90 Day Fiancé Recap 01/31/21: Season 8 Episode 9 “The No Bang Theory”

90 Day Fiancé Recap 01/31/21: Season 8 Episode 9 "The No Bang Theory"

Tonight on TLC their popular reality show 90 Day Fiancé premiere with an all-new Sunday, January 31, 2021 episode and we have your 90 Day Fiancé recap below for you. On tonight’s 90 Day Fiancé season 8 episode 9 “The No Bang Theory,” as per the TLC Synopsis, “Brandon stands up to his parents; Jovi doesn’t believe Yara is pregnant; Mike refuses to plan the wedding.

Tarik and Hazel look for a third; Zied learns about Rebecca’s ex; Andrew wants Amira to try again; Stephanie admits her secret.

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Brandon broke the news to his parents. He told them over a night out that he and his fiancée Julia were leaving the farm. Brandon’s parents own the farm. They had hope that their son Brandon will take over one day and now they were being told something very different. They were told Brandon was willing to give up his life on the farm. Brandon, it seems had never run it past Julia. He didn’t talk to her about life on a farm and it turns out that living there was the very last thing she would ever want for herself. Julia is a city girl. She’s never been around animals. She’s never even visited a farm and so no, she didn’t want to live there or work there. She told Brandon that either they moved or she was going back to Russia.

Julia hates the farm. She told Brandon she hates the farm and he pretended to hear her out, but truthfully he tried to use them moving out as a bargaining chip with his parents. His parents had a certain set of rules that Brandon didn’t like and so he tried to get them to back down first. His parents didn’t want the couple to share a room before marriage. The couple was sleeping in different rooms and neither of them liked it. Brandon told his parents that if they just let him sleep in the same room as Julia that maybe she’ll agree to stay on the farm. Brandon again didn’t run this past Julia. They didn’t talk about conditions for them continuing to live there and now his parents think Julia is selfish and is trying to pressure her into doing something. And that’s Brandon!

It is not Julia! Julia is just trying to be happy and in a way that’s what all the fiancées want. All except for Natalie. Natalie nitpicks everything in her relationship with Mike and that’s why he had to be pressured into choosing a wedding date. It had taken both Natalie and Mike’s mother saying something for him to pick a date on which he wants to marry Natalie. He didn’t seem too enthusiastic once he did it. If anything, the man was having some regrets and his mother could tell. She doesn’t think his relationship with Natalie is going to last. She thinks that eventually, they’ll break up and so now was the time for her to be speaking up. She should have taken her son aside.

Mike’s mother should have told him what she thought of at the very best given some kind of warning because she knows her words carry weight with him. Mike and his mother are close. He tells her everything in every detail about his relationship with Natalie and so she knows about the Ukraine trip. That trip had ended in disaster. Mike and Natalie broke up for a time after that trip. Natalie threw her engagement ring at Mike on that trip and that trip is part of the reason why Mike’s mother isn’t so sure about the state of his relationship. She thinks it’s going to end. She won’t say anything now because she feels that time is on her side and she wasn’t wrong. Mike’s face spelled regret the moment he agreed to a date.

Over in New Orleans, Yara finally worked up the courage to tell her fiancé she was pregnant. She found out she was pregnant while he was on a business trip and she hadn’t wanted to tell him over the phone. She’s also bad at secrets. She planned on telling at the airport and that hadn’t worked out because she got into an argument with Jovi at the airport. It was early in the morning and he was drunk. Yara hadn’t wanted to tell Jovi she was pregnant while he was drunk. She also didn’t approve of him being drunk. She argued with him about his drinking because secretly she was concerned he wasn’t ready to give up the partying lifestyle and so that’s why she ultimately didn’t tell him she was pregnant.

Yara held off on telling him. She waited until the next day to tell him and she told him while she was getting her henna done by a street vendor. That poor vendor heard everything. She heard Jovi’s disbelief and how Jovi thought Yara was lying to mess with him. Jovi said if she was pregnant that she would have told him at the airport. So, he’s already forgetting how that trip ended for him. Jovi was so sure that Yara was pulling a prank that he demanded to see a test and he took away some of Yara’s joy. Yara hadn’t always been happy about the pregnancy. She went through a phase where she questioned everything and told herself that her dreams will have to be pushed back now that she’s going to have a baby. And so it had taken a lot for Yara to be happy about this pregnancy and Jovi’s skepticism took away some of that joy.

Andrew and Amira were suffering from their own issues. Andrew was enjoying his vacation in Mexico because he paid for it and he figured he might as well enjoy it. Only it wasn’t giving him much time to talk to his fiancée Amira over the phone. Amira is back in France and she’s still having problems sleeping ever since her doomed trip to Mexico. She had been detained. She was held in a prison-like area and so Amira is traumatized. She’s going to need time to recover. The time that Andrew isn’t giving her because he’s concerned about their visa. They were approved for a visa and time on it was lapsing because Amira couldn’t take a direct flight from France to the United States. All trips from Europe are banned.

