’90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After’ Recap 08/01/21: Season 6 Episode 14 “She’s A Snake In The Grass”

’90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After’ Recap 08/01/21: Season 6 Episode 14 "She's A Snake In The Grass"

Tonight on TLC their popular reality show 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? airs with an all-new Sunday, August 1, 2021 episode and we have your 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? recap below for you. On tonight’s 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After season 6 episode 14 “She’s A Snake In The Grass,” as per the TLC Synopsis, “Yara does something extreme to prove she’s still fun to Jovi. A fight breaks out at Kalani and Asuelu’s holiday. Natalie contemplates moving out. Libby’s family deals with the birthday aftermath.”

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In tonight’s 90 Day Fiance episode, Michael agreed to test his sperm. He spoke with a friend who recommended it because this friend knew that Michael and Angela planned on getting pregnant and Michael thought it was a great idea. He called Angela. He told his wife about it and she also agreed with it. She also said that Michael has to be on the phone when he gives his “sample”.

His sample can only be about one way. Michael has to masturbate into a cup and that was an issue because Angela doesn’t want him looking at pornographic content when it doesn’t involve her. It’s why she more or less demanded to be on the phone with him. She wanted him to use her as his inspiration for his sample and the way these marriage works is that Angela gets her way.

Angela gets her way the whole time. The moment things aren’t being done to her satisfaction, that’s when they have problems. Angela demanded to be on the phone with him and she was also on the phone with him during the doctor’s appointment. Angela had a lot to say.

Michael told the doctor that he hasn’t masturbated in a while and Angela said that wasn’t normal because he was young and he should be having wet dreams but everyone and their mama knows that Michael doesn’t admit to anything that Angela can use against him. Michael used Angela to masturbate later on to get his sample. He also had to show her that there was no pornography in the room with him because she does get jealous about that. And so Michael had to prove the area was clear.

Kalani also had her own task to deal with. She had to deal with her in-laws for the holidays. Her mother-in-law and her sister-in-law Tammy came for a visit. The reason it’s such a task for Kalani is that she doesn’t get along with her in-laws. They’re very disrespectful and that showed that again tonight. They walked in. They greeted the kids and Tammy said nothing to Kalani.

All she had to say was that the house looks expensive. Tammy likes to bring up money because she feels Asuelu should be giving their mother most of his earnings and she was very upset when Kalani told her that Asuelu has a family to support now. He has two small children and a wife. Asuelu also hadn’t been working full-time at the time and so Tammy’s demands were outrageous.

Tammy basically demanded he gives his full earnings to his mother. She was unreasonable and she claimed that she was also supporting her mother. Only something interesting came up later on. Tammy and her mother brought up money again and Kalani said they would help the mother.

They just didn’t want the mother to use the money they give her to give it to someone else. Tammy naturally said that the money was a gift and they couldn’t put terms on it which means the mother was spreading the money around. The mother has several kids. If the kids were all giving her the money then she was set for life and shouldn’t be demanding large amounts from anyone. Asuelu saw right through Tammy.

Asuelu said he wasn’t going to give large amounts. He has two small kids and he has to focus on providing for them. The house they live in wasn’t their own. It belonged to Kalani’s family. Kalani’s family was well off and so Asuelu’s family was using that as an excuse to say that he didn’t have to worry about money because his in-laws would help him. Never mind, the in-laws are already helping him.

They give him a house to use and provided for him in the months it took him to find a job while his wife focused on being a full-time mother. Asuelu was finally in a position to support his family and he wasn’t giving that up. He told his sister as much. Asuelu was going to give his mother a small amount and she either had to make peace with it or not.

No one was going to change his mind about giving more. Jovi and Yara’s marriage meanwhile was in trouble. Yara was focusing on the baby. She didn’t want to hang out anymore or party. Jovi felt she had become boring and he had nothing to do. The two of them weren’t even sleeping together anymore because the baby sleeps in the baby with them. Jovi went from party boy to being a married father of one in under a year and so the change hasn’t been easy for him.

It just wasn’t fair to take that out on Yara. Jovi’s mother spoke with him. She told him that he has to be patient and that he couldn’t just take Yara to a club. That’s something Jovi wants to do. Not Yara. He has to do something with his wife and not push her away.

Mike and his wife Natalie also weren’t on the same page. They’ve been growing apart and Mike’s mother wasn’t helping. The woman showed her true colors once she no longer thought she was being filmed. She called Natalie everything from a scammer to a snake in the grass. She accused Natalie of just using Mike to get a green card. She wanted Mike to send Natalie back to Ukraine.

Natalie once accused her mother-in-law of calling her a hooker and it seems to be true at this point. Her mother-in-law hated her. She and Mike both tried to pretend that Natalie was the problem and the truth is that the blame is shared all the way around. Mike brought Natalie over and he put her in his house that was in the woods.

It was miles away from civilization. She knew no one and she only had him for comfort. But Mike works. He’s gone for most of the day and he comes back in the evening. No wonder Natalie got bored. She found her own friends and now she likes hanging out with them. She thought Mike would understand that and he doesn’t. He said he comes straight home every night and so to him, that should be enough.

That should be all she needs. Ignore companionship, isolation, and abuse from his mother. She tried to tell him his mother crossed a line with her and he called her a liar. He told her he didn’t believe her. He said his mother would never say anything bad about her and yet here was his mother badmouthing her and again Mike wasn’t really defending his wife.

Then there’s Elizabeth. Elizabeth and her husband Andrei have been fighting with her family and so her father Chuck felt concerned. He wanted his whole family to be on the same page. He wanted everyone to get along and so he asked to see Elizabeth alone. He invited her to lunch. He talked to her about the family’s business and he told her that the fighting has to stop.

