World of Dance Recap 06/09/20: Season 4 Episode 3 “The Qualifiers 3”

World of Dance Recap 06/09/20: Season 4 Episode 3 "The Qualifiers 3"

Tonight on NBC the World of Dance’s the fourth season airs with judges Jennifer Lopez, Derek Hough and Ne-Yo with an all-new Tuesday, June 9, 2020, episode and we have your World of Dance recap below. On tonight’s Word of Dance season 4 episode 3 as per the NBC synopsis, “The Qualifiers” round continues with judges Jennifer Lopez, Derek Hough, and NE-YO.

In round three of “The Qualifiers,” the competition gets turned on its head as the judges surprise contestants, who must now first perform in a stripped-down warehouse to prove they have what it takes.

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Keagan Capps is 13 years-old from Oklahoma, she is a contemporary dancer. World of Dance is the biggest opportunity she has ever had.

Judges Comments: Derek: “You had so much control and agility with what you did, it was so wonderful to watch.” Ne-Yo: “When a dancer can do that, they tend to overdo it, but that doesn’t happen with you.” Jennifer: “With me, it’s about the story, what are you trying to say with your body, with the moves, and your dancing. We didn’t see all of what you can do today, I feel like there is more.

Three yes votes from the judges, she is going to the duals.

Antonio and Maria are from Naples, Italy and they are Latin ballroom dancers. They met when they were little and feel more like brother and sister.

Judges Comments: Jennifer: “You guys have some really good energy, really good dancers.” Derek: “I don’t think you have crossed that threshold of knowing that you are going to be a ballroom dancer.” Ne-Yo: “There is still that level of maturity in your movement that you have to reach before you are ready for the World of Dance stage.”

It is a no for this duo.

Avant-Garde Collective is from Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Judges Comments: Ne-Yo: “I am pleasantly confused. I was not expecting that. It is a yes for me.” Jennifer: “For me, the dancing didn’t feel strong enough, it’s going to be a no for me – it is up to Derek.” Derek: “Oh man, it’s a call back for me, you need to do more of that breaking, they were the wow moments. You need more energy too.”

It is a call back for this group.

Chibi Unity is from Niigata, Japan and they are dancing fusion. They believe dance helps them communicate with others regardless of language barriers. They aim to unite everyone through dance.

Judges Comments: Jennifer: “The choreography for me was a real standout, really great, it has a style to it that felt signature that I think really helps in this competition.” Derek: “The emotion and the feeling, we really felt that. If you are going to be a trick or a visual, it has to be amazing.” Ne-Yo: “It started a little slow, the first ten, or fifteen seconds but once it started, I was thoroughly impressed.”

Three yes votes from the judges.

Josh and Erica are an urban dance duo from Los Angeles. She was on the show last year with someone else, they didn’t make it through. They first met through social media.

Judges Comments: Jennifer: “There is nothing like real chemistry, you can’t manufacture that. The two of you have great chemistry, there were some great moves in there. Extremely powerful.” Ne-Yo: “First and foremost, great job. There is no question that you are both quality dancers. My issue here is that there has to be something more.” Derek: “Musicality was on point, the execution was great. Now you need to utilize the tools, it could be a better formula.”

Ne-Yo is a callback. Jennifer is a yes. Derek is a yes – they are going through to the duels.

The Break Ninjas are from Las Vegas and they will be breaking. They have three rules; have fun, work hard, and help each other. The youngest member is ten-years-old.

Judges Comments: Derek: “The front flip with no hands was crazy, that was insane, there were so many great moments. It’s a no for me, work hard and come back.” Ne-Yo: “The handstand, the slow up, I don’t think people watching know how much strength that takes. You guys are close, but you not completely there yet. It’s a no for me. Jennifer: “That strength, that quality, is what makes a great b-boy or b-girl. The standard that you guys are dancing at is good but it really needs to grow to a whole other level. Keep working hard.”

Break Ninjas are going home.

The Young Cast is from Quebec, Canada, they have tried out twice before, but this is the first time that they have made it to the stage.

Judges Comments: Jennifer: “I thought you guys had some really good formations in there. Some great energy, but to me, I couldn’t tell if you guys can do other things besides make these great formations. I would have liked to see a little more dancing. I wanted to see more move and more musicality.” Derek: “You guys are really strong when you are dancing in synch, I love the visuals.

Ne-Yo: “I think you guys are a really strong team, I just need it hit a little harder than what you did.

Ne-Yo and Jennifer are a callback, Derek is a yes. They get another opportunity to show the judges what they can do.

MDC 3 is from Placentia, California and they are contemporary dancers.

Judges Comments: Jennifer: “Wow, that was really clear what was going on, you are all super strong.” Derek: “I love the transition, really creative, really innovative. I really enjoyed it. Out of the gate the way you were all connected.” Ne-Yo: “There was one moment, it was almost ugly with how tangled you guys were, but I felt like it was purposely done.”

It’s a yes from all the judges, they are going to the duels.

Show Stopper is a group from Miami, Florida and they will be dancing jazz-funk.

Judges Comments: Ne-Yo: “I can completely see the camaraderie, it’s like one brain up there, super dope. You can’t call yourselves show stoppers unless you are going to stop the show. I found myself waiting for the wow. I am waiting for the thing that makes me say show stoppers might get a million dollars. I am on the fence, it is a callback. Jennifer: “I thought you are a good cohesive group, but the moves need to be hit a little harder. I am wondering if it is the outfits, me not being able to see how hard you were hitting it. You have the passion, now you have to get the level of skill up a little higher. It’s a callback, that’s a good thing. Derek: “I liked the outfits. I think you are all fantastic dancers. I want to see you play around with rhythms. It is a call back for me too.

Is a call back for the Showstoppers?