World of Dance Recap 06/30/20: Season 4 Episode 6 “The Duels 1”

World of Dance Recap 06/30/20: Season 4 Episode 6 "The Duels 1"

Tonight on NBC the World of Dance’s the fourth season airs with judges Jennifer Lopez, Derek Hough and Ne-Yo with an all-new Tuesday, June 30, 2020, episode and we have your World of Dance recap below. On tonight’s Word of Dance season 4 episode 6 “The Duels 1,” as per the NBC synopsis, “”The Duels” round begins with judges Jennifer Lopez, Derek Hough, NE-YO and special guest judge dancer and choreographer tWitch.

This season, the judges have chosen which acts go head-to-head and acts won’t know their opponent until they hit the dance floor, leading to some of the most epic dance battles the series has ever seen.”

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This year the performers won’t know who they are dueling against until they walk in the room. Twitch is guest-starring and he will be choosing the redemption performer. Judges Ne-Yo, Derek Hough, and Jennifer Lopez are on stage with Twitch.

Jefferson Y Adrianita vs. Luca & Alessandra are two Latin style duos and real-live couples.

Jefferson Y Adrianita – Judges Comments: Jennifer: “That was pretty amazing. Last time I had some issues with Jefferson, I was like you have to step up the dancing, I really worried that she was stronger than you were. But tonight, I feel you stepped it up for me. I saw some new tricks that I hadn’t seen that were super exciting and scary. And, I was happy.” Ne-Yo: “From a technical side, everything was super clean, strong and super impressive. I feel like she could beat you in a fight, or me in a fight. Quality work.” Twitch: “That was crazy, it felt like if the music kept going, I might have joined you. It was amazing, but inviting and it felt good.” Derek: “Your footwork was lightening fast, beautiful.”

Luca & Alessandra – Judges Comments: Jennifer: “Wow, this is a real duo, this is not an easy task right now. You two are two of the best performers I think in the competition, seriously. The living in the moment, you were winking at us, you had so much comfort. On this type of stage, it was super impressive.” Derek: “There was like an ooze to you guys, a quality, the hip action, and the feet action. I loved the intro. Beautiful, well done.” Ne-Yo: “When we first saw you guys, the first routine, the music was a little more sparse, I was anticipating a little more of that. There was so much going on with the music, I didn’t get to enjoy the ooze. Twitch: “I hear you, but I felt that they had so much character that I actually didn’t mind it. I felt like they were right up there with it, I loved the trust. You are so strong.”

It is decision time: Jennifer: Jefferson Y Adrianita, Derek: Jefferson Y Adrianita, Ne-Yo: Jefferson Y Adrianita.

The Rise vs Upeepz, two very strong and dynamic groups. They paired them because they both have a history with World of Dance.


Judges Comments: Jennifer: “That was a plane ticket home. I love this concept. You guys really stepped it up from the first time we saw you. It was super clean, your tricks worked with the music, it accented the story. Great choreographing, really good job.” Ne-Yo: “I will say that some of the tricks didn’t do it for me.” Twitch: “I appreciate the energy you bring to the duels, but moving on in the competition, you need to have more formations.” Derek: “Great concept, the synchronicity, every move was so fantastic. I loved the movements, I loved the tricks.”

The Rise

Judges Comments: Ne-Yo: “I have to be honest. The one thing that bothered me is the flip. I love when it is this close, everyone was amazing. You definitely stepped up from the last time we saw you. The quality of movement was through the roof. ” Twitch: “You all found incredible pockets to that music, you painted pictures and sounds in that music. It was an incredibly exciting, excellent job.” Derek: “You were all shot out of a canon, the intensity was so strong, everything was on a point. This is a difficult duel.

It is decision time: Jennifer: Upeepz, Ne-Yo: The Rise, Derek: Upeepz.

Kurtis Sprung vs. Styles & Emma for their ability to execute such beauty and grace on the dance floor.

Kurtis Sprung

Judges Comments: Jennifer: “By the time he ripped off his shirt, I thought he was Elvis and I was one of those girls. That is what you need, you need to take people to that level. You have wings, it is like your dance on the edge of emotion.” Derek: “You gave everything, but for me, there was too much space in between. It is undeniable your love of dance and your connection to what you do.” Ne-Yo: “You are telling your story, telling it your way, and sometimes it is hard to get people to feel what you are feeling, but you figured it out bro.” Twitch: “You found this fun balance of telling your story, but inviting us in and that is difficult to do.”

Styles & Emma

Judges Comments: Jennifer: “You guys are like elegance in motion. Such an elegance to the way you dance, it is tender, it is soft, and it is connected. There is something about that that is compelling to watch. I would say I needed a couple of more moments where I was blown away. Other than that, I thought it was gorgeous.” Ne-Yo: “I feel underdressed as I am watching you guys, I feel like I should be in a tuxedo with a program in my hands. If I had any critique, in the beginning, we could see the effort, we want the elegance to rain through the entire piece.” Derek: “Oh my goodness, stunning creatures melting as one, the power that you exude is exceptional.” Twitch: “For me, I want to see you move together with a little more. That is just me nitpicking, you are beautiful.”

It is decision time: Ne-Yo: Kurtis Sprung, Derek: Styles & Emma, Jennifer: Kurtis Sprung.

Next week we will see which performer Twitch chooses to save from redemption.