’90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After’ Recap 06/06/21: Season 6 Episode 7 “Troubled Waters”

’90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After’ Recap 06/06/21: Season 6 Episode 7 "Troubled Waters"

Tonight on TLC their popular reality show 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? airs with an all-new Sunday, June 6, 2021 episode and we have your 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? recap below for you. On tonight’s 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After season 6 episode 7 “Troubled Waters,” as per the TLC Synopsis “Sparks fly at Elizabeth’s family boat outing. Angela is blindsided by disappointing news.

Asuelu reveals a traumatic experience. Tiffany’s dad makes a big decision. Julia receives important news. Natalie feels insulted by Mike’s mom at Thanksgiving.

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In tonight’s 90 Day Fiance episode, after what happened the day before, Natalie was on edge around her mother-in-law. Her mother-in-law Trish has questioned everything about Natalie and she’s big on pushing Natalie to work. Natalie was an actress back in her home country of Ukraine. She wishes to continue acting in the United States and so she’s been looking for an opportunity to break into the American market.

The opportunity just hasn’t arrived yet. She’s been looking and in the meantime, she doesn’t want to settle for anything else. She doesn’t want to work in anything else. She also doesn’t want to work inside of the home and that’s why Trish is frustrated with her. Trish feels like Natalie doesn’t do anything.

Trish wants Natalie to do something to occupy her time. She also doesn’t seem to like Natalie on a personal level since getting to know her and so Natalie senses it. Natalie knows Trish has a problem with her. She, therefore, becomes very defensive around Trish and that creates an even bigger issue. They were about to have Thanksgiving dinner together along with Mike and Trish’s roommate. Trish was worried about how Natalie would react at dinner.

She didn’t know if she would have Natalie in a good mood or not and she didn’t want to be embarrassed in front of her roommate. The only one who didn’t seem to notice the tension was Mike. Mike was actually looking forward to Thanksgiving. He couldn’t wait to see Natalie cook in high heels and so again he didn’t notice the storm brewing between his wife and his mother.

Tiffany also faced a dilemma. She needed someone to co-sponsor the visa to get her husband Ronald to the United States and so she turned to her father. Tiffany asked her father for his help. She also warned him about Ronald. Ronald does have a past. He’s a gambling addict and he also has a record. Tiffany had to tell her father about Ronald’s record before he could offer his help because she didn’t want to keep lying to him.

She never told about Ronald’s past before now. She didn’t even tell him at the wedding and so Tiffany’s father only got to see Ronald at his best. Tiffany eventually told her father the truth and he did need time to think about it, but he later agreed to still sign off on the visa application.

Tiffany’s father wanted her to be happy. Tiffany couldn’t move to South Africa to be with her husband because she tried it once before and she hadn’t felt safe there. She had to return to the United States to have their baby because she also hadn’t trusted the hospital there. Tiffany couldn’t move to Ronald’s country and so their best chance at being together was for him to move to be with her. Tiffany got help from her father.

They now have to file the paperwork and it will be some time before they find out whether or not Ronald can move to the United States. Then there was Angela. Angela wants facial cosmetic surgery. She wants to remove her turkey neck because she wants to feel younger and so her doctor had a word of warning.

Angela’s doctor wants her to quit smoking. She was supposed to have quit smoking after her last surgery and she hadn’t lived up to it. She continues to smoke. She loves smoking and it’s going to be hard on her to quit but her doctor told her she has to. He wasn’t going to work on her if she keeps smoking. She has to go four weeks without a cigarette before he’s willing to do the procedure. He also asked him to sign a contract.

The contract was her agreeing not to smoke. She could not smoke before this procedure because the smoking would affect her blood vessels and she should not have a problem in that area before any procedure much less one affecting her face. And so Angela really does have to quit this time.

Andrei has an issue as well. He has to work because otherwise it will affect his immigration status and so he told his father-in-law as much. Chuck agreed to hire Andrei. Andrei was supposed to work in the family business with the other family members and that was a problem because Andrei’s in-laws didn’t really care for him. He couldn’t work the same house as either his sister-in-law Becky or as his brother-in-law Charlie.

They took issue with everything he did because he didn’t clear through them and so Andrei went to his father-in-law. He asked Chuck if he could work with him directly. He couldn’t work the same house as anyone else and he has to work because his green card won’t be approved if he doesn’t.

Andrei risks being deported. He doesn’t look good as he’s reapplying for the green card that he hasn’t worked in the whole time he’s been in the United States and being a stay-at-home dad for a while didn’t cut it. The immigration department wants to see work history. They want to see that he’s committed to making a life there and so Andrei told Chuck this and Chuck agreed to let Andrei work directly work for him. Andrei was thankful for that.

He believes this is one step forward to get the startup money he needs to build his own company and he couldn’t wait to work for himself. Andrei doesn’t really like having bosses. It’s why he refused every other offer that came his way and it’s why he’s using the job as a means to an end.

Jovi meanwhile was traveling for work. He has to leave the city for work and so he has his wife Yara staying with his mother. The two women butt heads. Jovi’s mother tries to offer advice on childrearing and Yara just doesn’t want to hear it. Yara wants to raise her daughter Mylah her way.

