TLC ’90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After’ Recap 09/06/20: Season 5 Episode 13 “Hot Tempers and Cold Feet”

Tonight on TLC their popular reality show 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? airs with an all-new Sunday, September 6, 2020 episode and we have your 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? recap below for you. On tonight’s 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After season 5 episode 13 “Compromising Positions,” as per the TLC Synopsis “Nerves run high the day of Angela and Michael’s wedding; Colt reveals all his secrets to Jess.

Kalani and Asuelu attend couples’ therapy; Larissa develops an unlikely friendship; Elizabeth discovers Andrei was hiding the truth from her too.

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Kalani and her husband Asuelu haven’t really talked since come back to Utah. They came back from visiting his family and the visit had been a disaster from start to finish. His family was awful to both of them. Kalani tried to lean on her husband for support and he was horrible to her. Kalani then tried to lean on her sister Kolini, but Asuelu got upset with her for talking about their marriage with someone else and that kicked off another fight. Asuleu doesn’t like to talk through issues. He just gets so angry with Kalani that he refuses to talk to her and that wasn’t good for their marriage. Kalani was happy. She was so unhappy that she felt done with the marriage itself and so it was Kalani’s mother who was acting as the voice of reason.

Kalani’s mother once again brought up marriage counseling. She wanted her daughter and son-in-law to try every avenue possible before they thinking of divorce and so she convinced Kalani to bring up marriage counseling to Asuelu. Asuleu was later told that they needed help. Kalani phrased it as them being on the breaking point and that they finally needed to learn how to talk through their issues. Asuelu tried to make some demands as well. He wanted a Samoan and a male counselor. He claimed that he wanted to speak in his own language and be comfortable. And so Kalani reminded him that they live in a small town in Utah. The counselor they get was most likely going to be white.

Over in Las Vegas, Jess had learned everything. She found out that her boyfriend was sending dick pics to other women and that he was currently living with a woman who he claimed was just a friend. This “friend” was an attractive woman of the opposite sex. Vanessa and Colt also slept together once before and so Colt’s girlfriend Jess was wary about Vanessa. She didn’t want Colt to be friends with this woman anymore. He had even promised her that the friendship was over only for that to be a lie. Colt continued to be friends with Vanessa and he trusted so much that he had her cat-sitting for him when he and his mother went to Brazil. Jess found out about that thanks to Colt’s mother, Debbie.

Debbie is possessive of Colt. They live together, she drives him to and from work, and they also share a bank account. Debbie and her son were really close. Some would say too close because Debbie deliberately tried to sabotage his relationship with Jess. She told Jess that Colt and Vanessa were still talking and she later asked Vanessa to move into their spare bedroom because Vanessa was going through a divorce. Vanessa was apparently there for Colt when he was going through his own divorce and so he considers helping her now as returning the favor. Colt was so helpful to Vanessa that he risked his relationship. She found out that Colt was now living with his “friend” and she had had enough. Jess was tired of Colt’s manipulations.

Things were running smoothly in Nigeria either. Angela had another hissy fit after she had a joint bachelor/bachelorette party with her husband-to-be Michael and Michael had been caught checking out other women. He didn’t go to them or ask anyone for their numbers. He was just looking and that was enough for Angela to start yelling. Angela is a jealous woman. She doesn’t want Michael talking to other women or even looking at them. She wants to be the only woman he looks at and she threatens not to marry Michael whenever she gets upset. Angela says she has to trust him. She goes on to say she couldn’t marry him if she doesn’t trust him and so once again she was wavering.

Angela has done this plenty of times. She gets upset that she couldn’t see reason and she usually blames their fights all on him. Like she holds no blame whatsoever. Angela was the one who was always angry. She was the one who would threaten to call off the wedding and then she would “forgive” Michael for what he’s done after he apologizes. He will always apologize. Michael does his best to calm down Angela and once it was done they were back to being a “happy” couple again. It was a vicious cycle. Neither appeared to want to break it and so it was allowed to continue. Michael once again apologizing for what happened at the club. He did his best to tell Angela he loves her and she ultimately forgives him. Only this time she says she might not be able to trust him once she goes back to America.

Elizabeth sure as hell wasn’t sure if she should trust her own husband. Elizabeth was told that Andrei moved to Ireland for better work opportunities and all the while her family was learning that there was another reason he left. It turns out Andrei was run out of the country. Andrei claims and his friends claim as well that he was a good man stuck in a corrupted police force. Andrei was asked by his in-laws if the rumors they heard were true. He confessed that they were and that he was asked to be just as corrupt as his fellow police officers. Andrei didn’t want to do. He didn’t want to participate in crime so he chose to walk away. He knew he had to get either them before he was framed for a crime he didn’t do.

