TLC ’90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After’ Recap 09/27/20: Season 5 Episode 16 “Tell All Part 1”

TLC '90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After' Recap 09/27/20: Season 5 Episode 16 "Tell All Part 1"

Tonight on TLC their popular reality show 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? airs with an all-new Sunday, September 27, 2020 episode and we have your 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? recap below for you. On tonight’s 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After season 5 episode 16 “Tell All Part 1,” as per the TLC Synopsis “In part one of the Tell All, the couples reunite from their own homes. Angela and Michael struggle with trust issues, Elizabeth’s family questions Andrei’s integrity, and Colt clashes with both of his exes.

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The knives were out on tonight’s Tell All. Everyone had something to something and most of it was directed at each other. Luckily, the cast of tonight’s episode wasn’t all in one place or else there would have been a physical altercation and so its good thing for them that there was still a pandemic going on. The couples were filming from the safety and comfort of their own homes. They were staying safe during these trying times. They were all doing their best to make something good out of a bad situation and it was unfortunate that they just didn’t know how to get along with each other. And so they were at it almost from the start.

Everyone even had something to say about Larissa’s new look. Larissa has gotten extensive plastic surgery and so her face and her body looks completely different to the last time she saw these people. Her own ex-husband didn’t recognize her. He and his mother both said Larissa looked unrecognizable and she told them that Colt still looks fat. Larissa hates Colt. Jess hates Colt and so Colt went into this Tell All expecting the worst. He knew he was going to get flak from his ex-wife and his ex-girlfriend and the only woman on his side was his mother Debbie. Debbie naturally spoke up when her son was called. She accused Larissa of being nasty and the accusations continued from there.

Debbie also implied that Larissa didn’t care about her children. Larissa has two children back in Brazil and so no one really understood why she was getting so many plastic surgeries when she could have been sending the money back home to support her kids. Larissa claims that she does support her family. She says she has a job now and that she sends as much money as she can. Larissa also said her surgeries were nobody’s business. She was going to keep having surgeries. Her next surgeries were going to be some liposuction and a butt lift. Larissa wants the perfect body. She’s aiming for it and she didn’t care what anyone else had to say about it.

There were some that accused her of going to the Michael Jackson route. They referred to her as Michael Jackson 3.0. They thought she was overdoing it with surgeries and so each time someone on the cast had something to say – Larissa would hit back. She reminded Andrei that he didn’t have a job. She at least has a job and she wasn’t afraid to curse someone else. She did so with Andrei. She eventually told Andrei she wouldn’t talk to him at all anymore. She also stood up to Debbie who was trying to rag on both Larissa and Jess. The two Brazilian women were both with Colt at one point in time and so they became friends over their shared hatred of him.

They hated Colt. They especially hated his mother Debbie who ruined both of their relationships. The women accused Debbie of sabotaging them because she wanted to keep Colt to herself and they weren’t even mad at Debbie. They were both grateful for her because it meant they were no longer with Colt. Colt has a nasty habit of lying and manipulating women. This was revealed over the course of this season and so no one wanted him back. Larissa and Jess both moved on. They were happier now while others were still struggling. Elizabeth and Andrei were struggling with gender roles.

Elizabeth makes enough to support her family. Her husband doesn’t have to work and he was fine with staying at home with the baby. It helped save money on childcare. Andrei wanted to stay with the baby, but that before the pandemic and things were different now. Elizabeth was now working from home. She can help out with childcare and so it wouldn’t hurt for Andrei to get a job. It would bring in extra income during a trying time. Elizabeth seems to have mentioned this to Andrei and he doesn’t seem like he wants to find a job. He and his wife have been fighting over it. Andrei likes to call himself the man of the house and at the same time he prefers traditional gender roles.

Andrei wants to be a leader. He also doesn’t want to work and he wants to stay home to take care of the baby. People have tried explaining to Andrei that he couldn’t have both. He either makes money or he doesn’t. Andrei doesn’t see it that way and that why he’s constantly fighting with his wife. Things have been better between them since they returned from Moldova. Elizabeth said that Andrei was doing more and so her family was asked about Andrei’s behavior. They were asked if they noticed any difference. They claimed they haven’t and they said Andrei was still downright rude to them.

Andrei did not care for his in-laws. He did his best to push them away and sometimes they deserve it. As was seen when they went to Moldova. Elizabeth’s family traveled to Moldova to be there for Elizabeth’s second wedding and they were hostile. They questioned everything they saw. They even questioned Andrei’s friends about him because they thought he had a secret and they were dying to know what it is. They also created a scene at the wedding reception. Elizabeth’s brother Charlie got drunk and he began cursing at everyone. He was so mean about it that he nearly made his sister cry at her own wedding.

It was therefore funny that Charlie took issue with how Andrei spoke to Elizabeth. Elizabeth’s family thought Andrei could be nicer to Elizabeth and so it was like they were completing ignoring their own behavior. Her family was horrible to everyone. They were horrible to Andrei and to Andrei’s family. His mother put out a feast for her in-laws. She wanted to welcome them to the country and they barely touched the food because they said it was peasant food. They also complained that Elizabeth had a splashy wedding reception with dancers and performers. Elizabeth got more for her money in Moldova because the USD spread further.