It was spilling over into everything else. It even happened at his granddaughter’s birthday party. The family couldn’t handle a toddler’s birthday party without fighting and Chuck didn’t want that. He didn’t want his family so divided. He suggested getting everyone together to hash it out and he told Elizabeth that he was on Andrei’s side.

Andrei has been great to work with. He does everything he’s supposed to and he never questions Chuck’s decisions. Chuck has no problem working with him. It’s his kids that are the problem. Chuck’s other children are all jealous of Chuck’s working relationship with Andrei and they want to put a stop to it. They’ve complained. They’ve thrown tantrums.

They’ve also all blamed Andrei as if Andrei was manipulating Chuck and he isn’t. Andrei is just being pleasant to Chuck. He wasn’t always like this and so the two men were finally enjoying a healthy relationship. Which Chuck’s other children have taken as a threat. They accused Andrei of trying to push them out of the family business and he isn’t. He’s just staying in his lane.

Brandon and Julia have moved off the farm. They bought their own apartment and they had a small gathering for their housewarming. Their friends were all nice. Everything was going well and then Julia mentioned making room for a baby. Everyone thought it was too soon to bring up a baby. The couple was still newlyweds and they just got an apartment and so people tried to talk Julia out of the baby idea. Only once she gets started, it’s hard to stop. She was set on the baby idea and everyone else including Brandon was against it.

Brandon also felt she should have said something when it was just the two of them and not announce it at the party. Brandon said he was going to check the condoms they use after this to make sure she didn’t poke holes in them. And Julia just had this look that said she’d consider doing something like that to get what she wants.

Tiffany and Ronald were experiencing some lows. They were fighting all the time and neither of them felt heard and so they had couple’s counseling. Ronald recommended his family member. He thought his family member would automatically be on his side and he had been wrong.

The counselor saw Tiffany’s point. Tiffany was giving up a lot to be with Ronald and the least he could do was meet her halfway. He didn’t help out with kids. He blew his money on extravagant things that he knew he couldn’t afford and so Tiffany had to help him pay things off. Ronald also has this problem with criticism. He said he’s the man of the house and that he should lead and so he doesn’t want Tiffany pointing out all the wrong things he’s doing.

When she does, he accuses her of trying to be the man in the relationship. She wasn’t trying to be the man. She was just being an adult and she turned out to be in a relationship with a child. Ronald wanted to be treated like a man but he doesn’t want the responsibilities and whines whenever Tiffany tells him what she needs in a partner. The counselor pretty much told Ronald to shape up. He didn’t like that and he thought the whole counseling thing was a bad idea in the end. He hated being told he was in the wrong or that he wasn’t doing enough. He felt he was. He thought being the man meant Tiffany dealt with the kids and worried about the food and that he was just there to be Santa during Christmastime.

Ronald and Tiffany had a huge fight after their counseling session. They got into a fight because Ronald thought things would go his way and they didn’t and so now he and his wife are barely talking. The resentful silence aside, they were better off than Yara and Jovi. Jovi convinced Yara to go to a strip club with him. He wanted to bring out her party side and she was in a good mood. A good mood that quickly disappeared once she saw what strip clubs were really like. She saw half-naked women dancing in front of her husband and him being all too eager to put money in a stranger’s G-string. Jovi should have known better. He was very disrespectful and he got lucky that Yara stopped slapping him because other women would have done worst.

Angela would have ended the relationship if that had been Michael does that. Luckily, Michael is smarter than Jovi and so he never pushed a strip club on Angela. Angela had Michael under lock and key. He knows better than to suggest other women to liven things up and she went through all the work of getting weight-loss surgery to look good for him. She’s lost eighty pounds since her surgery. She needed to buy new clothes. She was shocked when the salesperson suggested size 11 jeans because she used to be a size 22 and as it turns out the size 11 fits her. It even had room in those jeans. Angela loved being skinny. She was eleven the last time she wore a size 11. She feels skinny and healthy and she was focused on having that baby with Michael.

Michael’s test results came back. His sperm is nice and healthy. He can have kids and so now Angela has to find an egg. She once again turned to her daughter Skyla. Angela wants the egg donor to be related to her because she wants a genetic connection to any child that might occur with Michael and so she asked her daughter for an egg. She also tried to bribe her daughter with a new outfit if she could get the egg. Her daughter turned her down. Skyla doesn’t want to donate her egg. She doesn’t want a child that’s biologically hers out in the world without her consent or her rearing. Skyla wasn’t going to give her a mother egg. She eventually has to let the idea go and until she does Skyla remains on guard around her mother.

Natalie is no longer staying at the house. She’s been staying with her friend for a while and it looks like she abandoned the marriage.

Elizabeth’s siblings all take crap about Andrei behind his back and they still accuse him of manipulating their father because there’s no longer any money for any of their projects.

Asuelu and Kalani exchanged gifts for Christmas with the rest of their families and everything fell apart because Asuelu gifted Kalani a baby blanket in the hopes it would convince her to have another baby. It was something personal between them. It shouldn’t have been up for discussion and yet it was. Asuelu’s mother has had nine children. She told Kalani that it was her duty to have kids and Tammy was backing her up in spite of Tammy only having two children. Kalani doesn’t want more children. Asuelu backed off after Kalani said what she said and his family did not. They tried to tell him to find another wife. He told them to be on their best behavior and he eventually dragged his sister out of there when she told him to get a new wife from Samoa.