Elizabeth was unaware of this. Her husband tried to tell her that he told her what had happened before now, but if so, she doesn’t remember it. Elizabeth said he talked about leaving the police force and that he never used the words forced out or on the run. Elizabeth was shocked to hear this. She was also upset with Andrei because she felt she should have known this beforehand and so they wouldn’t have gotten into an argument if her family wasn’t there. Elizabeth was angry. She just wasn’t going to let her family know it because they would have been all “I told you so”. Her family does not like her husband. Its why they dug information on Andrei and its why they were hoping to find something bad about him. And all they did find was that he wasn’t a corrupt police officer.

Syngin and Tania were another couple rehashing old drama. They got up into this huge fight in front of the family and his family wasn’t happy about the ways things went. They all went to visit some farm or orchard and his parents brought up the fight because they had unsettled by it. Syngin’s parents thought there were certain things that the couple should have kept to themselves. They especially thought that Tania was going to regret some of the things she said and no one talked about the real issue. No one mentioned how Syngin is a man-child. Syngin wants to return to his old lifestyle where he could go out every night and party until the sun came up. He didn’t even like the cold because he wanted to hang out outside and chill in the breeze.

Syngin’s mother made a comment about how some people argue for the sake of arguing. She was making a subtle dig at Tania because Tania was really the one who was shouting and still no one brought up why Tania was upset. Tania married a man she thought would settle down in time. She didn’t know she was marrying the Peter Pan. Syngin would claim he was looking for a job and then waste the day away drinking at the same bar she was interviewing in. Syngin also made some promise to Tania. Promises he wasn’t living up to him and that he might have been too drunk to remember because Syngin said that wasn’t his style. He believes he wasn’t the type of man to make things up just to hold onto a woman. And yet Tania believes he is that sort of man.

Back in the States, Paul took his family on a tour of a waste facility. He thought that would be interesting for the family because he liked talking about pipes and so his wife said if he loves it so much then maybe he should get a job as a plumber. Karine desperately wants Paul to get a job. She’s been hounding him to get once since they landed in the US and he hasn’t found one. He says it’s hard finding a job with his criminal record. He also says that he’s doing his best and that he’s still providing for his family. He found them a place to stay. He provides for them and the dog and so Paul sometimes says that Karine isn’t appreciative of all that he does do for them. And he became angry once he learned she wanted to return to Brazil.

Karine wanted to take her son back to Brazil. She was lonely and she didn’t felt like she could talk to her husband Paul. She also didn’t try to talk to him. Karine would lock herself in the bathroom or go for walks and she wouldn’t tell Paul what’s wrong. He would try to find out. He would follow her if she left the tiny house and he would always ask her what’s wrong. It was Karine that refused to tell him. She left her home and her family because she truly thought she was going to get a better life in the US. She thought they were going to move into a big house with a yard. She thought that they would have the American Dream and she didn’t get any of those things. Its why she was pressuring him to get a job. She thought they could finally get those things if Paul started working.

Only Paul knew he might not work for a while. He has been trying to find a job and nothing he’s tried has worked. Paul also could see how unhappy Karine was. He tried to make her feel better by asking her if she would like to return to Brazil and she said “yes”. She even smiled at him for the first time in a long time. Karine wanted to go home. She told Paul so and he agreed that they could move back. He said he wasn’t going to be permanent. He would like for them to live in the US and so he firmly believe that they would come back after a couple of months in Brazil. And in the meantime, he’s still looking for work.

Jess, as mentioned, had grown tired of Colt’s games. She broke up with him and she later made arrangements to meet Larissa in person. She felt like Larissa was the only person who could understand her situation. The two women were both involved with Colt and so they bonded over how much of a player he was. He couldn’t stop himself from flirting with other women. He literally would meet people one day and then send them a picture of his penis in their next conversation. Colt doesn’t look like a typical player. He was overweight and wore glasses. He also lived with his mother and still, he believed he was a big fish in a tiny pond. And so his ex-wife and his ex-girlfriend laughed about it together.

Larissa had contacted Jess months ago about Colt. She tried to warn her fellow Brazilian about Colt and his possessive mother and Jess didn’t want to believe her at first. This was at the start of her relationship with Colt. She didn’t want to hear negative about him and so the doubts came later on. The doubts came when she met Debbie. Debbie was a little too aggressive to Jess who she had just met and Debbie hooks into Colt were clear. Then Colt began lying to Jess. Jess learned what was happening mostly in part because Debbie was sabotaging the relationship and what she didn’t learn from her she learned from her investigative work. Jess figured out all her own that Colt was messaging other women. She was also smart enough to break up with Colt before marrying him.

Tania and Syngin came back to argue. This time they started a fight in front of his friends and so his friends don’t think the marriage is going to last.
Also, Michael and Angela were finally getting married. All she has to do now is walk down the aisle and that will be next week.