TLC ’90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After’ Recap 09/13/20: Season 5 Episode 14 “To Love and To Obey”

TLC ’90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After’ Recap 09/13/20: Season 5 Episode 14 "To Love and To Obey"

Tonight on TLC their popular reality show 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? airs with an all-new Sunday, September 13, 2020 episode and we have your 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? recap below for you. On tonight’s 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After season 5 episode 14 “To Love and To Obey,” as per the TLC Synopsis “Elizabeth’s brother threatens her wedding with Andrei. Kalani and Asuelu’s families go head to head. Angela receives shocking news. Paul and Karine say their goodbyes. Larissa’s surgery does not go as expected. Colt turns over a new leaf.

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The time had finally come for Libby and Andrei’s wedding. The two were married once before in the United States and Andrei’s family wasn’t able to come at the time. They were all still living in Moldova. This second wedding is different because its primarily for Andrei’s family. It was being conducted in their church and in their country. His whole family gets to witness it this time because of the concessions Andrei and Libby made for them. However, it was Libby’s father Chuck who was paying for the wedding. The man has seven children and he’s provided for his other daughters’ weddings. Andrei, therefore, felt this second wedding was Chuck’s responsibility.

Chuck didn’t pay for their first marriage. They paid it for themselves and so Andrei pressured Libby to pressure her father to pay for this wedding. Chuck eventually agreed to do so. He then flew out to Moldova to be there for this wedding and it’s been one issue after another between Chuck’s family and Andrei. Andrei didn’t want to tell his in-laws why he left Moldova. They had to find out on their own that he was more or less run out because the police force there was corrupt and he was asked to either join them or leave. He chose to leave. He just didn’t tell his wife why he left and so she had to find out from someone else.

Libby found out from her family. They tracked down one of Andrei’s friends and they questioned him why Andrei chose to leave Moldova. Andrei didn’t go straight to the US. He didn’t seem to even want to move there. He went to Ireland and he met Libby by chance. Only Libby’s family thinks Andrei went to Ireland in some long scheme of making it to the States and that’s why they dug up information on him. They were hoping to prove a point. They instead came across as too overly involved and all they manage to do was upset Libby. She and her husband had a long conversation about why he left Moldova. They still love each other and so they decided to move past it.

Hence the wedding. Libby and Andrei went ahead with their dream wedding and they seemed to have forgotten about the family drama. The same unfortunately couldn’t be said of Asuelu and Kalani. The two of them were married and they were even in marriage counseling because things with Asuelu’s family have gotten really bad. Asuelu’s family wanted him to divorce Kalani. They thought it was Kalani’s fault that Asuelu didn’t have enough money to give his mom and so his family told Kalani she either needed to work herself or they were going to take back Asuelu. And, well, no one asked Asuelu.

Asuelu loves his family. He loves his mother and his sisters. He also loves his two sons and his wife. Asuelu didn’t want to choose between them. He wanted them to all get along and so he asked his family to come down to Utah. He thought things would go smoother if his mother apologizes for the divorce comment to Kalani. He also wanted Kalani to welcome his family in spite of certain things they’ve told her. They weren’t just threatening her with divorce. Asuelu’s sister Tammy was completely out of line with Kalani and she said she was going to beat Kalani up. She would have too if Kalani had turned around for her. Which, thankfully, she didn’t do.

Angela and Michael were just beginning in their marriage. They finally got married tonight after years of indecisiveness and continuous arguments about the same thing. They would often fight because Angela was jealous. She didn’t like the idea of Michael being around other women, speaking to other women, looking at other women, or even taking photos with women in it. Angela wanted Michael all for herself. She also wanted their relationship to be carried out her way and so she left Michael with little choice in the matter. He had to do everything she said. If he didn’t, he risked losing her.

Angela wasn’t afraid to walk away. She’s threatened to walk away countless times and each time she did it was always Michael coming to her to apologize. It was a weird relationship, but it worked for them and now they’re married. They got married in a beautiful ceremony. Angela even said the words “obey” in her vows and that wasn’t the only surprising thing to happen. Michael’s aunt showed up at the wedding. She previously disapproved of Michael’s relationship with Angela because she felt Angela was too controlling. She was also there for one of their fights and she didn’t like the way Angela talked down to Michael and so for this particular to still show up to support him was a gift.

Michael’s aunt had fun at the wedding. She wished the couple well and they danced the night away. Back in the States, Paul was taking his family back to Brazil. He came to the decision after his wife Karine told him how unhappy she was in the States and how lonely. Karine didn’t feel like she had anyone to talk to. She couldn’t talk to Paul. She couldn’t talk to his mother and so finally she just said she was unhappy. She wanted to go back to her home. She wanted to return to Brazil and she wanted to take their son with them. And so Paul agreed for them to go back because he didn’t want to get into a situation where he was fighting Karine for custody.

Paul did what he had to. Colt was trying to get his life together as well. He went back to working out after Jess ended things with him and his workout friend was also a hypnotist who helps him meditate. The two of them talked. Colt said that he jumped into things too fast with Jess. He got with Jess four months after his divorce and he never took the time to heal or figure out what he wants. Colt also now realizes that he needs to create some boundaries with his mom, Debbie. Debbie was too involved in his life. She did everything she could to break up him and Jess. She claimed that she was doing it for Colt and no one really believes her.

