TLC ’90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After’ Recap 08/30/20: Season 5 Episode 12 “Compromising Positions”

TLC ’90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After’ Recap 08/30/20: Season 5 Episode 12 "Compromising Positions"

Tonight on TLC their popular reality show 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? airs with an all-new Sunday, August 30, 2020 episode and we have your 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? recap below for you. On tonight’s 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After season 5 episode 12 “Compromising Positions,” as per the TLC Synopsis “Eric worries about Larissa’s surgery.

Karine looks into leaving the US. Chaos ensues at Angela and Michael’s pre-wedding festivities. Kalani questions the future of her marriage. Colt makes a scandalous revelation. Andrei’s shady past is revealed.

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Larissa had her consultation for plastic surgery. She was unable to pay for this surgery herself and so she came to an agreement with her boyfriend Eric. Eric agreed to loan her the money. He told Larissa she could pay him back in installments and with interest. Eric also wanted full access to her new boobs. Larissa agreed to everything and then she had her consultation. She went to Dr. Smith. He was recommended to her by her friend Heather. Heather works in the beauty industry and she knew Dr. Smith did great work. Heather also went with Larissa and Eric to the consultation. She and Eric were able to give Larissa an opinion on the size she should shoot for.

Larissa wanted the biggest there is. She wanted the fake look and so she tried out a triple D to see how it would fit her, but no one really liked that size on her. They all thought it was too big and they preferred double D or size seven as it’s known by the doctor. The doctor also thought the smaller size fits her. He told Larissa and she agreed to go with the smaller size. She especially liked how small her waist looks with the size she did go with. Larissa doesn’t like exercising and so having the appearance of a smaller waist without having to work for it had been enough for her to jump on board. And so everyone was in agreement on Larissa’s boobs.

It was just the other things that caught Eric by surprise. Eric knows he’s going to be the one taking care of Larissa as she recovers and he’s fine with that. Only he didn’t know that the plastic surgeries were going to be such a health risk for Larissa. He found out about the many complications that could crop up and it freaked him out. Eric says he doesn’t want anything to go wrong. He also said Larissa didn’t need the surgery. She was beautiful the way she is and Eric didn’t think she had to change. Eric began changing his mind about the surgeries entirely as he heard the many things that could go wrong.

Eric seems to have lost his enthusiasm, but he and Larissa were still together and they were going to work on their problems together. It was Paul who should be concerned. Paul’s wife Karine went to go see a lawyer behind Paul’s back. She wanted to know if she could take her son Pierre back to Brazil and the lawyer that legally she could do it. The lawyer also warned that Paul could put up a fight. He could take Karine to family court in order to prevent her from taking their son out of the country and so Karine might face a problem if she does so without Paul’s consent. Not that she was going to let that stop her from doing what she wants to do. Karine missed Brazil and America was not what she thought it would be.

Meanwhile, things with Kalani and Asuelu took a turn for the worst. Their marriage is on the brink. Asuelu overheard Kalani speaking to her sister about him and he blew up. He got into a nasty argument with Kalani. Her sister left. Kolini flew back home and Asuelu went to go stay with his sister. Asuelu knew his sister had crossed a line with Kalani. Kalani told him how Tammy tried to fight her and how Asuelu’s own mother had said she didn’t care about her grandkids. Asuelu’s family has shown time and time again that they are toxic. They don’t want Asuelu to be happy with Kalani and so going over there after this fight with his wife was the worst decision he could have possibly made.

Asuelu was not going to receive any kind of helpful advice or consideration from his family. They were just too toxic to put his needs before their own and so he wasn’t going to get help. Asuelu was just going to be told he needed to leave Kalani while Kalani was told something different. Kalani spoke to her mom and her mom said that she still has issues with her Samoan husband. Her mother helped put everything into perspective for Kalani. She realized she needed to work on her marriage and so she was going to talk to Asuelu about marriage counseling. Kalani thought counseling could be their last chance.

Angela and Michael hadn’t even gotten married yet and they needed counseling. They needed it desperately. They fight all the time and their latest disagreement is about money. Michael’s family was paying for the wedding. Michael, therefore, wanted Angela to be cost-effective. He didn’t want to get anything too expensive and Angela disagreed with him. She went with the more expensive flower arrangement because of sentimental value. Angela arranged for a huge bouquet with roses representing the family members she was forced to leave behind in Georgia and it was quite expensive. Angela was given the option to go with a cheaper model only she chose not to take it.

Angela rejected the medium size because she wanted to go large. She didn’t even ask Michael what he thought about it and so he had to speak up. It was probably the first time he had ever done in their whole relationship. Michael tried to tell her how uncomfortable he was with the flower arrangement she chose. He reminded her again that his family was paying for everything and that he didn’t want to put them out of their way, but Angela did what she always does. Angela ignored him and she did what she wanted. She with the large bouquet and she also decided they should have a joint bachelorette/bachelor party. And that was something she came to regret.

