7 Little Johnstons Recap 02/16/21: Season 8 Episode 8 “A Thanksgiving Ultimatum”

7 Little Johnstons Recap 02/16/21: Season 8 Episode 8 "A Thanksgiving Ultimatum"

Tonight on TLC America’s largest know little family, 7 Little Johnstons returns with an all-new Tuesday, February 16, 2021, episode and we have your 7 Little Johnstons recap below. On tonight’s 7 Little Johnstons Season 8 Episode 8 “A Thanksgiving Ultimatum,” as per the TLC synopsis, “The family competes in their annual Turkey Bowl, at Thanksgiving and it’s an important holiday this year.  

Both Jonah and Liz are inviting their significant others to meet the extended family. Then Trent and Amber give Jonah an ultimatum.

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The family is decorating the house inside and out for Thanksgiving. They are having Trent’s side over and friends. Jonah thinks they are going too crazy in the decorations department. The pavilion isn’t done yet. Amber wants to call someone to help them. Trent doesn’t want to.

Two Days Later

With only 5 days left, the entire family heads outside to put rafters up in the pavilion. Alex is annoyed Jonah is in the house sleeping. Jonah finally shows up. He argues with Trent and Amber about notching the rafters. He decides to go back to the house. Trent and Amber decide they need outside help.

One Day Until Thanksgiving

Ashley has arrived. Anna and Alex are having a bake-off. Whoever makes the best cookies, can bake for the holiday. The family will decide. Alex is making chocolate chips while Anna is making S’mores cookies. Alex thinks he used so much butter. Anna laughs. She wants to know if she is shifting her flour right. Alex laughs, correcting her that it is a sifter. Anna is worried that her cookies are undercooked. Alex loves his cookie. The family comes in to test them. They agree Anna did do well on taste but needed to cook her cookies longer. Alex is the official winner. Jonah is impressed Anna did so well and didn’t burn the house down.

It is finally Thanksgiving. It is a big day for them. Trent’s parents will finally meet Jonah’s girlfriends and Elizabeth’s boyfriend. Alex and Trent prep the turkey and then put it in the smoker. They all talk about their family football game. Amber asks about the ham. Trent forgot. They send Elizabeth. This is the first time she will drive alone.

Thirty-minute later Liz comes back with the ham. They are all super proud.

Trent’s parents arrive and his sister and nieces. They all hug. Nana hugs Bryce, who has arrived. He turns pink and gets nervous. Trent is happy to see his dad who is 87 and has dementia. They try to make sure he is comfortable and his mom.

The family all heads out to play football. Jonah divides them all up into 2 teams. He tries to keep it fair. Bryce throws the ball too high but Anna finally catches the ball. Amber and Trent have fun facing off. He is careful not to push. She gets upset if he does but she has no problem pushing him around. In the end, Trent, Emma, and Bryce’s team win.

The turkey is ready. They all sit to eat and enjoy their big meal. They all reflect on the holiday and how great it was. It was since to see family. Later that night, Trent brings Amber strawberries and chocolate in bed with whip cream. They have been working on their love life. Amber, however, reminds him they ate a big meal. They sit and talk about the day and the kids. Jonah is so much nicer when Ashley is around. They talk about him moving out. Amber wants all of the kids out by 21, 22. They need to be independent. They shit the lights out, giggling. Amber has to fart. Trent tells her to let it rip. They laugh.

Days later, they sit and talk to Jonah who has been cranky. Ashley is gone. They need to make some changes. He doesn’t like his lack of motivation and his bad mood. They are giving him 3 months to save and move out. He doesn’t think this is going to change him. They believe it sinks or swims time.

The End