TLC 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way Premiere Recap 06/08/20: Season 2 Episode 1 “Home Is Where The Heart Is”

TLC 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way Premiere Recap 06/08/20: Season 2 Episode 1 "Home Is Where The Heart Is"

Tonight on TLC their popular reality show 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way airs with an all-new Monday, June 8, 2020 episode and we have your 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way recap below for you. On tonight’s 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way season 2 episode 1 “Home Is Where The Heart Is,” as per the TLC Synopsis “Brittany breaks the news to her father that she’s moving to Jordan; Jenny tells her daughters she’s returning to India for the third time; Kenny sells his house to be with his love.”

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Yazan is 24. He lives in Jordan and he considers himself to be a simple man. Yazan cares about his family. He also cares about Brittany. Brittany is from the States. She and Yazan met online through his sister and they wanted to be together forever. There was just one problem with accomplishing that. She lives in Florida and it would be easier for her to move to Jordan than it would be for Yazan to move to the States. He was a Muslim. There was a lot of prejudice against him and therefore he asked his girlfriend to move to be with him. Brittany is 26. She’s a rapper and she cares about her career. It was very important to her. She wouldn’t be able to maintain it liked she used to if she moved to Jordan and that wouldn’t be the only thing she would be losing.

Brittany was used to dating millionaires and even billionaires. She’s used to getting what she wants from them and being with Yazan was actually a step down for her. Brittany knows he doesn’t have any family money to fall back on. She also knows that in spite of his degree he was working at the fish market to help out his dad. Brittany thought that was very sweet of him. She broke her own dating rules just to be with him and so now she’s preparing to move in order for them to have a life together. Brittany is giving up her sexy clothes. She wouldn’t be allowed to show much skin in a Muslim country. She was also afraid she wouldn’t be able to be herself because women in Jordan aren’t as vocal as she is. And so she was giving up everything to be with Yazan.

Also, Jenny was back. She met Sumit online almost eight years ago and it had started out as a catfish. Sumit had initially lied about everything. He claimed to be white, tall, and from the UK. He only confessed later on that he looked nothing like the pictures he sent her and that he was really from India. Jenny chose to forgive him for his lies. She eventually met up with him in person and she fell more in love with him. Jenny was so in love that she decided to give up her life in the States to go live with Sumit in India. Sumit then hid her from his family. He didn’t tell anyone about her and it came out that he was hiding her because he was married. It was an arranged marriage. Sumit hadn’t loved this other woman and it was his family that was forcing him to remain married.

Jenny soon found out. She decided to go back to the States once she realized they couldn’t have a future together and so it was surprising for her to be back. Jenny’s story wasn’t over just yet. She remained in contact with Sumit. Sumit and his wife stopped living together after she found out about Jenny. Sumit and his wife are now divorcing. They both agreed to it and so Sumit wants Jenny back. He wants Jenny to move back to India so that they could be together. He didn’t care that she was older than him or that she wouldn’t be able to give him kids. Sumit just wanted Jenny back and she loved him enough to try again. Jenny said this would be Sumit’s last chance. He wouldn’t be given a third time to hurt her.

Kenneth was a different story. He’s 57 and he was a father to four children. All of his children have moved out except for his daughter Madison and her son. Kenneth enjoys being with his family. He came out at 19 and his parents accepted him just as he was. Kenneth had had a hard time having children. Invitro was expensive. It also was only for married couples and so Kenneth had to fake being married to a woman in order to have his kids. He eventually got them. He never regretted all that he did to get to them and he went online as a gay single father where he met another gay single father. Armando was 31. He has a six-year-old and so he couldn’t move to the States because he couldn’t disrupt her life.

Armando needed for Kenneth to move to Mexico. Mexico wasn’t as open-minded about homosexuals because it’s a very catholic country and still Kenneth was moving there because he wanted to be with Armando. These two have met in person. It was great for both of them and they each saw a future with the other. Kenneth is selling his house. He was going to use the money to fund their lifestyle as a couple and so he was giving up a lot. He wasn’t leaving himself an exit plan. If things didn’t work out with Armando, Kenneth wouldn’t be able to return to the States as easily as he left. He would have to move in with one of his kids and he would have to gain a new set of savings. And so again he was giving up a lot.

Brittany was giving up a lot as well. She and Yazan have talked about Islam and she keeps changing the topic whenever it comes up because she doesn’t want to convert. She’s a very independent person. She doesn’t believe in the following book whether it’s with Islam or Christianity and so religion is standing in the way of her happiness. She doesn’t want to convert. He does want her to convert because he wants to share his faith with her and it would also make her living in Jordan easier. Yazan’s family would more accept her if she converted. As of now, she’s not willing to. She also couldn’t move in with Yazan right away.