Not that her siblings remembered that part. They seemed resentful that their father gave Elizabeth this splashy wedding and they soon convinced their father that he was nothing more than a checkbook. He was the one paying Elizabeth. She works for her father and so everything she has now is because of him. Elizabeth could always go and work for someone else, but someone else wouldn’t be as lenient on her as her father and so that’s why her siblings look down on Andrei. They think he’s a bum. They think he likes using their dad as his emergency rainy day fund and they still won’t let up on why Andrei left Moldova.

Elizabeth’s family wanted the full story of why Andrei left Moldova. They’ve interrogated his friends and they asked his brother during the Tell All why Andrei left home. His brother didn’t know his reason. Andrei has never spoken about it with his brother and so that created even more of a stir. They still believe Andrei left because he had to. They don’t buy the story they were told about him being an honest cop on a corrupt police force and so they were operating on their dislike of Andrei. Andrei dislikes them as well. It naturally means Elizabeth is often stuck in the middle and she hates it there.

Elizabeth was caught in the middle as her sister made accusations. Her sister Jenn said that Andrei bragged about playing Chuck for money and Andrei denied it. Chuck didn’t know who to believe. He chose to play peacemaker and he said he would hope Andrei would never say that about him. Andrei again denied the accusation. He also said if he wanted to work that he would have no problem with going to work for his father-in-law and so people made comments about that. They didn’t think Andrei would stick out a job. They thought he would play on Chuck’s love for his family to get what he wanted and they finally did the calculations at weddings. Chuck has paid for three weddings. Two of them were for Libby.

Speaking of weddings, Angela and Michael finally got married. They’ve been planning this wedding for so long that when it happened it didn’t go as they originally planned. They planned on getting married in the US and they instead had to get married in Nigeria. This occurred because Michael was denied a fiancé visa. His best bet on moving to the US and living with Angela was to apply for a spousal visa. Hence the wedding in Nigeria. They got married and now they were one step closer to living together. Angela had to return to the US on her own. She was going to apply for Michael there and while she was at it she also had to bury her mom.

Her mom passed away on this season of the hit show. Her mom waited until Angela had returned from Nigeria to pass and so Angela got to be with her mother in the end. Her mother was told that she was settled. Angela and Michael got married after a long road down the aisle. They fought so often that Angela’s natural response was “I’m done” by one point and so the wedding was called off numerous times before they actually said, “I do’s”. Angela didn’t like how Michael was around other women. He talked to them and he sometimes watches them dance. He also thought it was a smart idea to take Angela to a strip club for their joint bachelor/bachelorette party.

It turns out that was not a good idea. Angel has a temper and she flew off several times. She and Michael still disagree about certain things. They were doing better now because Michael apologized to her after every fight and so that’s how they handle things in their marriage. Angela and Michael were surprisingly one of the success stories this season. There were other relationships like Colt and Jess that were a disaster almost from the beginning. Colt was very kind when he met Jess. He told her he loved her, he wanted to marry her, he wanted to have kids with her. And then he used every opportunity they were in a fight to send dick pics to other women.

Jess found out about it. Along with other things, it helped her realize that Colt was not the one for her and that she should keep looking. Jess needed a man who would be honest with her. She needed a man who wouldn’t manipulate her and she needs a man who wasn’t so dependent on his mother. Debbie was a huge obstacle in Colt’s relationships. She defended her son as he cheated on his first wife Larissa with other women. She even walked away as Larissa said that Colt was sending dick pics to other chicks while still married to her and so Debbie didn’t want to hear a bad word against her son. No matter how justified the word was.

Larissa knew who Colt was. She tried to warn Jess early on in Jess’s relationship with Colt and Jess hadn’t wanted to believe her at the time. Jess thought she knew better. Jess thought Colt was an amazing guy until she found out about Vanessa. Vanessa is supposedly just a friend for Colt. They slept together once early on in their relationship and they both sided against pursuing it. Colt then became involved with Jess and he continued being friends with Vanessa. Jess hadn’t liked that. She asked Colt to end the friendship and he never did. He told her did, but he lied as he did with everything else and after he split with Jess he went back to sleeping with Vanessa.

Jess thinks he never stopped sleeping with Vanessa. Only she couldn’t prove it and it was her word against Colt’s. There were other relationships that we’re in trouble this season. Kalani and her marriage to Asuelu were on the brink because he didn’t think Covid-19 was a threat. He likes doing whatever he wants and that means playing volleyball with friends. He still goes to play with them. His wife had to kick him out at one point because her mother has a preexisting condition and she didn’t want to risk her mother or her children because her husband refused to be cautious. Asuelu said volleyball carries the same risk as going to the supermarket. He didn’t understand how one was essential and the other was just him being a jerk.

Asuelu also didn’t seem to care that he offended his family when he cursed at them. He cursed at his wife and his mother-in-law. They were both still upset with him and they expected an apology and the apology never really came. Asuelu doesn’t understand what he did was wrong. He just didn’t like feeling it was everyone against him and so Kalani had to remind him about his family. His family was up against Kalani. She does her best to make peace with it and so all she’s asking for is the same for Asuelu.

Asuelu’s family made a brief appearance. His sister Tammy was still talking about sending money back to Samoa and so she hasn’t changed in the slightest.

And tonight Asuelu got to see his family in action and he was left very upset.