Amira tried flying to Mexico so that she could wait fourteen days before traveling to the US. It didn’t work out and so now Andrew is talking about Serbia. Amira checked out Serbia. Their covid cases are rising and Amira thought it was just dangerous to fly there, but she didn’t know how to tell Andrew no. She loves Andrew. She wants to make it happy and at the same time, she was tired of always having to be the one to do the work. Amira didn’t want to endanger her life just so that she could be with Andrew. She needed her man to see that and he was instead focused on the visa. He didn’t want the visa to run out because he didn’t think they’ll get another one as easily as the first and so that’s why he’s prepared to take risks. Even if its risks Amira’s life.

Zied and Rebecca were another couple getting married. She was older than him. She was old enough to be his mother and this wasn’t her first winter/spring relationship. Rebecca was married to another younger man who was also Muslim. The ex was from Morocco and Zied is from Tunisia. They were two very different men in spite of a few similarities and unfortunately Rebecca’s loved ones couldn’t see that. Rebecca’s friends and family all judged Zied. They thought he was just like the ex. They didn’t want Rebecca to marry him and none of them have taken time to get to know Zied. They chose to instead grill him about his life. Her daughter made him feel like he was his own person and her friend Melanie was the worst because she told Zied things that Rebecca hadn’t.

Melanie told Zied that the building he lives in now is where Rebecca used to live with her ex. Rebecca had the chance to tell Zied this and she chose not to because she didn’t want him to get jealous. Which is what happened when Melanie said it. Zied did get jealous and he wasn’t happy. Rebecca could see it. She started to cry as she tried to explain to him that her time with her ex is in the past and that is has no bearing on their future together. She was still crying as she told her friend to back off. She told Melanie that Zied is nothing like her ex and that she could see that for herself if she gave him a chance. And Melanie said she needed the full ninety days before she could give Zied a chance.

Tarik and Hazel didn’t have to worry about friends or family like that because Tarik has cut those people out of his life. He used to have a brother he was quite close to and his brother disapproved of Hazel. He then went on to date a foreign woman himself, but he claims that’s totally different and so now Tarik doesn’t speak to him or discusses him with anyone. He cut his brother his out of his life. He chose Hazel and Hazel’s bisexuality is now posing an issue. Tarik knows his bride-to-be likes both men and women. He doesn’t mind it because they date other women as a couple. They did threesomes. They dated a woman named Minty for a while and the relationship ended badly because she had a falling out with Hazel.

Tarik is still talking to Minty. Minty was more his time than she was Hazel’s. Hazel prefers brown women and she typically goes for Americans because she finds them to be sexier. It was Tarik who loves Asian woman. Minty was his type and that could be why he hasn’t fully ended the relationship. He just has to work up the courage to tell Hazel and in the meantime they’re dating online. The couple was in lockdown. Their area issued a stay-at-home mandate and so they couldn’t go out to date. They had to date women online until they find the right one. They also had to come up with rules because Tarik didn’t want Hazel to spend all of her time with this other woman and he didn’t want Hazel to get jealous of his own actions.

Brandon meanwhile told Julia about his compromise. He phrased to her as if he suddenly worked a deal out of nowhere and so she doesn’t know that he basically blackmailed his parents. He told them that either they were going to give in on this one thing or he was leaving. He pressured his parents into changing their mind and his parents weren’t happy. They blamed Julia. They thought Julia was a bad influence on their son and that’s what they told him. Brandon conveniently forgot about that as he was discussing it with Julia. Julia even asked him if his parents said something bad about her and he lied. He said his parents never once used the word “bad girl”. They hadn’t, but that’s because they used a whole bunch of other words like “manipulative” and “greedy”.

Brandon was just so happy that Julia agreed to stay on at the farm, for a short time anyways, that he was even willing to lie to make her feel better. Then there was Jovi. Jovi has a good reason to doubt the pregnancy news because it turns out Yara had joked about being pregnant once before and so now he thinks she’s still messing with him. He thought it was one big joke. He even made her to take a test and the first test said she wasn’t pregnant. She said she was. Jovi told her to take a second test and that test was clearer than the first. The second test said she was pregnant and so that’s that. They were having a baby. Jovi wasn’t fully ready right now for a baby and he told Yara that he’ll be ready by time the baby comes. They do a few months to prepare after all.

Ryan and Stephanie however are still working through things. Stephanie traveled to Belize during a pandemic to visit her man and he wasn’t appreciative of this. The two didn’t sleep together that night. Stephanie thought they were going to have sex and it was Ryan who turned her down. They hadn’t seen each other in ten months yet he turns her down and so Stephanie felt insecure. She asked Ryan if he cheated on her while they were separated. He didn’t really give her an answer. Which made her feel even more insecure. Stephanie also felt now was the time to talk to Ryan and so she finally confessed to him that she slept with his cousin. And he forgave her because he already knew about it.

Ryan has friends at the hotel. They told him about another man entering Stephanie’s hotel room and he soon figured out it was his cousin Harris. Ryan doesn’t forgive Harris. He cut his cousin out of his life and he told Stephanie that he’ll go to his grave hating his cousin. Ryan is only forgiving Stephanie because he said she’s his woman and he loves her, but it probably doesn’t hurt that she’s his taken to the United States.