Colt regretted meeting with Jess in public. Colt knew what Jess is like when she’s upset and he upset her. Colt said the wrong thing to her. He always says the wrong things to her. It’s just that sometimes Colt likes to do crap and then play the victim whenever he’s caught. It’s how he manipulates the women he’s with. He did the same with his ex-wife Larissa and that’s why she’s his ex-wife. Colt is also a habitual liar. He couldn’t help himself and so Jess had every reason to still be angry with him. It wasn’t just his friendship with Vanessa. He also sent dick pics to other girls when he first started talking to Jess and she had receipts.

Jess reminded Colt of the many times he’s lied to her. Jess was never going to forget or truly forgive it. She has no reason to because she knows Colt won’t change. Colt keeps lying to her. He tells himself that it would be worse if he told her the truth, but really he pushes everything to the last minute because he’s a coward who doesn’t want to be the bad guy. He fails to understand that he is the bad guy because he does bad things. He lies, he cheats, and he’s way too attached to his mother. Colt is not the dreamboat he pretends to be and his latest stunt was too much for Jess because there was no way she was going to approve of him living with Vanessa when she could barely tolerate their friendship.

Karine later told Paul she met with a lawyer. She told him she wanted to know what her rights were and so Paul didn’t understand initially what she was talking about. He’s always told her that she has rights in the United States. He’s never tried to claim otherwise and so he had needed her to explain why she went to see a lawyer. Karine told him she wanted to know if she could leave with Pierre and she found out she could. She could take her baby back to Brazil. Don’t know why Karine decided to tell Paul this. She knew the man she married and Paul reacted like she expected he would.

Paul told her in no uncertain times that he’s going to fight her in court before he lets her take his son from him. He told her he’d fight her in the American courts and Brazilian courts. He promised to go full nuclear war if Karine left with Pierre and so she burst into tears. Karine became upset with Paul because she felt he went too far. Paul calmed down some when he saw that she was crying and he apologized to Karine. He said he was sorry if he went too far. He also tried to comfort her and she wouldn’t let him. Karine pushed him away. She didn’t want to be touched by him and Paul had no idea what to do. He just let her be.

Over in Moldova, Elizabeth’s family was still stirring things up. They knew Andrei was withholding information about his past and they wanted to know what it was. They tried asking Andrei. That didn’t work and so they tried the next best thing. They asked Andrei’s friends. They got one friend alone and they asked him about Andrei’s time on the local police force. Andrei’s friend said Andrei had to leave the country. Andrei was supposedly one of the good cops in a corrupted system and he was forced out when he became a problem. Andrei’s friend painted him as a hero. So, naturally, Elizabeth’s family wasn’t buying it. They thought something bad had happened and that’s why Andrei was too scared to talk about it.

Asuelu came back to the hotel. He came back with flowers and he tried to pretend like nothing was wrong. Asuelu was hoping to get a kiss from his wife and she wouldn’t give him one. Kalani hadn’t wanted to just wish the problem away. She wanted to talk about it and work through it. She told Asuelu that they needed to work through it. He didn’t really agree with her and he was apologetic about what happened before her. He blew up at her for talking to her sister about their marriage. He felt that was their business and Kalani disagreed. She was quite close with her sister. Her sister was also there right after they had a different argument and so she just turned to Kolini out of habit.

Kalani didn’t apologize to Asuelu either for talking to her sister about private things. She didn’t feel like Asuelu was owed an apology and, in spite of what she told her mother, she actually felt like counseling wouldn’t help at all. Not at this point anyways. Kalani decided that she was over her marriage. She felt done. She was spent and she didn’t want to try anymore. She just wanted to be done. Kalani said she has to make the best decision for herself and her children and right now that’s giving up on her marriage. And so all Kalani do now is tell Asuelu that it’s over. She had the conversation first with the cameras before she had one with him.

Larissa was honest with Eric. She told him she wanted a few more surgeries after she gets her boobs and nose down. She wanted to get liposuction. She also wanted to take all the fat from liposuction and plump up her butt with it. Larissa said she wanted to look like a mannequin and she thinks only then will she be happy.

Larissa was arguing over more surgeries with her boyfriend as her ex-husband was trying to make peace with his girlfriend. Jess found out that Colt is still sending dick pics to girls he met online and that he was now living with Vanessa. And so that just about broke Jess who truly did love Colt.

Angela also regretted that a joint bachelor/bachelorette party because she didn’t like Michael looking at other women dancing.