9-1-1 Recap 11/08/21: Season 5 Episode 7 “Ghost Stories”

9-1-1 Recap 11/08/21: Season 5 Episode 7 "Ghost Stories"

Tonight on FOX their #1 drama 9-1-1 airs with an all-new Monday, November 8, 2021, season 5 episode 7, “Ghost Stories” and we have your 9-1-1 recap below. In tonight’s 9-1-1 season 5 episode 7 as per the FOX synopsis, “A man claims he was carjacked, shot and buried alive; a homeowner thinks her roommate is a ghost; Hen receives a visit from the past; Athena and family are concerned that Harry is still haunted by visions of Jeffrey.”

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9-1-1 begins tonight with May Grant (Corinne Massiah) gets a 911 call from someone named Edgar Hill (Philip Anthony-Rodriguez), he claims to be shot and doesn’t know where he is. He believes to be buried alive but it is too dark to really tell. A helicopter and the fire department is dispatched out as Bobby Nash (Peter Krause) informs everyone of the call from Edgar, saying he has 10 minutes to an hour of air left, asking everyone to spread out and find him.

May is still on the phone with Edgar, trying to encourage him to stay calm so he doesn’t run out of air. He has explained that he was carjacked and shot as she explains he needs to conserve oxygen. Taylor Kelly (Megan West) is sharing the news the with city as the mystery unfolds live on the air of a large search rescue is underway. He insists he cannot hear anything because of the gunshot, he begins punching the coffin and Evan “Buck” Buckley (Oliver Stark) can hear his screaming but Edgar begins panicking because he broke the wood and the soil is spilling into the coffin.

Bobby calls for radio silence until he gives them his call as Buck picks up on something and follows it with his detector. May urges Edgar to scream and he does, which Buck is able to hear. All the rescuers are able to extract the victim and access him, he still has a pulse and find the bullet wound. Henrietta “Hen” Wilson (Aisha Hinds) is able to help him and bring him into the ambulance; Taylor continues to report the incident as Detective Lou Ransone (Sasha Roiz) arrives on scene, welcomed by Bobby. Bobby brings him up to speed, saying the victim called out to someone named Lizzie and apologized to her as Lou feels being buried alive is something right out of nightmares.

The bell rings and Harry Grant (Marcanthonee Jon Reis) is outside texting his sister May when he has flashbacks of his abductor in another car. May arrives and takes him to therapy where he reveals what he saw. She assures him that he is not in trouble at all, his father, Michael Grant (Rockmond Dunbar) is just concerned; but Harry feels his father is a snitch. Harry doesn’t want to talk to anyone about it because no one knows what it is like. He feels everyone wants him to move on like nothing happened and he admits that he sees him sometimes but only when he is awake.

Athena Grant (Angela Bassett) shares that the therapist feels this is a breakthrough with Bobby but frets that Harry doesn’t trust them. Bobby wants them to give Harry time and Hudson made his choices and even though Harry blames her it is not her fault, but she feels the harder she tries to hold onto her son the further he slips away.

Lou speaks with Edgar in the hospital, who says that trauma can mess with your memory. He thinks he was driving home when it happened but he never saw his abductor’s face, he had a mask over his face. Taylor comes to see him in the middle of the interrogation as she wants to take an on camera statement and he doesn’t remember much. He admits his wife is on a trip in Alaska, girls’ cruise. Taylor presses and Edgar says he doesn’t feel good asking her to leave a card, both leaving one as Lou suggests he call him first in case he is in trouble. Outside the door, Taylor says that is weird and nothing adds up as what kind of abductor puts a victim in a coffin. Taylor says she saw the whole thing and she can help him off the record. He says he is putting a cop outside Edgar’s door and no one is getting in or out because he knows she will try to come back.

Howie “Chimney” Han (Kenneth Choi) is driving along the road, telling Hen that he is driving to the eastern seaboard with his baby to find Maddie Kendall (Jennifer Love Hewitt) and if she isn’t there he is going to kill Buck and with his paramedic skills he will revive him and kill him again. Howie feels Maddie might be there because she has happy memories there of her previous marriage and learns from Hen that Eva is also going down memory lane, and wants to come by the station to talk. She doesn’t know what is worse, talking to her ex or telling her wife that she spoke to her ex. She wonders why Maddie went to her past, wondering if she is chasing ghosts but then Howie wonders if maybe he is.

May speaks to her dad, wondering if Harry felt how Edgar felt being trapped in that coffin. Michael tells May that he rather not talk about it, they are all trying to move past it but she doesn’t understand why they cannot talk about it. May reminds him that they all went through it and they should process it together as a family and she can’t help but notice that not only has Harry not been home, but neither has Michael and maybe that is a step in the right direction.

Eva comes to see Hen at the firehouse, saying she is leaving him and going back to California as it has been two years being clean and it’s a long time to sit with her mistakes and people she has hurt. Hen feels she is not one of her steps. Hen is glad she is doing better but forgiving her is going to take a minute. Eva appreciates her taking the time to hear her out and she asks if Denny ever asks about her to simply tell him the truth and she walks out of the firehouse, leaving Hen in tears.

Hen comes home from shift and admits immediately that her shift was weird, saying Eva came into her work to say she was leaving town, sorry for everything she had done and hoped she could forgive her. Hen confessed she heard her out and she left, and felt there was no sense that there was nothing else to it. She didn’t have to tell her wife but did because she didn’t want any more secrets and wanted to know the truth so she could trust Hen even when it came to Eva. She hits Hen with a pillow when she says Eva felt sincere, saying and that is why she can’t trust her.