They have to be married first before they could live together. It was a big thing over there and so Brittany either has to adjust or let the relationship go. Then there was Ariela. Ariella is 28 and she’s from New Jersey. She’s a freelance writer. She went to Argentina when she was seventeen and she decided to live there for awhile. Its where she met Landra. He was her first husband. They were married for ten years and separated for the last two. Ariela was fresh from her divorce when she decided to go traveling again. She went to Ethiopia on a trip. She met Biniyam while she was there and that’s how their relationship developed. It later came as a surprise to both when they got pregnant really fast.

Ariela was heavily pregnant with a baby boy. She found out it would take too long to do the paperwork for Biniyam to come to the States and so she’s moving there. Ariela even plans on giving birth in Ethiopia. She wants Biniyam to be a part of the experience and she’s taking the risk while doing so. She’s put her trust in Ethiopian doctors and she hasn’t done her research. She hasn’t looked into the best doctors. She doesn’t know how much it will cost and so Ariela is taking major risks here. Her boyfriend on the other hand has yet to say anything about the matter. So far it’s just been Ariela telling her side of the story and so there’s no telling what Biniyam thinks about it all. He could be excited or he could be nervous.

Kenneth was already missing his family and he hasn’t left for Mexico yet. It turns out Kenneth has been helping his daughter with her son Cooper since Cooper was born and so he’s always been there. He was her support system. She has no idea what she’s going to do without him and she said it felt like abandonment. She felt like her dad was abandoning her. He’s always been there and now he was going to be in another country. He was Mexico to be with Armando and Armando wasn’t even speaking to his own parents at the moment because they were struggling with him being gay. They hadn’t wanted that for their son. They were struggling to accept him and his sexuality and so Kenneth was walking into a tense situation.

Armando’s business is located on his family’s property. He owns a pet resort and grooming. He was the only son and so his parents accommodated him. Or at least they did five years ago when Armando first opened his business. Things were different now because his parents know he’s gay and they’ve been trying to push him back into the closet. They take the fact that he tried to be straight with a woman as a sign that he can do it. Armando was unhappy when he was pretending to be straight and he had a daughter because he thought that’s what he was supposed to do. He later broke up with his girlfriend because he couldn’t pretend anymore and she died in a car accident.

Armando was a single father now. Armando was also taking a risk by moving them. They were going to move away from his family so that he and Kenneth could be together without being judged. They were going to go live in the city. Armando was looking for a new job and Kenneth planned on working as well. They were both starting over with this new relationship. But they were taking this chance because they wanted to pursue love. They didn’t care there was an age difference. They just love each other and wish to accept each other as they are. Armando hasn’t told his family that he’s moving to live with his boyfriend. He even lied to them about the cameras. He claimed it was a reality show about life in Mexico and not that it was based on his relationship with another man.

Jenny’s life in the United States has been hard. She called it sad and lonely. She missed Sumit. She missed being with him and she couldn’t wait to go back to India. She called Sumit. She told him how she was putting everything in order and she asked about his divorce. He told her at the start that it would be two months. He’s now saying that it would be six months because his ex-wife was allegedly being vindictive. His ex-wife claims that Sumit was abusing her and that she was in fear for her life. She’s dragging out this divorce longer than it needed to be. And so Sumit doesn’t know when this divorce will happen.

Except Jenny needs it to happen now. She needs to seem some kind of paperwork proving that he’s getting a divorce before she flies back out there to be with him and so she’s not taking any chances this time. Jenny wants to be with Sumit, but not if he’s still married to his ex. He has to get a divorce or there will be no future between him and Jenny. Jenny wasn’t just going to trust what he says anymore. She did that last time and he hid a marriage from her. Jenny now wants evidence. She wants to see paperwork from the divorce and she wants Sumit’s parents to address her. She asked Sumit on their last video-chat to call his parents into the room because she wanted to hear from them.

She wanted to confirm there was a divorce taking place. She also wanted to confirm that they knew she and Sumit will be living together again. Sumit’s parents have been obstacles in the past. His in-laws were also trouble. Jenny doesn’t want to deal with them again and so she needs proof to back up what Sumit is telling her. He said things will be different. Well, now he has to prove it. Sumit wasn’t able to get his parents to talk to Jenny and he was getting some pushback from his friends. His friends didn’t like how he had to pay back his father-in-law for the marriage. He was receiving help from his own parents to pay back his father-in-law and in spite of helping him, his parents still don’t approve of Jenny.

His friends also have doubts. They think Sumit will regret not having children of his own and so they keep bringing it up to him.

There was also a problem with Brittany. She’s still married to her ex and so she won’t be able to marry Yazan until her ex finally agrees to give her divorce. Which he’s resisting right now. Her ex had been deported and so Brittany hasn’t thought about their marriage in years. She especially wanted to forget because her ex was very controlling. He lied to her about being a citizen and he did his best to control her every action. Brittany wanted to divorce him. She found out it would take six to ten months to get a divorce and now she has to figure out how to explain to Yazan why they couldn’t get married right away.

Armando later came clean to his sister and she while she had originally called him a sinner for being gay – she was now more open to at least hearing his side of things. Even if she was sad about him leaving.