TLC ’90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After’ Recap 09/20/20: Season 5 Episode 15 “Point Of No Return”

TLC ’90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After’ Recap 09/20/20: Season 5 Episode 15 "Point Of No Return"

Tonight on TLC their popular reality show 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? airs with an all-new Sunday, September 20, 2020 episode and we have your 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? recap below for you. On tonight’s 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After season 5 episode 15 “Point Of No Return,” as per the TLC Synopsis “Larissa’s plastic surgery transformation stuns her friends. Andrei confronts Charlie at the wedding. Kalani and Asuelu reach a breaking point. Colt tells Debbie to back off. Syngin considers staying in South Africa. Tragedy strikes Angela’s family.

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Larissa is recovering. She went through two surgeries. She had both her nose and breasts done. She was also sent home a few hours after her surgery. She was bruised still. She was in constant pain and basically she was out of it for the most part because she was on some serious painkillers. Larissa was in such a state that she couldn’t take care of herself. It was her boyfriend Eric who was taking care of her and he was doing a pretty good job according to her surgeon. Her doctor saw her a few days after the surgery. He noticed that Larissa was recovering well and that Eric was doing his part to keep Larissa healthy.

Eric did everything for Larissa after the surgery. He applied ice to get the swelling on her eyes down and he woke up at all odd hours alongside Larissa so that he could be there to give her the necessary medication. Eric was also the one running questions past the doctor and the nurse when they next saw them. He asked for clarification when they said Larissa could now sleep through the night and he even asked if she could sleep on her back. Larissa’s boyfriend was a great asset when she needed him the most. Eric didn’t complain about anything. He was just there and that’s what Larissa needed.

Larissa was in terrible pain. Her new breasts hurt the most because they went in under the muscle and the doctor told her that was normal. He also suggested that Larissa was probably in more pain than she was claiming and so Larissa was holding back some. She wasn’t being entirely truthful about her pain level. There were several reasons why that could be. She maybe didn’t want Eric to know how much pain she was in. He didn’t really approve of the surgeries and he only went along with it because that’s what Larissa really wanted. Not that it stopped him from worrying. He was white as a sheet when she was in surgery and he was panicking. He even went into a restricted area to check on her.

Eric’s fears could be why Larissa was downplaying her symptoms. There were also other scenarios for why and it won’t be until Larissa is capable of sitting upright to talk that anyone is going to get answers from her. Over in Nigeria, Angela was rushing back home. Her mother took a turn for the worse and Angela was worried about her. Angela had to leave her new husband Michael behind in Nigeria. Michael doesn’t have his visa yet and so he couldn’t come to the States. He and his wife had to separate right as she needed him. Angela lost her mother. She now has to bury her mother on her own and her husband couldn’t be there to help.

Michael was denied the K-1 visa. He couldn’t come to America as a fiancé and so the pair had to get married in Nigeria because that was the only way for them to apply for the spousal visa. They now have to wait for their spousal visa to go through. They could always be denied it and they don’t really have a backup plan in case the worst happens. Michael and Angela were truly hanging everything on the visa. They were forced to separate without it and other couples wedding days weren’t as happy either. Elizabeth and Andrei got married again. They got married in Andrei’s church and they had a beautiful reception. It was just Libby’s brother that was the problem.

Libby’s brother Charlie got drunk at the reception. He got drunk and, when he drinks, he gets rude. He was really rude to his brother-in-law especially. Charlie grabbed the mike from out of his father’s hand and he made a wedding speech in which he accused Andrei of constantly having his hand out. Andrei had taken plenty of Chuck’s money in the past. It was also Chuck that was paying for this lavish Moldovan wedding and so Charlie became jealous. Charlie saw how much money was spent on Libby’s wedding and he got jealous that their dad would give this big wedding to Andrei of all people.

Andrei generally doesn’t get along with his in-laws. He’s always fighting them or telling them to mind their business. Andrei could be rude, too. He and his father-in-law don’t really talk because of it and so that all changed tonight. Andrei actually apologized to Chuck. He told him he wanted to leave the past behind him and move forward with their relationship. Andrei wants to have a better relationship with Chuck. He even apologized and all it took was Charlie airing his dirty laundry for everyone to hear. Charlie was so drunk that he didn’t make peace with Andrei. He just continued to be a nuisance.

Then there’s Syngin. He and his wife Tania went to South Africa to visit his brother because his brother almost died and he wanted to make sure his brother was doing better, but all throughout the trip, Syngin has been fighting with his wife. Syngin returned home and he found out he missed it more than he thought he did. He was happy in South Africa. He got to meet up with his friends and get drunk whenever they wanted. Syngin hasn’t really made new friends in America. He does go out drinking on his own and it tends to lead to a fight between him and Tania. Tania wishes he would grow up.

Tania doesn’t want to be married to a frat boy. She was hoping that Syngin would learn to be an adult and that they could make their lives in America together. Only Syngin got a taste of his old life when he went back home. He remembered a life without worries where he could lose a motorcycle and it not matter. Syngin’s friends and family also wanted him to stay in South Africa. They claimed to have seen a “different” side to Tania and now they don’t think Syngin should go back with her. They wanted Syngin to stay. They all tried to make cases for why Syngin should stay and Syngin didn’t know what to do. He said the commitment is hard. He was sorta looking for a way of it and his family was giving him one.

