1000-lb Sisters Recap 02/22/21: Season 2 Episode 8 “Everybody Hurts”

1000-lb Sisters Recap 02/22/21: Season 2 Episode 8 "Everybody Hurts"

Tonight on TLC their fan-favorite series 1000-lb Sisters airs with an all-new Monday, February 22, 2021, Season 2 Episode 8 and we have your 1000-lb Sisters recap below. On tonight’s 1000-lb Sisters season, 2 episodes 8 called “Everybody Hurts,” as per the TLC synopsis, “When Tammy and Amy go see a psychic, they both get disturbing news.

The family rallies together, and they are willing to try anything to help Tammy lose weight. Amy must face her worst fears when she’s rushed to the ER.

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In tonight’s episode of 1000-lb Misty and Tammy go with Amy and Michael to shop for the baby. Tammy is still trying to feel better since Jerry left. She has been trying to control her eating. Amy still cannot believe she is pregnant. They don’t have anything yet and now she needs to get everything done. She still worries she and the baby won’t make it. Tammy plans to help with the baby.

Tammy and Misty talk about how Amy doesn’t seem ready. They also talk about Tammy buckling down and losing weight. Meanwhile, Amy and Michael cash out at the register, buying the baby $250.00 worth of clothes.

Chris visits with Tammy so they can work on their food journals. Amy brings over her virtual reality headset. She hopes Tammy may want to use it and get moving around. Amy tries it in front of them first. Then Chris tries. He gets hit by a bus. It’s Tammy’s turn. She cannot stand for longer than a minute. Her legs are burning. She sits and gets upset. She is annoyed.

Amy, Tammy, and Michael all head to see a tarot card reader. They want to know what the future holds.

The tarot card reader, Sharon, tells Amy she should move. Amy is shocked. She and Michael are moving. Sharon tells them to burn sage. She also tells her how she may have troubling labor.

Sharon tells Tammy she sees marriage in her future. It might be with Jerry. But he has somethings to work out. She also sees that Tammy has a way to go before she has her surgery.

Back at home, Tammy and Amy talk about how they have a ghost cat. They download a ghost hunting app. They then burn sage. They sit and talk about the baby being underweight. Amy is scared and wants her baby boy to be healthy.

Tammy really wants to try and get exercise. Chris has made an appointment with a personal trainer. Tony arrives and has them come outside. He plans to push them. He starts them off with squats. Tammy really tries, giving a lot of effort. Chris is in shock. He is impressed. He hopes she keeps it up.

Amy and Michael, along with Tammy, head to see a doula. She feels like it will make her feel better about her upcoming labor. They talk about breathing techniques, her uterus, and c-sections. Amy gets scared about the possible c-section but they all joke a lot, making one another laugh.

On the way to the farmer’s market, Tammy has a Charlie horse and cries in pain. The producers try to help. Suddenly, Amy starts crying. She has been having contractions all day. She calls the hospital. They tell her to come in. She and Michael leave. She cries on the way there in pain.