Debbie was doing all of this in order to keep her unhealthy relationship with her son. She lives with him, she cooks for him, she does laundry, and she’s still treating him like he’s this little kid. He’s not a child anymore. He grown man and he needed to distance himself from his mother. His mother shouldn’t be involving herself in his dating life. It was none of her business and Colt sees now that he should have told his mother to back off. His friend Steve helped to see it. Steve reminded Colt that each relationship he’s ever had there has been an issue between Colt’s partner and his mother. And his mother also seemed to be the common factor in many of Colt’s breakups.

Colt was just learning to stand up for himself against his mother. If he needed lessons, he should turn to Asuelu. Asuelu told his mother that she couldn’t keep bringing up divorce. He was not divorcing Kalani and he wanted his mother and his sister Tammy to apologize for the things they’ve said in the past. Especially with what they’ve said to Kalani. Asuelu told them they had to apologize He also ignored his sister when she tried to claim that she has nothing to apologize for. Tammy told her brother that she did nothing wrong and so she was forgetting how aggressive she was to her sister-in-law. And over money of all things.

Asuelu’s mother was at least thinking about apologizing. She was hoping that if she gave her son and daughter-in-law what they wanted then maybe Kalani would give her the money she’s been asking for. Asuelu’s mother has been demanding money. She was thousands of dollars and she doesn’t care if it gets in the way of Asuelu taking care of his kids. His mother said that was the Samoan way. Only Kalani’s father was Samoan. He said he would never be expected to take care of his parents at the risk of ignoring his children and so he had no idea what the hell his in-laws were talking about. They were basically creating a faux Samoan culture just to get money.

Kalani’s family wanted to talk about everything with Asuelu’s family. The two families didn’t really know each other all that well and so tonight was a great opportunity for them. Both sides got to get things off their chests. Asuelu’s family said they blamed Kalani for Asuelu’s lack of funds and they kept on demanding Asuelu send money to his mother. His mother wouldn’t let it go that it was Kalani’s fault. Kalani’s mother spoke up for her daughter. She tried to speak mother to mother to Asuelu’s mom and Asuelu’s sister got involved. Tammy was getting hype. She was getting riled up and so Kalani’s dad was actually the peacemaker. Low got his wife to back off and Tammy to stop.

Low being there stopped the families from truly getting into it. Asuelu told his mother that he loves her and he wants to help her. He also said that if she didn’t respect his wishes then he was going to cross out Samoa from his bank account. Asuelu threatened to pull all the funding if his mother didn’t back off and so she apologized to Kalani. She apologized for her behavior. She realized a hundred dollars is better than nothing. His mom came on board and so all that was left was for Tammy to apologize as well. Asuelu asked her to apologize and she refuses to because she still wants Asuelu to divorce Kalani. And she still blames Kalani for not giving them more money.

Tammy was still hanging on to her faux culture. Luckily, Andrei didn’t have to make up his culture. His Moldovan culture did get some money from his father-in-law only Chuck didn’t really mind it. He got to watch his daughter get married again. She was married in Andrei’s church and they later took photos outside the church. They also went happily to the reception. The reception was a fancy place for Moldova. Libby’s family would normally have liked such a place after having experienced “peasant” food. Everyone would have enjoyed if they had been in the mood because the entertainment value was high and there was a little bit of everything.

There was a band, a lot of dancers for each occasion, and so Andrei and Elizabeth got what they always dreamed of. They had a splashy reception which made them both very happy. It was just her family that was being sour about everything. Libby’s sister thought they used the whole budget on the reception and Libby’s brother soon got quite drunk very fast. It was only Libby’s parents that were on their best behavior. Her dad enjoyed the party. He thought the dancers were amazing and Libby’s mother had loved the whole thing because she had heard the area was very poverty-stricken.

Only Libby’s brother Charlie’s drunkenness got worse as the night went on. He became upset with the more he witnessed because he thought his father favored Andrei with how much money he spent on the wedding and he didn’t think Andrei was worth anything. Charlie even grabbed the microphone out of his father’s hand to make a speech. He slurred his way through his wedding speech in which he told Andrei don’t come to America. He also told Andrei not to ask his father for money. Charlie was just being an ass and eventually, they were able to take the microphone back from him though by then it was too late.

Then there was Larissa. Larissa had plastic surgery done because she wanted to enhance her bust size and get a smaller nose. She doesn’t have a job to pay for these surgeries. It was Larissa’s boyfriend Eric paid for the surgeries. He “loaned” Larissa the money to pay for them and he fully expects to be paid back. He doesn’t know he’ll get the money back, but he’s expecting it and Larissa in the meantime was not looking for a job. She was in recovery. Larissa went home on the day she had surgery and it was up to Eric to take care of her. He had to treat her pain with the prescription she was given from the doctor. And after everything, Eric said he realized just how important Larissa is to him.

And Angela heard from home that her mother was rushed to the hospital.