Vanderpump Rules Recap 05/26/20: Season 8 Episode 21 “Secrets Revealed”

Vanderpump Rules Recap 05/26/20: Season 8 Episode 21 "Secrets Revealed"

Tonight on Bravo Vanderpump Rules returns with an all-new Monday, May 26, 2020, season 8 episode 21 called, “Secrets Revealed,” and we have your weekly Vanderpump Rules recap below. On tonight’s Vanderpump Rules season 8 episode 21, as per the Bravo TV synopsis, “In these never-before-seen moments from Season 8, Scheana and Stassi bond over their dislike of threesomes, while Dayna and Charli nearly come to blows at SUR.

Meanwhile, Jax and Beau compare notes about Stassi, relationships and tattoos. Sandoval and Schwartz brainstorm titles for a potential “Bubba” sex tape, Danica puts her ex in check after he propositions her at work, and Jax explains to Brittany why he can never be left alone with their future kids.

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“Vanderpump Rules” was doing a secrets reveal episode in quarantine. They were all forced to stay home because of the current pandemic and so not only were they their own production crew, but it was a great way to touch base with everyone during this trying time. Lisa and her husband had to shut down their businesses. The other couples haven’t murdered each other and so everyone was free to look back on this latest season. There were plenty of things that were cut from the final production. For example. Schwartz and Katie had celebrated with dinner when they moved into a new house.

The married couple had taken a huge step when they moved. They were hoping to christen the house and they had even planned on it for after their first dinner together. Schwartz had made dinner for his wife. He cooked some fish and he knew it might not go well so he also ordered some fried chicken. The chicken thing was a great idea. Katie hadn’t enjoyed her fish and she had wanted something else. Only the chicken was too spicy. Schwartz practically went blind with eating the spicy chicken and both of them didn’t want to have sex after eating it. And so they celebrated their first night in the house with being on their phones in bed.

Katie and Schwartz can laugh about it now. It didn’t seem like such a big deal with everything else going on and so the couple was good. They eventually christened the house and they weren’t the only ones taking a major step. Jax and Brittany were talking about having a baby. Brittany thought Jax would be excited about it and that he would be an equal partner, but Jax doesn’t see it that way. He thinks the baby would be in Brittany’s domain. He thinks she’s going to be the one taking care of the baby and he says he can’t do it because he can’t be trusted. He said he would panic if he had to watch the baby alone.

Jax evens suggested that Brittany’s mother could stay with them so that she could help with the baby. He claimed having his mother-in-law move in would be cheaper than a nanny and so Jax really didn’t want child duties. He kept telling Brittany that she would be the one minding the baby. She told him he was crazy and so the truth will come out when the baby later does. Brittany and Jax had also planned their wedding this season the same time Stassi’s sister was getting married. Stassi’s sister was seven years younger than her. Stassi did point out how both her ex and her little sister were getting married before her. And surprisingly she was taking very well.

Stassi’s sister was a chill bride. Stassi had nothing to worry about with her and so the only dramatic bride was Brittany. Brittany had a huge scene at her bachelorette party because she had seen a sign that told her not to marry Jax. Brittany later got over it and she showed off some scenes from when she visited the doctor. Brittany had had troubles with her stomach. She visited a doctor and the doctor warned her against drinking as well as a whole bunch of things. Brittany ignored the doctor. She likes taking shots and she was about to go on a trip to Las Vegas. She hadn’t wanted to feel left out. She, therefore, ignored the doctor.

Stassi and Brittany talked about. They also talked about proposals because Stassi didn’t think marriage proposals should be a surprise. She had been a bunch of nerves with Beau and so she really thinks couples should talk about marriage openly. Another thing she discussed openly was threesomes. Stassi and Scheana talked about threesomes and how they should happen organically. They shouldn’t be planned. They had heard about what happened with Danica and Brett. They thought it was an issue if threesomes chose their partners beforehand because then someone might have feelings and it would just get all messy.

It was messy with Danica and Brett. They had a huge fight at the restaurant and Lisa had to talk to Danica because she needed to remind her that she was in a manager position. Danica had to lead by example. She shouldn’t be seen publicly fighting with her boyfriend and over threesomes of all things. It was pretty unprofessional. Lisa checked Danica and Jax talked to Brett. Jax has been caught up in relationship drama. He knows all about it and he knows better than he did before about bringing it to SUR. Jax told Brett to just take it. He advised him not to argue back and he said even if he was right – he was in the wrong.

Lisa also had to talk to Charlie. Charlie showed up late to work. She was seen getting into arguments with other people at the restaurant and so Lisa talked to her. Lisa likes Charlie. She thinks she’s fun and so Charlie just needed to reel it in. She couldn’t keep messing up on the job. She also shouldn’t be asking if Lisa farts or not. Lisa thinks Charlie should focus on the job and Charlie promised to change her behavior. Then there was the conversation between Jax and Beau. The guys both dated Stassi and Jax had a tattoo of her name on his arm. He covered up with a flower and funnily enough, Beau did the same because he also had his ex tattooed on his arm.

Beau covered it up with a blue rose. Stassi’s parents had gotten engaged with blue roses and Stassi had gotten angry at Beau for that tattoo. Especially as it seemed like he wasn’t planning on getting engaged anytime soon.

And that was that for the unshown scenes.