Howie is walking into a hotel with the baby when he hears a woman in distress. She is holding her baby who is not breathing. She quickly takes the baby who has no pulse and orders someone to call 9-1-1. The baby is breathing by the time EMS arrives, they tell him it’s clear someone trained him well and it is Eli who asks him why he is in Boston and Howie says he is chasing ghosts and takes off, saying it’s a long story.

Athena comes to see Lou, welcoming him back; saying she heard about the Edgar story from Taylor. Lou says the story is a mess. Athena gets caught up on the case, as Taylor questions Buck about the case, admitting he is not her only source. Taylor shares information with Buck what she knows about the wife, thinking there was definitely something wrong with the marriage and Lou and Athena think there were financial problems and 3 life insurance policies. The couple had a screaming match days before this, there are two cars owned by the couple; both cars are gone but husband wasn’t driving neither of them. Taylor and Lou are both coming up to the same conclusions; both spouses had to kill each other, so it feels like a professional hit from one of them.

Karen Wilson (Tracie Thoms) goes to see Eva, wanting to know why she keeps popping up and blowing up her life, asking her to make her understand why she came to see Hen. Eva said Hen was the first person who made her feel loved and who would be proud to see her clean. Eva says she doesn’t need to worry about her but Karen feels she has been worried about her since the third date. Karen remembers when she called about the pregnancy and her fear is losing her wife and son every time Eva calls her, because all the people she loves the most belonged to Eva first. Eva reassures her that Hen will never leave her because Hen loves her more than Eva.

Athena and Lou talk about Edgar, about a former Marine who may be their suspect but Edgar has checked out of the hospital. Taylor is at the hotel where she was going to meet Lizzie Hill, whom Lou thought was dead, but Taylor reveals it was Lizzie who was holed up in the hotel with the hitman she hired to kill Edgar, but they have a runner. The officers arrest Edgar who was the pizza delivery man, who was about to kill Lizzie and Tom who were in the hotel; both Lou and Taylor are confused.

Taylor reports the news that Lizzie, Tom Gladen and Edgar are all under arrest for the attempted murder. Lou takes Tom Gladen into interrogation, who confesses that the couple are crazy and reveals the plot from both sides. He was tired of living in the van. He decided to take the job to kill Lizzie, but when he discovered she was no shrew he knew he couldn’t hurt her and was worried that Edgar would hire another man to do it so he revealed everything to her, she was confused where the money would come from.

Tom continues to meet with Edgar who took the car. Lizzie decided to turn the tables on Edgar and said it was self defense and she was paying Tom through sexual favors. Tom called Edgar two days later, claiming he killed Lizzie, but when Edgar looked inside the grave in the ground, the last thing he remembers is it was empty. Tom shoots him and Lizzie asked Tom it if was done. They bury him, but panic when they realize he wasn’t dead but still don’t know how Edgar found them. Tom doesn’t want a lawyer because he feels he’d be safer in prison and signs his confession.

Howie meets with Eli for drinks as Molly watches Gigi. He is happy that Eli looks to be doing so well as Eli is concerned that Howie looks like he is still carrying the world’s problems on his shoulder’s. He explains that Maddie’s has been gone for a month with his child’s milestones on the road. Eli says this is not Howie’s fault and Maddie didn’t want him to know how bad it was. Howie felt it was easier to think she was okay and put on a happy face and not be filled with terror every moment. It was great for him, but not for her. Eli says he screwed up and he is about to do it again.

Right now Maddie has this voice in her head whispering lies right now, saying she is worthless and a burden and everyone she loves is better off without her and how does Howie think she is going to feel showing up on her doorstep looking like a man who has been on a monthlong bender? He is just going to confirm everything terrible she has been thinking and the cycle of blaming each other will continue. Eli tells him to take a breath and pull himself together so when he does find her, he can be the Howie she needs. Howie reveals that people don’t call him Howie anymore.

Harry gets up and sees his abductor everywhere, so he gets out of the house and gets on the bus by himself. He sees him everywhere, going to the very place he was taken to, the house where he was forced into the walls and stares at the hole in the wall but suddenly he falls through the floor and screams. Athena who is talking to Lou gets a call from Harry who tells her that he fell, she tells him she is worried and rushes to the house as he confesses he’s at the house he was taken to. Athena and Lou are there as Harry says he hurt his shoulder and he can’t get up. Lou lifts him out and Athena holds him. Harry asks if she was working and she sternly tells him that he always comes first.

Hen comes to bed where Karen has many candles lit. She admits that she doesn’t want to be mad and looking backwards anymore; they have done that enough. She says she spoke to Eva too, saying she has always been this shadow between them because of Karen herself because she couldn’t let her go. Hen says she only loves her as Karen says she may need to hear that one more time to believe her and she does.

Buck finds Taylor, confronting her about her stunts of randomly confronting a killer. He wants to know why it has to be her job and why is that worth her time and life. She feels the truth is worth everything. She doesn’t know what that means but unsolved mysteries just never sat right with her.

Lou comes to see Harry, who says he doesn’t think his arm is broken. Lou admits that he sees Jeffrey everytime he closes his eyes, because he was in his house wearing his clothes and eating his food. Harry admits he does too. Harry wishes that he can forget about him and move on like everyone else wants him too. Lou says you never quite move on but you heal and move forward but the trauma comes with it.

He said it was brave of him to confront what he feared the most. Lou said he has people treating him like he walking dead. Harry tells Athena he wants to go to her home and she hugs him and he admits he is ready for this. May and Bobby welcome him home as well as Michael; as his dad asks what they do now and he suggests a cookout so he cal=n tell them what happened to him and they agree.