angela later decided to meet with Michael’s mother and she told Michael that their relationship is going to depend on what his mother says. She said if his mother mentioned the submissive thing again that they would be over. And if the other woman didn’t mention it, then maybe she’d think about marrying Michael.

Hopefully, Michael’s mother won’t be like Debbie. Debbie takes mother from hell to a new level. She lives with her adult son Colt and they share a car as well as a bank account. Debbie even still cooks and cleans for Colt. He doesn’t have to do anything with his mother around and his girlfriends have all had to deal with Debbie. Debbie doesn’t like sharing her son. She got rid of his ex-wife Larissa because she didn’t want to share Colt and now Colt was dating another Brazilian. Debbie doesn’t like Colt’s new girlfriend Jess. Jess and Colt were already talking about baby names and living together and so that upset Debbie because she doesn’t want her son to have anyone else.

Debbie has secretly been nagging Colt since they came back from their trip. She knows that Colt and Jess have been having problems because Jess no longer trusts Colt and they’ve broken up several times. Colt has even used these breakups to excuse him from talking to other women. He’s still talking to those women even after getting back together with Jess and he’s still talking to Vanessa. Vanessa is a big sticking point for Jess. Jess doesn’t want her boyfriend to have such a close female friend and Debbie has been using this jealousy as a reason for why Colt and Jess needed to break up again. And it gets worse.

It turns out Vanessa is now living with Debbie and Colt. Vanessa is supposedly just a roommate. Colt said he had nothing to do with it. He claims it was all his mother and Debbie of course is still pretending like she’s not an instigator. Debbie, truly it set on breaking Colt and Jess up. She’s willing to do anything to get the job done and if this is what she does to a girlfriend then just imagine what she did to Larissa. Larissa is Colt’s ex-wife. Their relationship barely lasted a year and it ended with Larissa having a police record. Larissa was almost deported because of what happened between her and Colt.

Larissa has tried moving on. She hasn’t exactly succeeded because she did reach out to Jess and tell Jess that Debbie is a wolf. Besides that, though, she has moved on. She’s dating Eric and she’s doing her best to convince Eric to pay for her new boobs. Larissa has had plenty of surgeries since she broke up with Colt. She’s had fillers done and somebody sculpting as well. She now wants actual surgeries. Larissa wants a boob job and a nose job. Both are expensive. Larissa was trying to get Eric to pay for it only he was very cheap. Eric didn’t like paying for anything. His cell phone is a gift from Larissa because he was too cheap to get one himself.

Right now, Eric is resisting the idea of paying for new breasts. He’s fully aware of his track record with Larissa. They break up all the time and Larissa will probably break up with him again after she gets her new boobs. Eric asked her about that and she swore she wasn’t going to break up with him again. She also added that she thought they would get married one day and so that was new for Eric. He made some faces at that statement. He didn’t seem like he was ready to get married and who knows what that means for them as a couple. And while they were talking back and forth about paying for their surgery, Angela was getting her mother-in-law’s blessing.

Michael’s mother is giving her a blessing for “equal” marriage. She said she wants whatever will make Michael happy and he’ll be happy if Angela is happy.

And Kalani meanwhile told Asuelu what happened with his family and at first, he agreed that they were horrible, but somehow Kalani and Asuelu got into an argument because they disagreed about who would win in a physical altercation between Kalani and Tammy.