9-1-1 Recap 05/17/21: Season 4 Episode 13 “Suspicion”

9-1-1 Recap 05/17/21: Season 4 Episode 13 "Suspicion"

Tonight on FOX their #1 drama 9-1-1 airs with an all-new Monday, May 17, 2021, season 4 episode 13, “Suspicion” and we have your 9-1-1 recap below. In tonight’s 9-1-1 season 4 episode 17 as per the FOX synopsis, “The members of the 118 make calls to save a bridezilla at a disastrous wedding; Hen plays medical detective when her mother falls ill; Eddie and Christopher receive a visit from Carla; Athena uncovers a secret Bobby has been hiding.

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In tonight’s episode of 9-1-1, a bridezilla had an episode on the morning of her wedding. Bethany had found out one of her friends was trashing her wedding online and so she demanded to know who it was. She even brought in a lie detector to find the “traitor”. Bethany was so upset that details of her wedding were released that she overpacked the circuit with her lie detector and electrocuted herself. Someone had to call 911.

The fire department responded and they stopped the fire. They couldn’t save the dress, but they saved Bethany and she found out who the person was trashing her online. It wasn’t one of her friends. It was actually her mother and so Bethany excommunicated her mother. She kicked her mother out of the wedding in spite of her mother paying for it all. She also refused to go to the hospital and so she freaked when she found out the small fire destroyed her wedding dress.

Bobby was one of the firefighters that saw Bethany’s freakout. He also had lunch with a friend after work and so he went home from this lunch claiming to need a shower. The shower was suspicious. His wife knew he showers at work. She also thought it was odd that he would come home for lunch and need another shower for the day. Athena didn’t say anything at the time but she made a note of what happened and she remembered it. Athena and Bobby had other things to think about. They had a family game night with her kids and her ex-husband as well as his new partner and so they focused on that while their friend Hen was having a small crisis. Hen’s mother is elderly. She went to the farmer’s market and she felt so light-headed that she fainted at the market.

Hen’s mother was rushed to the hospital where she was treated by a white doctor. The doctor took one look at this elderly black woman and he thought maybe she just fainted. He even had the nerve to tell her that she should lose weight. Hen tried to tell him he needed to run tests and he told her to stay off of WebMD. The doctor didn’t know she was training to be a doctor herself or that she works as a first responder. He merely dismissed her like he did her mother.

Hen had to take her mother home and she followed up by scheduling a trip to see her mother’s usual physician. Hen didn’t tell anyone about her mom. She kept it to herself and she went back to work the next day. She and the other firefighters responded to another call. This time at an apartment building where a son called for help because his mother fell through the floor on the balcony.

The mother’s name was Sheila. Her son’s name was Charlie and Charlie had to be careful because he had an autoimmune disease that makes it dangerous for him to go outside. Which posed a problem when they got Sheila out of the balcony. She tore up her leg and so the firefighters had to bring her to the hospital but she didn’t want to lose her son alone and that was okay because Eddie agreed to stay with him. Eddie stayed behind with Charlie while Sheila was rushed to the hospital.

Eddie has experience with special needs children because he’s the father of a special needs child himself and so Eddie did his best to be there for Charlie. He made him lunch. He also introduced Charlie to his son via facetime and he heard Charlie’s story. Charlies move around a lot. He sees lots of doctors. Albeit never the same one twice and he doesn’t go to school.

His mom also doesn’t work. Sheila is able to afford their lifestyle through a GoFundMe page and she was very concerned when her son ate grilled cheese because she said he has a sensitive stomach, but Charlie ate his sandwich and he felt just fine. In fact, neither he nor Eddie saw signs of the sensitive stomach his mother was talking about. Eddie soon left after Sheila came back from the hospital and for some reason, he couldn’t shake meeting Charlie and Sheila.

Something about their dynamic stayed with Eddie. Eddie tried to put it back of his mind and he didn’t say anything to his fellow firefighters when he went back to work. Only again he was never able to forget. Eddie kept what he saw to himself right as Hen was finally talking about her mother. Hen told Chimney that she didn’t trust the doctor because as a white man she felt he didn’t see her mother.

Not even when her mother was right in front of him. Chimney understood because he had to act as an interpreter when his mother was sick and so he handled all her doctors and that gave Hen an idea. Hen was training to be a doctor. She called up her study group and they decided to work on diagnosing her mother themselves. They went lists of possible conditions.

They ruled out pretty much everything when her mother passed again and that helped them to narrow down what they’re looking for. Hen and her friends rushed her mother to the hospital. This time they demanded a procedure to check on her mother’s condition and they were proved right. Her condition was worsening. If they hadn’t demanded the right tests, her mother could have died and so Hen took the original doctor to task when she saw him again.

Hen told the doctor that he looked right through her mother. She didn’t get that same luxury when she was out in the field and so he needed to be better. He couldn’t risk another patient because of apathy. Chimney meanwhile went home to a baby with colic. Chimney was the only one who could calm down the baby and the crying was getting to Maddie. She was racked with guilt whenever her baby cried because she said the baby sounded like she was in pain.

Maddie wasn’t sleeping. She was living on coffee and it was beginning to affect her. She wasn’t her usual self or at work. She was the one who took Charlie’s call and normally she would have asked him why can’t he go outside but she failed this last time and so it was a good thing and his new girlfriend were paying attention. They went looking for the fund me page.

They found several of them. There were photos of Charlie with several accounts and several last names in several different cities and most of the pages had to be shut down because they realized the mother was a scammer. Sheila was intentionally making her son sick for the attention and the money. She couldn’t just be like any other mom by getting a job. She had to make her son sick and exploit it. Eddie reported Sheila.

He was waiting for news when Charlie contacted him and he said he did a bad thing. It seems Eddie and his loved ones weren’t the only ones with suspicions. Charlie suspected something too. He drugged his mother with the eye drops she’s been using to drug him and he did it because he wanted to know what would happen to her if she ingested the same thing she’s been giving him.

His mother almost OD on eye drops. She had to be treated for poisoning and so did her son. He wasn’t in trouble. Eddie and his team also notified Children Services while Athena found out Bobby’s secret. Bobby was acting as a sponsor to Rachel Hawkinson. She was the drunk driver from the pileup and she had needed someone who could understand her position and that person was Bobby. He did stupid stuff while drunk. He also didn’t tell Athena because she doesn’t tell him stuff and so he’s secretly punishing her. And now she knows about it.

Also, Eddie and Buck were leaving Charlie’s home when a sniper shot Eddie and now he could die.