TLC 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way Recap 08/31/20: Season 2 Episode 14 “The Truth Hurts”

TLC 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way Recap 08/31/20: Season 2 Episode 14 "The Truth Hurts"

Tonight on TLC their popular reality show 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way airs with an all-new Monday, August 31, 2020 episode and we have your 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way recap below for you. On tonight’s 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way season 2 episode 14 “The Truth Hurts,” as per the TLC Synopsis “Ari hits her breaking point; Elicia doesn’t want to leave Korea without Deavan; Armando prepares for Kenny and his family to meet; Brittany continues to lie to Yazan; Tim drops a bomb on Melyza; Sumit goes to confront his parents about Jenny.

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Its been a few weeks since Jenny moved back to India. Jenny lived there once before. She went there the first time to be with her much younger lover Sumit and unfortunately she had to return home after the relationship came to an end. Therefore, Jenny was taking a big risk by moving back much less moving back for Sumit. He still wanted to work things out with her and he convinced her that now they could be together. They couldn’t be together before because back then he was married. He got married after having met Jenny. It was an arranged marriage and his parents put it together because they had been trying to get Sumit to forget Jenny.

Jenny and Sumit have been together for more than five years. They first met in person when she stayed in a room at his parents’ place and he would sneak up the stairs so that they could have sex. His parents eventually found out about it. They forced Sumit to end the relationship and so that’s when he married someone else. He didn’t want to marry this other person. He didn’t love this other person. He still wanted to be with Jenny and they secretly got back together. Sumit was now trying to get a divorce so that he could one day marry Jenny. Jenny has given up a lot to be with Sumit. She moved twice for him and she was accessing her social security at a loss so that she could be with him.

Only his parents still remain an obstacle. They could prevent Sumit from marrying Jenny and so both Sumit and Jenny knew they had to get his parents to be on board. Sumit decided to go see them. He went to see them on his own because neither he nor Jenny had wanted to upset them with Jenny being there and the last time they saw Jenny hadn’t been a great memory. It was when his in-laws went to go fetch him. His family found out he was living with Jenny and they stormed the building to grab him. Sumit was forced to leave Jenny behind at the time and he was questioned by his family about his relationship.

The whole ordeal had been a horrible memory for everyone involved. Sumit was still making it up to Jenny and now he has to resolve it with his parents. Sumit was reaching out to his parents as Ari was playing mind games with her boyfriend Biniyam. Biniyam was married once before. He was married to an American and they had a child together. They had a son. His ex-wife took their son with her when she left Biniyam and so he lives in fear of that happening again. Biniyam’s pregnant girlfriend Ari knew this. She knew about Biniyam’s past and how he’s still very much affected. And so she should never have wondered aloud if she should return to the States.

Ari mentioned it because she said she doesn’t have anything in Ethiopia. She doesn’t have friends or a job there. She was pretty much on her own when Biniyam couldn’t be there. Ari felt lonely. She’s been lonely since her mother left because that’s when it became real for her. She was living in a foreign country and it was with a man she didn’t know all that well. She and Biniyam hooked up on vacation and they turned it into a relationship because she got pregnant. Ari wanted her child to have a father. Biniyam didn’t want to lose another child and so they made the best out of a bad situation.

It just wasn’t enough for them to be together. Ari also wanted to be happy and right now she wasn’t. Ari missed her mother. Her mother being there had made the move seem like an extended vacation. Like it wasn’t final. Ari knows now that it is final and so she’s panicking. She mentioned moving back home to get a response out of Biniyam. She wanted to know what he would do or say. Ari wasn’t expecting for him to come to tears. Biniyam was truly frightened about the possibility of losing another child and so it wasn’t right for Ari to play around with him. She should have known better.

Ari and Biniyam managed to move past the initial upset. They stopped talking about Ari moving back and they focused on trying to get her to stay. What Ari needed to stay was a new apartment. She wanted an apartment with running water and so the couple visited an apartment that Ari found. The apartment she found was beautiful. It had amenities and it was ready now. Ari wanted to take the apartment. She didn’t care about the price and that was a problem for Biniyam. He couldn’t afford the new apartment. He wanted to take the apartment at his cousin’s place. It was still under construction and it came dirt cheap.

Ari however didn’t care how cheap it was. She knew the apartment wouldn’t be ready in a week and that it would take months before it was up and running. She did not have months. She wanted running water and she wanted it now. Ari and Biniyam argued about it. He told her to be patient and she said he should have gotten it together before she moved to the country. Ari also reminded Biniyam that they couldn’t have a baby with nothing prepared. They needed to move and they were yelling at each other about it when Biniyam said he was done. He didn’t say why he was done or what he was done about. He just said he was done.

Then there’s Brittany. Brittany had previously contacted a divorce lawyer when she was living in Chicago and she hadn’t heard from the lawyer in months. She, therefore, sought out a different attorney when she was in Florida. Brittany was told at the time that it could be months before she divorce and so it was a surprise when the Chicago lawyer contacted her about resolving her marriage. The lawyer asked Brittany to return to the city because she has a trial. Brittany had since moved to Jordan to be with her boyfriend and so she had needed to find an excuse to return home. She told Yazan that she was going to be visiting her family.

Brittany lied to Yazan. She told him that so that she wouldn’t have to tell him she was still married. Yazan thought she had already resolved her marriage and he’s mentioned them getting married soon. He wanted to get married right away. It was Brittany that’s been stalling him. She’s been stalling him rather than admit to the truth and yet she couldn’t go too far with her lie. She couldn’t commit bigamy because it was still an offense. It was illegal everywhere and so Britany really needed this divorce to come through. She was hoping it would all tie up if she flew back to Chicago. And so she packed her bags and hoped for the best.

Melyza and Tim were another couple fighting. They got into a fight about Tim finding work and him not telling Melyza when he quit his previous job. Only she failed to mention that she was also keeping secrets from him. Melyza is keeping things to herself and Tim was keeping things to himself. Their lack of trust would be the death nail.

And Deavan’s mother finally left South Korea.