Syngin’s mother wasn’t telling him what he needed to hear. She wasn’t telling Syngin to grow up or to work on his marriage. She just wanted him back home again. Debbie was the same way. Debbie babies her son, Colt. Colt was married and divorced. Yet, he’s still being treated like a child. Colt’s girlfriends have all complained about it and only now is Colt ready to do something to correct it. Colt talked to his mother. He told her that he needed to be treated like a man now if he wanted other women to treat him that way and so his mother needed to stop getting overly involved in his relationships. She couldn’t keep driving the women away.

Debbie likes to be the main woman in Colt’s life. She couldn’t keep being that if he was ever to grow up and so he told her he needed her to step back some. Debbie took that mean that now she doesn’t have to do his laundry or make his bed. Debbie said Colt could do those things on his own now. Debbie also told Colt that he needed to find out who he is first before judging her and she had a point. Colt was a player. He throws himself into a relationship and then he constantly uses every little fight to self-sabotage. He met Vanessa when he was married to Larissa and the two of them slept together. It isn’t clear when they slept together. So, it could have happened while he was still married.

Speaking of messy, Asuelu’s sister Tammy went home early. Tammy was a thorn in Asuelu’s relationship with his wife Kalani and everyone was happier without her there. The couple even shared a laugh with his mother. His mom jokingly asked him for money and then told them she was kidding. Asuelu’s mother wasn’t as light-hearted with Tammy around. It was always Tammy that was pressuring Asuelu to work more hours and she was the one telling Kalani to get a job. Kalani has two young children. It would cost her most of her salary to put her kids in daycare while she worked and so the couple was fine with Kalani staying home. She was taking care of the household.

It was Asuelu that went out to work. He has a part-time job as a sample server and, for the rest, they rely on Kalani’s parents. Her parents were helping them get by. Asuelu didn’t want to always lean on his in-laws and so he was trying to find more work. Asuelu also couldn’t afford to send much money back to Samoa. He wasn’t making much and his salary was being eaten up by the things his kids need. Asuelu tried to tell his family that he couldn’t send money back. His mom came to see that he was doing what he had to and his sister just couldn’t stop blaming Kalani. Tammy hates her sister-in-law. She blames her for everything and she also seemed resentful that Asuelu couldn’t send money back home.

Tammy leaving early was a blessing. She left before she could apologize to Kalani and so that meant Kalani didn’t have to apologize to her either. They can just continue to hate each other. Kalani was moving on with her life and she seems to be a better place with her husband. She and Asuelu were talking. They were going to therapy and therapy was helping. Kalani was able to voice what she wanted from Asuelu. She wanted him to help out with the kids and so she was going to need him to do some of “her” duties. Asuelu wrote out their duties when they out to dinner. He wrote cleaning up after himself for himself and he wrote taking care of the kids for her. And so that’s why she’s going to need him to do some of her duties.

Libby and Andrei managed to get their wedding reception back on track. They ignored her brother who was still being offensive and he even managed to be so with his own father. Charlie kept calling Chuck weak. He told Chuck he needed to stand up for himself and Chuck kept trying to tell him that now wasn’t the time. It was Libby’s wedding. They were Libby’s family and so everyone else got on board. Everyone besides Charlie. Charlie ostracized himself from his family at the wedding. He kept drinking and so everyone else chose to ignore him. They all realized that Andrei walked away from a fight with Charlie and that was a good sign for them.

It showed Andrei was maturing. Elizabeth was very proud of her husband for being the bigger man and the two enjoyed the rest of their wedding reception being more in love than ever. Another couple doing well is Larissa and Eric. They were back at it once Larissa had recovered and they were more sex. It turns out Larissa was more in the mood now that she feels comfortable in her body. Larissa loves her giant new boobs and she loves her slim down nose. Larissa is a lot happier now. She even shares a bedroom with Eric now. They used to have separate rooms and now it’s just the one although they sleep in different beds in the same room.

Larissa and Eric were weird. Their friends thought it was nice that they could be weird together and it worked for them as well. Larissa was happy with Eric. They’ve talked about marriage and Larissa has made it known that she’s going to propose to Eric if her green card gets denied. So, here’s hoping she gets that green card! Larissa and Eric were doing better meanwhile Kalani and Asuelu was doing worse.

The couple was dealing with Covid-19. They were supposed to be in quarantine together and that’s hard to do with Asuelu going out all the time. He’s still out meeting up with his friends and being unhealthy. Asuelu doesn’t believe he can become infected with the coronavirus. Its why taking risks behind Kalani’s back and so Kalani put a tracker on Asuelu’s phone just so that she could see where he’s going.

Kalani became so frustrated with Asuelu that she suggested that he go see his family in Washington. She thought they needed separation and there’s no telling when they were going to get back together or even be in the same room again.

And Syngin went back to the States with his wife Tania.