She also misses her family back in Ukraine and so she didn’t want to accept the offer to stay with her mother-in-law but she does need help with the baby. Baby Mylah is still new. Yara was going to need as much help as she could get and so it’s great that she can turn to her mother-in-law for that. Especially as her own family is so far away right now. Yara and Jovi later had a tearful goodbye at the airport. Yara hadn’t wanted to let him go and she only did so reluctantly.

Julia and Brandon had had some good news. Julia received the paperwork that means she can travel as well as work and it’s great news for the couple. Julia couldn’t wait to work. She believes it’s one step forward to leaving the farm once she does work and so the problem is Brandon’s mom. Brandon’s mom doesn’t want them to leave. She also brought up a second wedding and Julia thinks she mentioned it as a distraction.

Julia admitted this in her confessional with Brandon. Brandon thought she was being silly. He called it one of Julia’s conspiracy theories and he also said he didn’t want a second wedding. Neither he nor Julia cared about a second wedding. They just wanted to have a party for his dad’s birthday and they’ll happen to mention they got married while they’re there.

Julia and Brandon didn’t want a cake. They didn’t want a toast. They just wanted to mention in passing and to move on. They had their wedding. Everyone they wanted to be involved was involved one way or another and so now they just want to continue with their married lives. Julia wants to work and she wants to move out. Julia was not really a farm girl. She was a city girl. She wishes to return t the city and Brandon want to make her happy.

They were already thinking about the day they’ll move as Chuck had a family celebration. Chuck invited his family onto a boat. He wanted to just relax with the family and unfortunately, he couldn’t do that because his kids were fighting. His daughters Becky and Elizabeth each had unresolved problems with each other.

Becky actually had a problem with Andrei. She was still upset about Andrei being brought into the family business because she suspects he doesn’t know what he’s doing and so what set off the fight between her and her sister was their dad mentioning a family trip. Chuck wants to travel with his family in an upscale RV. He wants to go to the Carolinas with his whole family in this one RV and everyone revolted. They couldn’t travel altogether.

They sense red flags a mile away and so that raised the issue of why they couldn’t spend fifteen hours together. They couldn’t do it because they didn’t all like each other. Becky doesn’t like Andrei. Andrei’s Elizabeth doesn’t like her sister speaking to her husband like that and so she got into Becky’s face and the two women almost went at it before they were pulled apart.

Kalani also had a revelation. She realizes she still loves Asuelu and what made her realize this was almost losing him for good. Asuelu was in a car accident. He survived the accident with no injuries and it was a miracle because the car was totaled. He could have been killed. He wasn’t and so Kalani has changed her mind about the divorce. Prior to the accident, she had been looking into divorce attorneys. She found out from one attorney that the rules for foreign spouses on visas have changed. She found out that she and her father who was a co-sponsor on the visa would be responsible for Asuelu for the rest of his life and so that also put things into perspective. She now wants to make her marriage work.

Asuelu wants the same. Asuelu wants them to go away on a romantic trip and Kalani would also like that, but she’s breastfeeding and so they’ll have to take the babies with them and she would like her mother to come to help with the kids while they were off being romantic with each other. Kalani thought they could use the help. Asuelu didn’t exactly agree.

He didn’t want Lisa coming with them because he’s had problems with Lisa in the past and he didn’t want to have that again on their romantic trip. Only they later agreed to have Lisa join them. They do need help if they want any minute alone together and so Asuelu agreed to have his mother-in-law join them as the kids. He realized what was important was spending time with Kalani.

Angela and Michael haven’t spent time together in months. They’re still working on Michael’s marital visa to get him to come over to the United States and in the meantime, they don’t really talk. Unless it was something important like her surgeries, Michael doesn’t really check up on his wife. Angela noticed this as she called him to talk about smoking again. She wasn’t supposed to smoke and yet she couldn’t stop herself. She started up smoking again.

She risks her surgery and she had needed someone to vent and so she called Michael. She called Michael. She talked to Michael and they ended up in a fight because Michael hasn’t been checking in on her in spite of knowing about the surgery. He also still doesn’t approve of the surgery.

As for Michael, Michael thought Angela’s procedure was too much money for cosmetic surgery. He thinks they could better spend the money on getting pregnant and his family thinks the same. They were all shocked about how much the facelift was going to cost. They thought Angela should save her money and Angela meanwhile is going ahead with her surgery. She just has to quit smoking first.

Mike and Natalie’s first thanksgiving as a married couple kicked off to a rocky start when Natalie came to believe Trish called her a hooker. This wasn’t caught on cameras. It supposedly happened while both women were outside and Trish never mentioned it again. Natalie also dropped it but the women continued to have problems with each other and they were next non-fighting/fighting about grandkids.

Trish wants grandchildren. The sooner the better and Natalie doesn’t want children before she gets a job. She wants a career first because she said children are expensive. Natalie wants to give her child the best upbringing and the best schools and so she wants a career first. And Trish didn’t like that because she must also realize that Natalie was dragging her feet on getting a “real” job or at least that’s how Trish sees it.

Trish sees Natalie as childish. She doesn’t think she’s a right fit for Mike and so Trish doesn’t think the marriage is going to work. She thinks they’ll get a divorce. She also thinks Natalie will be the reason for it.